Christmas gifts offers Books in company

Christmas Strenne proposes Books in company

Christmas strenne offers Books in the company of… Wednesday 28 December 2022 Palazzo Elena Pietracaprina 4 pm

Strenne di Natale proposes Books in company, a review dedicated to the presentation of good books, organized by the Municipality of Borghetto S. Spirito, City that reads 2022, with the conduct of Dr. Graziella Frasca Gallo.

Appointment Wednesday 28 December, in the hall of Palazzo Elena Pietracaprina, in Piazza Libertà, at 16.00, with Bruno Gambarotta who will present the book “The tree of lost heads” – Publisher Manni.

Carlo Maria, a twenty-five-year-old aspiring archivist who is passionate about genealogy, is hired by a family of silk manufacturers to try to establish their noble lineage: it would be nice to have a coat of arms in the company logo… But what Carlo Maria discovers is not a noble ancestor, but a kinship in direct line with the last executioner of Turin, who during the Napoleonic era executed over five hundred condemned to death. If he is not exactly an aristocrat, even this progenitor can become a marketing operation! Carlo Maria joins the somewhat down-at-heel team of the Brusapaglione silk factory: there is the cunning progenitor, known as the Boss, his children Sebastiano, who tries to win over his father’s esteem, and Valentina with an artistic soul, the secretary Irene, with whom the protagonist falls in love.

Until another last executioner comes out. Various attempts to stir up scandal: a performance on the precarious working conditions of the executioner, scarves with prints of Marie Antoinette, tattoos good for selfies, the heart match between proponents of the guillotine and those of the gallows, in an Italy with a significant percentage of citizens in favor of the death penalty.

Among the pages, also the love story between Carlo Maria and Irene, which grows despite the clumsiness of the boy; his manager’s mother, who would like him to be a healthy tattooed male instead of a bookworm; a couple of unscrupulous jewelry designers; archive research on Napoleonic Turin. Gambarotta builds a novel that is a satire of customs, those related to marketing, politics, social media, making us have fun and reflect.

BRUNO GAMBAROTTA, Italian writer, journalist, television and radio host.

His talents as an entertainer and comedian came to light thanks to Celentano and his Fantastico from 1987. Thus began his career as a television and radio host (Fantastico ’87, Doccia o double, Tempo Reale, etc.); he is an actor, among other things, with Fabio Fazio in a television drama on Rai Due, broadcast in December 1997 and in the series The family in yellow. He is an author and cabaret actor, he collaborates with various newspapers, including L’Unità, La Stampa, La Repubblica, Comix. He keeps a regular column on Torino Sette in which he tells curiosities and news about Turin and Piedmont.

Gambarotta has also written and acted for cabaret theatre, Piedmontese-language and foreign-language theatre; you have written novels in the yellow-ironic-parody genre which have had considerable sales and critical success; among them, La niece uncomfortable (co-written with Massimo Felisatti, released in bookstores in 1977 and winner of the Premio Gran Giallo – city of Cattolica) and Turin, Lungodora Naples, published by Garzanti in 1995.

The pamphlet All excuses are good to die was published by the same publishing house. In 2006, for the Morganti publishing house, he opened the series of novels ‘Le Grandi Parodie’ with The Gianduiotto Code, a hilarious and cultured divertissement that imitates Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. The author’s operation is not the mere rewriting of the novel in a joking key, but a cultured interpretation of those arguments that have decreed the worldwide success of Dan Brown’s work.

In 2011 the parody of the “gastronomic” novels The recipes of Nefertiti (Garzanti).

The appointment of 29 December with the Journalist Domenico Quirico is postponed to a later date due to the Author’s unexpected commitments.

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