Caterina Guzzanti husband, partner, children, father, brothers, age

Caterina Guzzanti age. Caterina Guzzanti (Rome, 5 June 1976) is an Italian actress, comedian and impersonator.

Catherine Guzzanti husband

Caterina Guzzanti is 46 years old. She had a child, born in November 2014, from her former partner Walter, a pilot by profession. The two met in Favignana in 2013, they never married.


She is the daughter of the journalist Paolo Guzzanti and his first wife, Germana Antonucci, from whom he separated shortly after his birth. She is also the sister of the actors Corrado and Sabina Guzzanti, great-granddaughter of the former minister Elio Guzzanti and great-granddaughter of the seismologist Corrado Luigi Guzzanti.


He has often collaborated with brothers Sabina and Corrado in both television and film, with his hilarious impersonations. Caterina Guzzanti was born in Rome on 5 June 1976. She made her debut on the small screen in “Goofy Chennedy Show”aired in 1997 on Rai 2 and hosted by Serena Dandini and her brother Conrad. With him he also makes “The eighth dwarf” and “The Scrafroglia case”.

In the coming years he was part of the cast of various satirical programs such as “Never Say Monday”, “Never Say Big Brother” and “Talk to me” by Dandini. From time to time she becomes Mariastella Gelmini, Sarah Palin and an imaginary Facebook girl. On the radio you collaborate with the award-winning company Lillo & Greg in the cult program “610”.

Her big screen debut came in 1998. Caterina had a small role in Pino Quartullo’s “Le faremo tanto male” and in her sister Sabina’s film “Bimba – A star is cloned” (2002).
It comes straight from Corrado’s surreal TV show “Fascists on Mars”a very over the top satire on fascism and space from 2006 in which Caterina plays an attractive alien.

From 2007 to 2010 she played the role of Arianna in Boris, alongside Francesco Pannofino in a total of three seasons. In the 2008 season of her Parla con me, the program signed by Dandini, she is the protagonist of the parodies by Mariastella Gelmini and Sarah Palin. In the same programme, she plays a “Facebook girl”, whose life revolves around the popular social network, and an unspecified Sky TG24 journalist, indignant at the increase in Sky’s VAT.

From 18 September to 23 October 2011 he joined the pianist Stefano Bollani in conducting the six episodes of Sostiene Bollani, a late evening television program on Rai 3. From 21 January 2012 he also presented on Rai 3, with Davide Demichelis, Nanuk – Prove d’avventura . In spring 2012 she took part in her sister Sabina’s program Un due tre stella, where she proposed for the first time the character of Vichi, a parody of a militant girl in the far-right social center CasaPound.

In November 2013 he returned to collaborate with Stefano Bollani in the final episode of the second series of the program Supports Bollani, always in the late evening on Sundays on Rai 3. Since March 2013 on MTV he has hosted the program La prova dell’otto. In 2014 she collaborated with the Bolognese group Lo Stato Sociale for the release of their second album L’Italia Worse, appearing in the song Instant classic. In April 2021 she participates as a competitor in the Prime Video comedy show LOL – Who laughs is out. In 2022 she is she again Arianna in the fourth season of Boris.

Caterina Guzzanti husband, partner, children, father, brothers, age