Comment: Rick and Morty

21 Nov. 2022 – 12:06 p.m.

justin roiland I was not planning to create one of the most important animated series in history. The then brain of series without much success, like Channel 101. Within that program he presented a short film, very homemade, called The True Adventures of Doc and Mharti. A parody of the characters from Back to the Future. The idea? poke fun at complicated and never accurate time travel stories, all in an absurd tone filled with adult jokes.

Years passed and Justin Roiland moved away from those jokes from the waist down (even in bad taste) and became the creator of Goldfish, Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, some of the most famous series of the second decade of the century. It was there when Adult Swim decided to bet on Roiland and together with Dan Harmon (creator of Community) they created rick and morty.

Number 96 on the list of 100 best series in history according to Rolling Stone magazine. Rick and Morty tells the story of Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist who has discovered how to travel within the universe and through other universes. To these adventures he drags Morty, his pre-adolescent nephew who will have to learn to live with his insecurities while living extravagant adventures.

A sublime series of choral episodes (mostly) that allow the imagination to play, blowing up the limits of science fiction with dynamite. What if The Thing is reversed but with a parasite that pretends to be crazy characters like a Frankenstein and a giraffe with the proportions upside down? Done! What if Rick moves his mind and soul into a pickle? It is one of our best chapters. And if we make fortune cookies, they actually predispose the future? In that.

Ok, madness the order of the day, like a smoked version of the Twilight Zone. But Rick and Morty wouldn’t be the same without its characters. The ease of showing Rick as the smartest man in the world is set against his selfishness and his ease of dragging anyone who trusts him into a toxic pit of despair.

Add to the absolute and ridiculous dependence on his grandson Morty and we have, probably, the most toxic duo in the history of television. We add the problems of Summer, Morty’s older sister, a desire to be popular and a complete search of a 17-year-old girl before the inevitable arrival of adulthood and finally Jerry and Beth, the parents of Morty and Summer.

The couple is one of the greatest achievements, in terms of character creation, of the series. She, alcoholic, depressed and with feelings of a lost life. He, dependent, cowardly and insecure. A relationship that in its comings and goings questions the conception of modern love. Beyond the unstable relationship, he questions staying in the established just for being sunk in that for years. The search for the maximum possible fullness in adults who see the passage of time as their main rival. These problems are reflected in their children, who inherit their traumas and complexes.

A complex framework that has its maximum moments of lucidity in the various dramatic scenes that break the absurdity and fun of the series. When it comes to crying, no matter the planet, universe or madness that has happened, the series positions itself as a family drama with innocuous ease.

This Sunday the 20th, the second half of the sixth season arrived on HBO Max, the ideal excuse to embark on an interdimensional journey to one of the best adult series in history.

Comment: Rick and Morty