Cinema quiz: what movies are these toilets from?

Today is World Toilet Day, created to draw attention to the global sanitation crisis. The opportunity to offer you a quiz on the most famous toilet scenes in the cinema. Can you achieve the “perfect”?

If the question of toilets is a real public health issue on the planet, with more than 3 billion inhabitants who do not have suitable facilities, they are generally the occasion for lighter and more humorous scenes in films.

It is for example Ben Stiller who in Polly and I finds himself at the restaurant, invited by a Jennifer Aniston who particularly appreciates spicy cuisine. But for Reuben Feffer, the character played by the actor, the meal goes much less well, and once back at Polly’s, he has to rush to the toilet. The beginning of a series of cascading problems between an impromptu visit from an otter, the absence of paper, and a clogged toilet that begins to flood the bathroom.

It is also this scene in Austin Powers, in which the famous parody spy is quietly installed on his toilet, when he is suddenly attacked by an assailant appearing through a trapdoor above him. As he is being strangled, Mike Myers tries to struggle and groans during his fight, his toilet neighbor thinking then simply to be in the presence of a man struggling with his own body.

Last example, older, in a tasty scene from Babas-Cool by François Leterrier, in which Christian Clavier finds himself for a few days in a hippie camp, where sharing and openness seem to be sacred values. While he is quietly installed in the toilets, he is visited by various members of the community, coming to chat with him as if he were sitting on the sofa in the living room.

We haven’t mentioned the most famous scenes from the cinema taking place in the toilet, because you will find them among the nine questions of this quiz. Ready for the Perfect?

Cinema quiz: what movies are these toilets from?