Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo return to Tv8 at the helm of “Name that tune” | TV Smiles and Songs

One sings in the car at the top of his lungs, the other only does it in his head or in the stadium

January 23, 2023 at 08:51

The video call with Cyrus Priello And Fabio Balsam it begins with their stolen kiss (on the cheek). “Got you!” i’m kidding. «Oh yes, we always kiss…” the two bad boys of The Jackal retort with their typical unsettling humor, from 25 January they return to Tv8 to lead “Name that tune – Guess the song”the fierce musical competition between two teams of VIPs produced by Banijay Italia.

How comfortable do you feel in the role of conductors, moreover reconfirmed?
Ciro: “It’s better now. Last year was an experiment, we inherited Enrico Papi’s role and we moved with the right caution. This time we had fun customizing the quiz by adding two new games».
Fabio: «We did a great job in 2022 to define our respective roles and not overlap. Mine is more related to filling in the blanks, making the program change register and giving away a bit of self-irony. Ciro has the opportunity to show all his skills as a singer, dancer and impersonator ».

Has The Jackal art and videomaking collective given you their blessing?
Cyrus: “Always. In all the projects we do alone we have their blessing, also because these possibilities increase our professional background. It’s like going to play for the national team, then returning to your club enriched».

Advice and jokes from them?
Fabio: «Being part of a collective means that in bad moments you always have someone who lifts your spirits and in good ones someone who downsizes you. I’m the tip of the balance. They motivate us or make fun of us, as we do with others».

The English title of the program is almost a tongue twister. Do you practice to say it well?
Ciro: «I have already been reproached several times for the pronunciation too “Neapolitan”».
Fabio: «We Italianised it right away, as well as the foreign titles of the songs: we pronounce them as they come».

Among the new games in Ciro is touched “Double Myth”. What is it about?
Ciro: «I imitate the voice of some artists on songs by others. The two teams have to guess the singer I’m imitating and the title of the song».

But were you born an imitator or did you become one?
Ciro: «I don’t consider myself an imitator, it’s always been a game, even when I took part in “Tale e qual show”. There are some peculiarities of some singers that, I don’t know how, my brain faithfully reproduces. But I’ve never thought of exploiting this feature in my work: I haven’t done a study on imitations. So much so that in the program I only bring singers I know well».

You are also a dancer and tried to enter “Amici”. You tell us.
Ciro: «In fact, I was born a dancer: my dream was to do it on TV, but then my career took different paths. For “Amici” I auditioned in 2004: I arrived among the top 50 dancers, but then, unfortunately, they didn’t call me to participate in the program».

Fabio, what hidden talents do you have instead?
Fabio: «I limit myself to accompanying Ciro. I’m realistic, I do what it takes, cleaning…».

But he is the protagonist of the second new game, “Canzone recitata”.
Fabio: «It’s a parody of my dramatic theatrical journey. Ciro introduces me as “Maestro”. I arrive with the gorget (a pleated collar which is part of aristocratic attire, ed), dressed like an actor of the past, and badly recite the lyrics of a song whose title the contestants will have to guess».

So is he also a serious actor?
Fabio: «I’ve done several committed productions, but now I’m better known for my comic guise».

Will he be able to stay serious in the third season of “LOL – Who laughs outside”, coming soon on the Prime Video platform?
Fabio: «I think it will be simple, just remind me of what I have experienced up to now. Comedians don’t usually laugh… but it will be tough because there will be extraordinary talents competing».

Ciro, you won the first edition of “LOL”, what advice can you give him?
Ciro: «To do as at school. When I didn’t feel like studying I pretended to be passionate about the lesson by nodding, but my head was elsewhere. The trick is to pretend to be present, but to think of something else: to look but not to see…».

Let’s go back to the music. What place does it occupy in your life?
Ciro: «I’ve always loved it, both to dance and to sing or listen to it. She gives me different emotions. I could never live without her.’
Fabio: «It’s essential. It is part of the reflective moments and the playful ones. Music feeds creativity. When I have to create a new character, I put in a specially designed playlist».

Do you ever sing your heart out?
Ciro: «Yes, I go wild especially in the car! I’m so physical.”
Fabio: «I study singing to do vocal education, but then I “perform” only in my head. Ciro is more instinctive, I more reflective. Only at the stadium with the choirs do we let ourselves go together…».

San Remo chapter. Will you follow him again this year with The Jackal?
Fabio: «Yes, but not like in the past because of other projects. We will still be able to contaminate it ».

Make us a prediction.
Ciro: «I like Coma_Cose and LDA, I find that he has a beautiful voice and writes very well, it excites me when he sings».
Fabio: «I would like Mr. Rain to arrive among the first, he is a very poetic boy».

Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo return to Tv8 at the helm of “Name that tune” | TV Smiles and Songs