childhoods. Two unique moves for children and adults

In Abasto and Palermo, two events take place this weekend that go beyond the usual schedules that bring families together. A street girl, a new version of Neighborhood Bombón. The other, a series of works by La Galera Encantada that are not part of the usual repertoire of the group directed by Héctor Presa.

Mía turns 9 this Saturday and her godmother celebrates it with a street event to which everyone is invited: friends from the block, cousins, classmates… and everyone who wants to get closer. This is a new edition of Bombón Vecinal, a party site-specific in the Abasto neighborhood that had been held for the first time within the framework of the Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA) in 2019.

It’s not fiction: Mia exists and she really turns 9 on November 12. The residents of Sánchez de Bustamante at 200 were summoned to recreate the experience of 2019 within the framework of the In Situ Festival organized by Abasto Cultural. But one of the curators of Bombón Vecinal, Sol Salinas, suggested that her daughter’s birthday was exactly on the proposed date, what to do? postpone the birthday party?

“No”, answered Monina Bonelli, Mía’s godmother, also a neighbor of the block and curator of the event, “let’s turn Mía’s birthday into a performance activity with the neighborhood.” Said and done.

Mía had participated in the first Neighborhood Bombón accompanying her mother, along with her dog Lisa, in the ringing neighbor by neighbor to participate in the move. In front of the giant window of Patricia’s house, the neighborhood psychologist, the street stage of her birthday will now be set up for a drag presenter, a dark clown and a horror storyteller. She will also have a fanzine workshop and a big cake to share. The neighbors and businesses of the block and surroundings will offer formal and informal gastronomy.

A little later, guided by Hana, a neighbor and Arab dance dancer, the public will be redirected a few meters further on the same block to the Pini car workshop, where the karaoke will be resumed in which the same mechanic usually sings and his friends on Fridays and who was also part of the 2019 Neighborhood Bombon. On that occasion, karaoke took on a performative dimension through audiovisual interventions. Now you will acquire that tonic again,

The concept of Neighborhood Bombón goes through “the intersection of the neighbors with artists of contemporary aesthetics”, defines Bonelli. “Pini’s Karaoke, for example, is not opening the doors and doing the usual karaoke, there is a leap there from the neighborhood ritual behind closed doors to a performance event. On the workshop gate, in 2019, the plastic artist Marcos López made an intervention of his work Roast in Mendiolazain which he incorporated our mechanic into the center of that Last Supper.” The karaoke is developed in this sense with the participation of the Patriotic Functions Company, made up of Martín Seijo, Noelia Rufat and Martín Urruty, who animate a conduction with projections and stories.

We are not understanding each other, by Héctor Presa, in La Galera

The works performed by La Galera Encantada in its Palermo room on weekends are usually aimed at young children. But this weekend they bring out four works that focus on problems more typical of pre-adolescents, of boys and girls between 10 and 14 years old.

In one of these pieces, Mataburros, someone randomly chosen by a computer is subjected to tests to highlight the poverty of the language of ordinary people, but the character surprises with his particular idiomatic deployment. “The work highlights the potential richness of language, the possibility of finding infinite meanings in words,” says Héctor Presa.

we are not understanding each other, another of the works programmed in this short cycle, talks about the lack of communication, the partial listening to things by isolating ourselves in the new technologies”, says the director of La Galera Encantada. Due to a communication misunderstanding, a grandfather believes that his granddaughter is in danger. But she is more like in her house, listening to music. Since she is wearing headphones, she does not hear phone calls or the doorbell, everyone thinks she is lost.

Quixote, a free version of the work of Cervantes, stands out on the other hand, above the supposed madness, who values ​​friendship, is unconditional in his love and risks his life for an ideal. “Who will then be able to judge Don Quixote de la Mancha like a madman?” Presa wonders.

And finally robin 4×4 hood is a parody in which four actors play good guys and bad guys at the same time, telling the story of the vigilante who punished the rich in favor of the poor, but posing the challenges to ingenuity that are presented to both sides to achieve their goals .

An additional attraction: Presa himself acts in all four works, a performer of particular histrionics.

To schedule:

Neighborhood Bonbon: Mia’s birthdaySaturday at 18, and Pini’s Karaoke, Saturday at 8 pm, in Sánchez de Bustamante at 200, Abasto. Free entry.

The Enchanted Galley: MataburrosSaturday at 3:45 p.m., free admission; We are not understanding each other…Saturday at 5:00 p.m.; QuixoteSunday 15.45; robin 4×4 hoodSunday at 5:00 p.m. At Humboldt 1591. $1,000, ticket valid for all three works.

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childhoods. Two unique moves for children and adults