Compelling and exciting here is the film different from the others that you absolutely cannot miss

Compelling and exciting

Compelling and

Who knows how many times you’ve found yourself scrolling through your streaming movie list looking for something interesting. This time, however, we would like to tell you that the film you are going to see is really different from the others. Beautiful, engaging, totally alternative and somehow, parody of many successful cooking shows. Continue with us and discover the film that you absolutely cannot miss.

Truly terrifying menu

You’ve surely happened to comment on a terrifying menu during a dinner with your partner, friends or relatives. And that’s really the case “The Menu”, available on the Disney platform with the subscription. Very recent, dated 2022 and just released on the platform, “The Menu” tells of a restaurant run by a very famous chef, but which hides terrible truths. The couple of young protagonists participates, together with a selected group of entrepreneurs, nobles and movie stars in a dinner for VIPs only. To cheer them up there is the most famous chef of the moment, played by a wonderful Ralph Fiennes, who, as a true host, will not let his guests miss any emotion. But really none! Just as the recipe for the most cooked cake of the moment could excite you between the kitchen and the table.

VIP dinner

Dinner among

Compelling and exciting here is the film different from the others that will keep you glued to the sofa

As often happens with the release of controversial films, film critics spared no blows to this film. It almost seems that it was born from the irreverent comparison with some cooking programs that are so fashionable in recent years. With a chef taken to the extreme of his egocentrism, without however a neurotic guise, but a lot philosophical. In the kitchen, a real leader, who takes care of the dishes, of the taste, but also of terrorizing his customers. A decidedly singular, alternative film that leads to the end that very popular fashion in recent years, to make the kitchen a real show. But, if you want to be the protagonist in the kitchen, don’t miss out on some very useful advice to amaze your guests at the table.

Making cooking a show

Making the kitchen a

With the incredible actors who have never won an Oscar

Compelling and exciting here is the film completely different from the others that you absolutely cannot miss and a protagonist of absolute excellence. You could also be one of the many admirers of Ralph Fiennes, an English actor with enormous potential, but still waiting for an Oscar award. Recently he was included by an English magazine among those actors of extraordinary level, but who have not yet achieved an Oscar award. Certainly compared to other more acclaimed colleagues and lovers of the limelight, Fiennes prefers to talk on the set and much less among the paparazzi. But beware that for his interpretation of him in “The Menu”, he could finally get to the coveted golden statuette.

Compelling and exciting here is the film different from the others that you absolutely cannot miss