Like Giangurgolo known mask of the Calabrian Carnival, also linked to the commedia dell’arte Clementine the nascent Corigliano-Rossano costume, could claim its place among the masks that have a strong link with the land of origin, indeed it would be the first completely autochthonous carnival mask, i.e. born, conceived, created and made entirely in Calabria.

Some sources linked to the theatrical representations starring Giangurgolo attribute Naples as his birthplace. In 1618, there is in fact a piece of news in which it was reported that an actor named Natale Consalvo was playing a certain Captain Giangurgolo. In the following centuries, the mask was attributed to the city of Reggio Calabria which used it to mock some impoverished Sicilian nobles who, after the settlement of the Savoy in Sicily, moved en masse to Reggio Calabria. In the seventeenth century, the mask was also adapted for Spanish-style clothing, to imitate, by way of derision, the attitudes of the Sicilian knights in Calabria. Since then, the mask had great success in representations alongside more famous sisters such as Arlecchino or Pulcinella. His clothing reproduced the colors of the Aragonese and was therefore a parody to ridicule the Aragonese and Spanish rulers.
We should also remember Coviello which is a mask that dates back to the sixteenth century and is one of the theatrical masks that most escapes a definition. Indeed, neither his stage role nor his costume have the regularity over time that would allow them to be anchored to a “type”. Its name derives by contraction from Iacoviello, corresponding in Italian to Giacometto. His part as an actor in the commedia dell’arte changes according to the plot and according to the needs of the comedy and the characteristics of the performer; sometimes he is a servant, sometimes a good man, or a good family man or greedy hotelier, Coviello was defined, the mask of masks, the scenic translation of the theme of variation entrusted to an elusive and unpredictable character. The character’s costume is not well defined.
“Clementizia” which has as its ultimate objective that of combining the combination of clementine and licorice which represent local food and wine excellence, and at the same time tradition and identity, colors, aromas and unmistakable and inimitable flavors of the Sibaritide, a combination that blends a carnival mask.

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