Casio responds to Shakira and Bizarrap’s song with a fun meme

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The separation of Shakira and Gerard Pique It continues to give people something to talk about despite the fact that it was several months ago that they announced the end of their relationship. And it is that the break occurred in the midst of strong rumors of infidelity by the former soccer player, who was soon seen with a woman, who was quickly identified as Clara Chia Marti.

Although neither confirmed or denied the rumors, The Colombian has thrown very direct hints at her ex through her music and to show it is enough to listen to her new collaboration with Bizarrap.

In the song “Session 53” he makes very direct references to the father of his children, such as “I only make music, sorry if it splashes”, but it also makes some comparisons that have fueled the creativity of Internet users, who filled social networks with comments and funny memes.

In one part of the song he says “You traded a Rolex for a Casio”, referring to two very different watch brands, one associated with luxury and the other, rather, with economics, day-to-day, implying that she is Rolex and Piqué’s current partner is a simple Casio.

Casio’s reaction

After the release of Shakira’s new song with the Argentine dj and producer, the term Casio quickly became a trend on social networks, because many Internet users have a watch or a calculator of that brand. The company’s Twitter account in Spain wanted to respond to Shakira’s song in a fun way with a meme whose protagonists are two Daf Punk characters, one of them elegantly dressed holding a keyboard from this brand.

Today we have quite a few notifications for a mention of CASIO in a song CASIO (watches and keyboards) and (calculators) are of and for life”, they wrote in their post on Twitter.

Casio or Rolex?

the products of Casio and Rolex products are totally different. Casio is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturer consumer founded in 1946. The brand offers a wide range of watches, ranging from very basic for children to other more luxurious and limited edition.

While Rolex is a Swiss luxury wristwatch and accessories company created in 1905. Its articles are considered symbols of high purchasing power whose products are characterized by being created or adorned with metals and precious stones.

But the continuous references to his breakup with ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué unleashed a wave of memes and opinions of all kinds among the Internet community and that is how a parody account of Casio came out in which they respond to Shakira.

The user Samu Guerra took advantage of the trend to turn his Twitter profile into a parody account of the Casio watch brand, where he posted a message: “We may not be a Rolex, but at least they haven’t left us for Clara Chía“, he joked.

Likewise, he also made reference to the premiere of the collaboration between the Argentine producer and the singer from Barranquilla: “Hey, and this free attack?”

Casio responds to Shakira and Bizarrap’s song with a fun meme