“Chucky”: what happened in the final chapter of the second season?

The second season of “” came to last October 5 and to date it has finished broadcasting the 8 episodes that make up the second season. On Star+, the last chapter will arrive on December 7.

Here is a summary of season 2 but first of all, let’s review the first installment.

After his diabolical plan to invade America’s children’s hospitals was thwarted in Season 1, Chucky now seeks revenge on those he holds responsible: surviving teens Jake (Zackary Arthur), Devon (Björgvin Arnarson), and Lexy ( Alyvia Alyn Lind), along with his ex Tiffany, now his sworn enemy.

Eventually, the three young men are sent to a Catholic reform school where they encounter trials, obstacles, and Chucky himself. Meanwhile, Tiffany begins to slowly crumble under the pressure of acting like Jennifer Tilly as she tries to hold Nica hostage from her in her Beverly Hills mansion.

Episode 2×01 – “Halloween 2″

Season 2 begins with Andy being held at gunpoint by Tiffany inside the truck of haunted “Good Guys” dolls. In a moment of distraction, the former protagonist of the 1988 film makes the doll drop his gun, the one he will eventually use to blow its head off. As he must get rid of Chucky’s army, Andy, and in revenge mode for killing Kyle, drives off a cliff and throws himself dolls and all. Kyle and Andy they will really be dead?

Later, Jake will move in with a new foster family that lives two hours from Hackensack. While he’s taking his new foster brother Gary trick-or-treating, he gets a creepy call from a Chucky look-alike. Devon gets the same call, and when the person he’s calling answers FaceTime, we see that the evil doll’s girlfriend is at Lexy’s house.


During a family therapy session, the doctor says that all the murders in the last season were committed by Junior Wheeler, and Caroline begs her sister to tell her the truth. Lexy refuses. “Chucky was just a doll,” she says, clearly lying. The younger sister now suffers from pediophobia, a fear of dolls. Despite this, the therapist introduces him to a new doll named Belle, who is actually Chucky’s bride.


This chapter also reveals that Lexy is addicted to pills. Cornered by Chucky, who wants revenge on the three friends and his ex-girlfriend, he sets off a bomb that ends up killing Jake’s adoptive brother. This will cause the three minors to be admitted to a special center run by nuns and a priest equal to Jake’s father.

Episode 2×02 – “The Sinners Are Much More Fun”

Jake, Devon and Lexy struggle with the strict rules and institutionalized homophobia of their new Catholic reform school, especially when Chucky arrives with a murderous agenda. Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills, a detective goes looking for Nica Pierce at Jennifer Tilly’s house but she, turned into Tifanny, murders him.


Later, Tiff tells Nica that her children Glen and Glenda will be coming home soon to celebrate their birthday, so she asks her to behave up to the task.

On the other hand, Lexy and her friends meet one of the girls at school named Nadine, who has problems for stealing things but quickly joins them in their plan to fight Chucky.


At the end of the chapter, the four friends manage to capture a photographer Chucky, so called because for some reason he has been taking photos of the juvie and taking selfies while killing.


Episode 2×03 – “Hail, Mary!”

With Jake and Devon’s relationship strained by juvie restrictions, the revelation that multiple killer dolls exist causes Jake to propose the unthinkable: brainwash the captured Chucky into an ally.

Thus, emulating the brainwashing of Alex DeLarge in “Clockwork Orange”, Chucky is subjected to hours of violence on screen, which ends up erasing his memory. In this way, the friends cannot manage to extract information from the now cute doll.


Later we see Lexi struggling with her addiction but it is Nadine who offers her support. On the other hand, Trevor, Lexi’s old enemy, wants to harm her by hiding pills in her room, however he finds her death at the hands of a villain. chucky that he has arrived at the reformatory.


Episode 2×04 – “Death on Denial”

In this special episode of Chucky, the story leaves the four friends aside and focuses on Tiffany and her surroundings. Chucky’s evil ex-girlfriend is threatened by the return from college of her 18-year-old children Glen and Glenda, and by the surprise intervention of several actors who have been a part of Jennifer Tilly’s life and career, including Gina Gershon. and Joe Pantoliano, or his sister Meg Tilly, who are concerned about his strange behavior.


As the chapter progresses, Glen and Glenda confess to their mother that they have a recurring nightmare: the murder of a woman, who for those who have seen the previous Chucky movies, is the manager of Chucky. jennifer tilly.


Later, Glen and Glenda discover Nica locked in her mother’s room and she tells them that she is a murderer. At that very moment, Nica, now Chucky, recognizes her daughter, reminds her that she is a murderer and calls her “Shit Face”.

Helped by Glenda, Nica, turned into Chucky, tries to kill Tiffany with the help of a prosthetic arm but everything goes wrong because the weapon has no bullets. Tiff slaps her supposed girlfriend and makes her turn into Nica again.


Being Nica, she tries with all her might to escape from Tiffany’s house while her guests think it’s all a parody done right.

Although Tiffany orders the gate of her house to be closed, Nica manages to escape and finds a van driven by a surviving Kyle. They are joined by Glenda, who despite having tried to convince her sister to come with them, she preferred to stay and take care of her mother.


The end of this episode shows us Chucky in talk show format, along with WWE star Liv Morgan. Both talk and reveal the murderers of this chapter and the doll, until he is honest with her about her actions. Apparently he believes that he hasn’t been bad enough in this installment, so he decides to stab Liv over and over again.


Episode 2×05 – “Doll on Doll”

Chucky Season 2 Episode 5 Premieres On syfy on Wednesday, November 2 and in Star+ two weeks later. This new advance reveals that the diabolical doll will feel like the risen Jesus Christ and this will surprise and terrify the nuns in the reformatory. On the other hand, Tiff tells Glen about his desire to kill, while what appears to be the good Chucky jumps into the air as if helping to fight against something.


Episode 2×08 – “Chucky Actually”

The chapter begins with Chucky remembering his childhood. In the scene, the devilish doll is seen in his past stage as a human talking over the years with his psychiatrist. Later, in a mixture of scenes from the previous chapter, we see how the doll’s soul enters the doctor’s body and she is turned into the serial killer, she tries to escape from it.

Seconds later, Andy reappears and kills the doll with a shot, but the one he kills is the doctor, although he does not know this, while the psychiatrist goes in search of a new doll to whom to transfer his soul.


Months later, already at Christmas, Lexy is recovering from her drug addiction. And Tifanny in the hospital, she manages to transfer the soul of her son Glen to the original doll. Happy in her new package, she asks her mother to call her Gigi. With Chucky seemingly away, Devon and Jake celebrate the holidays at Lexy’s house.


When everyone goes to sleep, Chucky reappears through the window of the house, ready to kill his old friends. At that very moment, Tiffany enters the same place in search of the Belle doll, owned by Caroline, Lexie’s sister.

Once inside the house, Michelle asks Tiffany what she’s doing at home, she answers that she went looking for Belle and while they’re talking, Chucky cuts off her head first with his new chainsaw. At that moment, Lexy jumps on top of Chucky and he asks Tif to save him because there are no more doll copies, but his ex-girlfriend refuses to shake his hand.

Lexy for her part, full of hatred for the death of her mother, begins to slice Chucky with the chainsaw. Meanwhile, Tiffany goes looking for Belle but Jake stabs her. Wounded, she manages to escape from her and is helped by Caroline who, with a knife in her hand, tells Devon, Lexie and Jake that Chucky once told her that her real mother would go for her since she is adopted from she. Lexie tells her that Chucky is dead and her little sister tells her that she better not be, as she leaves with her “mother” Tiffany.

Three weeks later, Tiff, with a different look, receives a call from Nica. She tells him that she is very sorry for what happened with Glen, however, she tells him that he is looking for her just like her to kill her. Tiffany tries to switch bodies with Belle but the spell doesn’t work.

At that moment, one last Chucky comes out of the doll and kills Tiffany. The chapter ends with the devilish doll singing a Christmas song and reminding all of his deaths.


According to The Wrap, Chucky was one of the most watched premieres of 2021. Viewers were able to catch the premiere on USA, SYFY and the channel of Youtube of each string.

The second season consists of 8 episodes.


“Chucky”: what happened in the final chapter of the second season?