Caterina Guzzanti: «Shyness paralyzed me. As a single mother I have many doubts: the analyst helps me»

from Elvira Serra

The actress: «If someone stops me on the street, my son sighs. Then he asks me: “Am I famous too?” ». The family: «My father used to read Jack London to me. I owe my passion for horses to Sabina, Corrado let me get on a bus at night to the Atac depot”

The first memory?

«A run on the beach in my dad’s arms, after he had stung me by a weever. And he made me laugh when in the pharmacy he asked for pineapple … ».

What did you take from your father, Paolo Guzzanti?

“The calves. But I definitely inherited fantasy, imaginationa different point of view on things, I don’t know if artistic, possibly witty, even in drama».

And from his mother, Germana Antonucci?

“All the rest. She is the practical and mathematical mind of the family. And I consider myself a very practical person: I like driving, assembling things with a screwdriver following the instructions. You keep me with my feet firmly planted on the ground.’

Which “edit” are you most proud of?

«My son Elio’s loft bed. I also painted it: he had asked me for the colors of the rainbow. Modestly, it turned out very nice».

Did he name it that for his great-uncle?

“Yup. Before, he was disappointed when they asked him where he had left the Storie Tese. But that other Elio has nothing to do with it. Indeed, there was a very nice exchange between them: Elio grande sent him some Spiderman t-shirts ».

Why this tribute to the former Minister of Health? Was she fond of us?

«He was my grandfather Corrado’s younger brother. A very nice old man who, unfortunately, I rarely saw. He revolutionized the health system thanks to the day hospital. And he was director of many hospitals, including the Bambino Gesù: when we go with Elio for small emergencies they are all very affectionate. He died while I was waiting for my son: I thought that one Elio went and one came.’

Caterina Guzzanti is shy and kind. She suffers from questions about the family, more for fear of saying something that might displease her brother Corrado and her sister Sabina than for the indelible fact of being her baby. Instead, she gladly talks about her son Elio about her, light and tenderness of her life as a mother of hers: she has just turned 8 years old.

How has motherhood changed you?

«On the one hand I feel much stronger: if I look back I see the effort and love I put out towards this little stranger. On the other hand, I’m more fragile: I’m afraid I won’t be there when something could happen to him».

From your «Wc stories» on Instagram it would seem that he too has an artistic vein.

“He never shuts up. He comes up with things like: “I love my tax ID: it’s all about me.” Or: “Cold is for penguins, heat is for us, lukewarm is for wet wipes”».

She doesn’t live with her father, Walter. If you have doubts, who do you ask for advice?

“For my analyst, fortunately, because he shows me that I know what I have to do and that I have to stop questioning my certainties”.

When did you start going to therapy?

«I had already tried in the past, but I had always given up. I started again to get help being a single mom. I thought I’d ask him a lot of questions about how to deal with my son and instead I found myself answering a lot of questions about the child in me ».

What if Elio broke his arm with a hammer, as she did to avoid an interrogation?

“Adolescence is hard and there are absurd ways to feel considered.”

She also had 50 cuts on her arm.

«Well, maybe it was a challenge against pain, or death. I was a lonely teenager.”

He is the only person in the world who at the age of 18 escaped from London to return to Rome to his mother.

“Well, not exactly from mom. In Rome there were my friends, the boyfriend. In England I had enrolled in Philosophy, but I didn’t have all this yearning for independence. I was a quiet type, I needed my things: I was not yet able to appreciate the life of big drinks of the students».

Did you already think of being an actress as a child?

“Absolutely no. Until Corrado and Sabina started doing it, I didn’t have any models. And I was paralyzed by a shyness that I have yet to resolve».

And when Sabina proposed her to participate in the Pippo Chennedy Show?

«It took me a stroke, I was 21 years old. But then I launched myself: I had followed their TV programs, the theater shows, the meetings they had at home with David Riondino, Francesca Reggiani and Cinzia Leone. That world was familiar to me.”

First role?

«A little girl who was an exaggerated fan of a musical group that was the parody of the Italian Boys».

Which character are you most fond of?

«Orsetta Orsini Curva della Cisa».

A terrible and very spoiled little girl.

“Yes, even the spirit that possessed her wanted to escape from her. Orsetta had a butler who she treated very badly, with the blackmail of taking away his residence permit. I always found new ideas: unfortunately, there were plenty of those on racism”.

Another character?

«I loved Vichi by CasaPound very much. Now I’d be afraid to do it again, I’d be afraid for my bones… Even then, it was 2012, they tried to dissuade me, because those at CasaPound aren’t notoriously self-deprecating».

Did Gelmini call you for her parody?

«Nope, no confidence. It’s better that way”.

Is it more difficult to satirize politically correct today?

«Let’s say that today it is more difficult to play political figures because they are everywhere, they go on all programmes. Only Crozza resists».

A little bit of family, however, now it’s our turn. Are you more tied to Corrado or Sabina?

«But let alone if I answer her! Let’s say that I spent more time with Corrado as a child, because Sabina left home early. We always watched a movie with him in the evening, she showed me the awful ones that were scary, like Poltergeist. I often fell asleep and he put me back to bed.”

In return, her father read to her “Love in the Time of Cholera.”

“So is Jack London, for that matter.”

A beautiful memory with Corrado?

«One evening I forced him to go out to have me taken to an Atac depot and get inside a parked bus. I was a little girl. It was a wonderful elopement.”

One with Sabina?

«When I was 7-8 he came to pick me up on Sunday mornings in his 126 and took me to Sacrofano for my first horse rides. He used to say: he who sleeps does not catch hooves!».

Is this how your passion for horses was born?

«Yes, then I had more than one horse. I had a very intense relationship with the last one, his name was Grand Boy: GB. I was with him for 15 years every day of my life.”

What made it so special?

«The most beautiful thing with a horse is to reach that perfect understanding that you think something and he does it: a very special refinement in movements».

Impossible with mankind.

«Oh yeah… Especially with spurs».

When did she stop being the “sister of”?

“Not for long. But first it was obvious. I worked so much with Corrado and Sabina…».

Have you ever suffered from their notoriety?

“No, as a girl I was very proud, I prided myself on being their sister.”

And does Elio have the same attitude towards her?

“It’s a delicate moment for him. Some of his classmates have asked me for my autograph outside school: it’s absurd and embarrassing. If someone stops me on the street he sticks to me. On the one hand he snorts: “What a pizza, notoriety”. On the other hand he asks me: “Am I famous too?”. The other day he was angry with me and he wrote to me: “You are the worst mother in the universe, I don’t know how you are famous”. Ten minutes later he on another pizzino: “First I exaggerated a bit” ».

Which film are you most related to?

«I’ve never had big roles, until now. But I am fond of two films by Massimiliano Bruno: No one can judge me And Confused and happy. And I am deeply attached to Every damn Christmaswith the same directors as

What was it like filming «Boris 4» without Mattia Torre?

«Before we had three directors who gave us different directions messing up our lives. This time we missed his, so complete, direct and precise, his laughter, his intelligence ».

Will there be a fifth series?

“I’d love to.”

Did it seem a bit stiff to Lol?

“I was very tired. I am a cyborg: if you program me not to laugh, I won’t laugh. But it was tiring.”

What would you like to do in the future?

“I would really like to be an actress. So far I’ve been brilliant, comedian. I would like a dramatic role, like Barbara Ronchi in Septemberwhere he faces illness, the sadness of an unhappy family”.

Which director would you like to work with?

«With Lucchetti, and by him I mean all those who direct actors with passion».

What if Elio decides to be an actor too?

«I would let him try anything that intrigued him and made him happy. If he wanted to be the best road sign planter I would still encourage him. But at the moment he is undecided between being a diver and an explorer ».

This year he celebrated 25 years of his career.

“For real? I did not think about it. It’s the silver wedding anniversary with myself as an actress. It’s becoming a serious relationship.”

Who doesn’t want to disappoint?

«Before I would have said Elio. But parents are always disappointing, it’s better to make peace with this thing. So I would say myself.”

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Caterina Guzzanti: «Shyness paralyzed me. As a single mother I have many doubts: the analyst helps me»