“City of Fear 2”? Everyone is a fan of the idea except Alain Chabat

TF1 screenshot

TF1 screenshot

Dominique Farrugia and Alain Chabat (Les Nuls) in the Late Show on TF1, November 22, 2022

TELEVISION – Almost 30 years after its cinema release, The city of fear will she get a sequel? Thousands of fans of the crime comedy parody dream of it. So, Alain Chabat and Dominique Farrugiagathered on the set of Late Show of TF1 this Tuesday, November 22, could not resist the urge to titillate their nostalgia.

On the sofas of his new ephemeral show, Alain Chabat received Jamel Debbouze, Orelsan and his brother Aurélien, but also Charlotte Gainsbourg. It is the latter who initiated this sequence on The city of fear. While the actress talks about her desire to do more comedy, she pretends not to be able to talk about a project that is ” not signed » to turn in « sequel to a popular comedy “.

In the audience of the show, a voice is heard. “ Very popular “. It is Dominique Farrugia, faithful close friend of Alain Chabat since Dummies and film producer. “ Given his enthusiasm, I imagine that he is the producer, right? “Launches the presenter before inviting his friend to join him on the set. The sequence is to be seen replay herefrom 32′.

The sequel would be called The helper of fear

The sketch continues as Dominique Farrugia ends up letting go: “ This is the sequel to City of Fear “, under the provided applause of the public. He then unfolds a pitch in which Odile Deray (alias Chantal Lauby) tries to relaunch her career in cinema, accompanied by Simon Jérémi (Dominique Farrugia), the actor from Red is dead today forced to move around in a wheelchair and pushed by Serge Karamazov, the former bodyguard (Alain Chabat in the film). Charlotte Gainsbourg would play the daughter of Commissioner Bialès (Gérard Darmon).

This sequel already has a title, Dominique Farrugia continues hilariously: The helper of fear. And even unveil a poster:

TF1 screenshot

TF1 screenshot

The parody poster of “The City of Fear 2” in Alain Chabat’s Late Show on TF1, November 22, 2022

What I really like is that in this suite Simon Jérémy no longer vomits when he is happy, he shits “, continues Charlotte Gainsbourg while Jamel Debbouze no longer controls his giggles. Chantal Lauby, third historic member of the trio of Les Nuls, reacts in a video: “ I love this title, I love everything, I started writing, I’m waiting for the 3 of us to meet again to make the film of the year “.

“We always said that we would never make a sequel to this film. I give you a ‘no’ in principle. » Alain Chabat

Enough to make fans of this film released almost three decades ago and since become cult thanks to its actors of course, its barred script and its wacky lines that many have fun reciting by heart. In 2019, for the 25th anniversary of the film, a special screening was even organized at the Cannes Film Festival and around fifty dancers reproduced the carioca scene.

Many viewers have obviously felt that there is a good chance that this is just a valve. ” We had always said that we would never do a sequel to this film. I give you a ‘no’ in principle », Swears Alain Chabat to Dominique Farrugia at the end of the sequence. And to add: But I want to read the script when it’s written… »

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