Cinema: when the Caen supporters of “We are Malherbe” make a furtive appearance in the film “Les Cadors”

Sébastien and Julien warn: “Even us, we had trouble hearing our passage”. The two members of the SM Caen supporters’ association “We are Malherbe” nevertheless listened while watching the film “Les Cadors”, by Julien Guetta, released this Wednesday, January 11. In the first minutes of the film, while Grégoire Ludig is chatting with Michel Blanc in a small room, we can hear the sound of a radio station broadcasting a football match commentary, precisely provided by our two supporters.

“We left for a Caen – Niort. It was a serious comment on the form but we laughed a little on the substance”, say Sébastien and Julien today. We say for example: What a match from the Caen side! It’s a little room for our left side at the time. A very faithful nod to the state of mind of “We are Malherbe, the association of about twenty members which, for ten years, has made the followers of SM Caen laugh and more. They have 51,000 subscribers on Twitter and a radio show on the local station Radio Phoenix.

The movie poster "The Cadors" with Jean-Paul Rouve, Grégoire Ludig and Michel Blanc.  DR
The poster for the film “Les Cadors” with Jean-Paul Rouve, Grégoire Ludig and Michel Blanc. DR

But how did these supporters find themselves stealthily on the big screen and hosting, on January 4, the preview of the film in Caen, in the presence of director Julien Guetta and Grégoire Ludig? “Maxime Delauney, the producer of the film, originally from Carentan (Manche), follows We are Malherbe. He contacted us in October to comment on this fictional match in The Cadors. It’s the smallest role in the history of cinema”, the two friends have fun. The latter went knocking on the door of Radio Phénix to record their passage in the studio, in good conditions, against a background of Caen kop, provided by a supporter.

A little more local touch in a film shot largely in the Channel, especially in Cherbourg. The production offered to do a preview in Caen hosted by our two commentators. This is how Sébastien and Julien, along with the other members of “We are Malherbe”, received Grégoire Ludig.

“It was the students who met the master. Grégoire Ludig (seen in the Palmashow with David Marsais) is of our generation. While discussing, we realized that we had a lot of references in common”, say the animators of the preview. No doubt the actor had revised, since he had arrived asking if it was really there for “the beams”, alluding to a symbolic expression of “We are Malherbe” on Twitter which regularly warns opponents of SM Caen that ‘they’re going to get “beaten” (beat).

The tone was set. Julien and Sébastien have turned the codes of film promotion interviews upside down, “staying true to our bullshit”, they laugh. Jokes and a complicit and laughing tone that the evening guests had discovered after the session, listening in particular to a parody song of “We are Malherbe”, on their radio show.

The supporters’ association, launched in the early 2010s by a group of supporters who kept a blog about their favorite club, has grown considerably. “People wonder what we’re doing here, says Julien. We do what makes us laugh. We never touch any money, we have our freedom and we realize how lucky we are to have all these encounters. “We have already taken our leave for the Cannes Film Festival and the Césars”, announce the two most “smallest roles in cinema”. For a bit, they would be competing for the prize for the best stealth football background, a category that would still make them laugh a lot.

Cinema: when the Caen supporters of “We are Malherbe” make a furtive appearance in the film “Les Cadors”