Chaos on Twitter: why they stop paid verification

Pepsi saying that Coca-Cola is better, Nestlé revealing that it steals water and sells it more expensive, Nintendo publishing an obscene photo of Mario, Tesla boasting that it has “the most explosive cars on the market”… What is happening in twitter? Since the arrival of Elon Musk, nothing is normal” on the social network, and what was a norm one day was an error the next. The last thing to pass from one state to the other was the account verification for eight dollarsbecause the users with blue tilde multiplied posing as people or companies that were not.

The world of Twitter is currently in chaos. One of Musk’s first moves was to implement a monthly payment of twenty dollars to the accounts that would like to be verified. After widespread rejection, lowered the price to eight dollars. But then anyone can be verified? Musk replied, very amused, yes..

then many they paid and changed their name and profile picture. There was some fun in being a fake, but verified account. Some They posed as actors, others as media and even some as companies. There was even a comedian who was named after Musk. But the tycoon does not like fun at his expense, and suspended the account. Shortly after, institutions, media and celebrities had an “official” label under their name, proving that they were not only verified, but that their name was truly theirs.

Freedom or debauchery, that is the question

Musk “killed” the feature hours later. The parody accounts kept making their jokes: “verified” users of Tesla, Nestlé, Nintendo and many more tweeted barbaric things that, if not looked at carefully, passed off as official statements from the companies. Until a verified account of jesus kept tweeting at the close of this article. Even worse: a fake account of a similarly verified pharmacy announced that insulin would be free, and its stock tanked.

then the owner of Twitteraccording to sources confessed to journalist Zoë Schiffer, unsubscribed. The Verge and some users confirmed it later, at the same time that the label “Official” discarded a few hours ago returned.

After all, Musk had warned that Twitter would do “a lot of dumb things” in these months.

Chaos came to Twitter at the hands of Elon Musk

The Musk’s arrival would supposedly “liberate” the platform, which could now “be fun again” after being put under a supposed moderating yoke. However, just two weeks later, the billionaire was forced to demand that accounts impersonating celebrities or companies should include the word parody not only in his biography, but also in his name. If they didn’t, his punishment was suspension.

“To be more precise, (the measure targets) accounts doing impersonation parodies. Basically, fooling people is not okay.“added the billionaire. Where was the comedy that Musk liked so much? maybe he left with the head of security, who resigned amid the chaos. Or with the hundreds of advertisers who leave a Twitter increasingly close to bankruptcy.

If only there was a system that distinguishes fake accounts from real ones“, ironized a user. The tycoon did not answer. He did, instead, with someone who suggested that a “malicious intent or with the intent to deceive” rule be included in the terms of service. “Absolutely,” Musk replied If only the owner of Twitter agreed with Elon…

Chaos on Twitter: why they stop paid verification