Checco Zalone meets Riccardo Muti at the theatre. The video of the gag

Involuntary gag of the comedian, who imitates the conductor on stage without knowing that he is present in the room

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This time, Checco Zalone has been protagonist of an involuntary comic gag. In fact, the Apulian actor is performing in a series of shows in different parts of Italy. Among the sketches also one in which he imitates the conductor Riccardo Muti. Lots of laughter from the audience in the Ravenna theater hall, above all because Checco Zalone performed on stage without knowing that the Maestro was in the audience. The surprise was great when he realized what had happened but, instead of being embarrassed, Checco Zalone went down to the stalls to chat and exchange a few words with Riccardo Mutiwho laughed along with the rest of the audience.

Checco Zalone’s sketch


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Checco Zalone is one of the most irreverent actors of the Italian art scene: one could not imagine nnothing more distant from the aplomb of the conductor. Perhaps this is also why the gag in which Checco Zalone imitates Riccardo Muti is so popular with the public. In interpreting him, the actor joked that not even the Maestro has ever understood what opera performers really say. “I’ve been wondering for 60 years: what the f**k are these possessed women saying?” says Zalone in the role of Muti, addressing one of the actresses with him on stage. Lots of laughter from the audience, until the unexpected happens.

Muti reveals himself in the room


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At the end of Checco Zalone’s joke, Riccardo Muti decides to reveal his presence and with a twist worthy of a great interpreter of theater dynamics like him, he stands up making himself noticed from those present. Noticing the small chaos generated by Riccardo Muti’s gesture, Checco Zalone addressed the Maestro directly: “Maestro, make me work, I have a family”. Not at all taken aback, Riccardo Muti promptly replied: “But I’ll make you work, because you’re good at it”. Thunderous applause from the audience and a hug between Checco Zalone and Riccardo Muti.

Checco Zalone meets Riccardo Muti at the theatre. The video of the gag