Ciro y Los Persas, the Río Negro Philharmonic, “Cumbia” on tour and a “Movie Love”: the agenda of shows for the weekend

The must-sees of the weekend

Ciro and the Persians

In Neuquen and Bariloche

Ciro and Los Persas return to the region with two shows, this Saturday at the Ruca Che in Neuquén and on Sunday at the Volunteer Fire Department in Bariloche. Both at 9 p.m.

General tickets: $5,000. For the show in Neuquén, available at Flipper Toy Store (Av. Argentina and Alberdi, Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.), Casino Magic (24 hours a day) and Cipolletti Cultural Complex (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.). By system, through available for both shows.

Touring the country Ciro and Los Persas arrive this weekend in the region.

Río Negro Philharmonic + Oscar Albrieu Roca + Rut Schreiner

Cipolletti Cultural Complex

With the presence of Rut Schreiner as guest conductor and the premiere of “Oruga”, Concerto for Marimba and orchestra by Luis Naón, commissioned to be premiered and performed by the Río Negro Philharmonic and Oscar Albrieu (photo) in solo marimba by the Rio Negro orchestra will be presented this Friday and Saturday at the Cipolletti Cultural Complex (Fernández Oro 57), at 9:00 p.m.
The concert program is completed with Rakastava by Jean Sibelius and Symphony No. 3 by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov. For the premiere of the concert for marimba, the orchestra will have the special participation of Oscar Albrieu from Regin, who currently performs as a soloist with different orchestras from Argentina and abroad.
Free and free entry. online ticket office

National Theater Festival

IUPA + FCP in Rock

“The Saints”, play performed by Claudio Inferno and Eleazar Fanjul, from Aluminé and winner of the 36th Neuquén Theater Festival.

This weekend ends a new edition of the National Theater Festival organized by the Patagonian University Institute of the Arts (IUPA) and the Patagonian Cultural Foundation (FCP), with three plays:

“The Saints”
Friday at 9 p.m.
Dr. Tilo Rajneri Auditorium (Rivadavia 2263, Roca).
Performers and authors: Claudio Inferno and Eleazar Fanjul.
Director: Karl Stets.

“A pair”
Saturday at 18.
FCP Cultural Space (San Luis 2085, Roca)
Cast: Adrián Hernández and José Agüero.
Direction and staging: Adrián Hernández and José Agüero.

“I just called to tell you that I love you”
Saturday, at 9 p.m.
Dr. Tilo Rajner Auditorium (Rivadavia 2263, Roca).
Author: Nelson Valente.
Cast: Magui Aguirre, Lis Barruet, Romina de Blas, Mercedes Jurado, Guillermo Alvarez, Lucas Molina and Ricardo Peinado.
Direction and staging: Tato Cayón



FCP presents three new performances of the successful production “Cumbia”: this Friday, at 9 pm, at the Cine Teatro Español in Neuquén; on Saturday, at 9 pm, at the Roberto S. Carillo Cultural Center in Catriel; and on Sunday, at 9 pm, at the Cipolletti Cultural Complex.
The show, led by Caribe FCP and Artistas FCP, is a musical journey through the best of South American tropical rhythms, presenting classic and successful Argentine and Colombian cumbias.
Caribe FCP is made up of Diego Bascur, piano; Emanuel Beron, drums; Francisco Araya, congas; Martín Bascur, bass and Guillermo Lancelotti, trumpet. Along with them will perform Yamila Tejada, sax; Karina Vallejos, accordion; Ezequiel Colicheo, voice; Mauro Maldonado, guitar and Alex González, percussion.
For Neuquén, general admission is $800 and has discounts for retirees and students of the Neuquén Higher School of Music. The event also has a 2 x 1 discount for Club Río Negro members.


the weekend schedule



This Friday, at 9:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., in Ámbito Histrión (Chubut 240, Neuquén) premieres “Under Pressure”, a historical tragicomedy set in the imminence of the Malvinas War. By Patricia Suárez, directed by Silvana Feliziani and starring Cane Aiello, Romina Ansaldi, Valeria Bacigaluppe, Fernanda D’Argenio and Gabriela Gaumet
Reservations at 2995713050


This Saturday, at 9:30 p.m., in Ámbito Histrión (Chubut 234, Neuquén), the Crash company premieres “Mutilados”: a building, all the countries of this continent living together, a meeting and endless delirious situations that are interwoven in this Latin American parody.
Ticket reservation at 2994530771.


This Saturday, at 11 pm, Crash Teatro presents “Criaturas”, a night of monologues and a coffee concert at Ámbito Histrión (Chubut 240, Neuquén).
Reservations at 0299-154530771
General admission: $700.

“Songs of the Earth”
theater music recital

This Sunday, at 8 pm, at Ámbito Histrión (Chubut 234, Neuquén) the Vocal Octet La Jauría will be presented
“Cantos de la Tierra” is a musical show that seeks to break with the traditional concert structure, by including elements of theatrical interpretation in the proposal and thus achieving continuity in its development. Divided into two parts, it consists of 14 songs (choral works) linked by the same narrative through staging.
First Tenors: Julián Flores + Martín Toninato
Second Tenors: Federico Moccero + Ezequiel Ziaurriz
Baritones: Juan I. Ziaurriz + César Pavón
Bass: Matías Fernández + Víctor Diconca
Theater Director and Technical Operation: Emilio Ziaurriz
Costumes: Milagros Torossian.
Tickets: $800 in advance, $1,000 at the door. In advance and/or reservations at: 299-4589769.

“A magical gift”
Musical theatre

The musical based on the Disney film “Enchantment” It is starred by a Neuquén children’s and youth cast.

This Friday, at 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., and Sunday at 8:00 p.m., in Teneas (Leguizamón 1785, Neuquén), new performances of the musical “A magical gift”, based on the Disney movie “Encanto”. Direction: Ariel Munoz. Choreography: Ivanna Ferrarino. Produces Enscene.
Reservations paid at the door in cash on the day of the performance: $900
Reservation with advance payment: $800.
Reservations and advances: 299 5133151.

“The Troublemakers”

This Saturday, at 9 pm, in Teneas (Leguizamón 1785, Neuquén), this police comedy by Gastón Krahulec returns to the stage with performances by Rayén Calfú, Zoxi Elizalde, Santiago Veiga and Camila Trinca Diez.
Tickets: $900 in advance through Mercado Pago with Alias: disturbers. At the door: $1,100 for sale at the theater.
By bank transfer, alias GRUTA.MADRID.FILA (send receipt).

“The Story of Crying for Him”
This Saturday at 9 pm, at El Arrimadero Teatro (Misiones 234, Neuquén), the last performance of this work by Ignacio Apolo, staged and directed by Gustavo Lioy, with performances by Ariel Azcurra and Irma Tomasczik.
Tickets: $1000. Advance sale and reservations at 2995188503.


“It would be a shame if the plants withered”

Staging by Scene Urgent with performances by Ana Muzin and Nicolás Caminiti.

This Saturday, at 8 pm, at Club de Arte “El Biombo” (Rodhe 1454, Roca) the last performance of “It would be a pity for the plants to wither” will take place, staged by Escena Urgente as part of the plan Reactivate Scenes. Ana Muzin and Nicolás Caminiti act directed by Guillermo Cacace on text by Ivor Martinic. Advance ticket $800; $1,000 at the door.

Fernando Sanjiao

Fernando Sanjiao, one of the most recognized comedians in Argentina, arrives at Casa de la Cultura (9 de Julio 1043, Roca) with “Solo” his new solo show. Sanjiao has been doing comedy for 20 years, reaching more than 10 countries with his shows, participating in numerous international festivals. He has a special on Netflix (man) and another seven on Comedy Central Latin America and Spain.
Tickets: $2500. Available at the Casa de la Cultura ticket office.

Major Duo

This Saturday, at 9:30 p.m., at Casa de la Cultura (July 9, 1043, Roca) this group of citizen, Latin and bolero music will be presented, made up of Cristina Oliveros and Luis Muñoz.
Guest musicians: Irupé Muñoz, Rubén Calarco and Grupo Guitarras Show, made up of Cuki and Renzo Álvarez and Juan Giarizzu.


The magic Box (Mariano Moreno 354, Cipolletti) presents the works “Those who want to see the dawn” (clown), “The invisible girl” (puppets) and “Los Santos” (Circus and theater of objects). Tickets can be purchased through Mercado Pago (go to the theater’s Facebook page to see the links) and at the ticket office.
“Those who want to see the sunrise”
This Saturday, at 9:00 p.m., this clown version of “La casa de Bernarda Alba”, by Federico García Lorca, is presented. A house, six women who dispute a figure that has no face: freedom.
“The invisible girl”
This Sunday, at 4:00 p.m., this play directed by Jorge Onofri takes the stage, in which the cast of actors/puppeteers from Attacked by art, Dardo Sánchez, Liliana Godoy and Silvina Vega, perform.
“The Saints”
This Sunday, at 9:00 p.m., this minimal circus work and object theater takes the stage. A grotesque and delirious love story. Glasses, bottles and two men deep in a dilapidated house about to collapse along with their minds.
Performers and authors: Claudio Inferno and Eleazar Fanjul. Direction: Karl Stets.


Lunfardo is presented for the first time in Cipolletti, this Saturday, at 10 pm, at Casa de la Bodega (Tres Arroyos 375), with free admission.
This southern power trio is made up of Seba Medus on drums, Juani Ziaurris on bass and vocals, and Claus Regueiro on guitar and vocals. It has its roots in Junín de los Andes, although it has been developing since 2013 in the Alto Valle.
The repertoire includes the songs from the album El Grito en el Cielo, some covers and some premieres.

five jumps

“Frederica’s Tales”
Puppets FCP presents the play “The stories of Federica”, on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. in the Hugo del Carril de Cinco Saltos Theater Hall.
“The stories of Federica” is a work by Títeres FCP, made up of Teo Betancourt and Flavia Borda. “The stories of Federica” is directed by Teo Betancourt.


“Movie love”

This Saturday, at 9 pm, in El Zaguán (San Martín 239, Plottier) premieres “Amor depelicula”, a comedy by Héctor Diaz, directed by Adriana Clara Perkovich and starring Daniel Henriquez, Pablo Muñoz, Noelia Tarifeño, Guillermina Gallardo and Miguel Dagnino.
Tickets, at $800 pesos in advance, can be obtained at Kaos (Belgrano 119), El Librero (Belgrano 118) and at Convidame (San Martin 2 corner with Perito Moreno). At the door, $900.


Tangos and Boleros for electric bass
Gustavo Gianni

This Friday, 22, at Cocina de Oro (Rivadavia and Sarmiento, Fernández Oro)

Giannini & Folatelli
Latin American music in bass, voice and percussion
This Saturday, 22, at Morgan Cervecería (Miter 864, Roca).

Tangos and Boleros for electric bass
Gustavo Gianni

This Sunday, at 6 pm, at the Cultural Center (Don Bosco and Villegas, Fernández Oro). Free admission, invites the Municipality of Fernández Oro.

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Ciro y Los Persas, the Río Negro Philharmonic, “Cumbia” on tour and a “Movie Love”: the agenda of shows for the weekend