Concordia Theater: Elio Germano brings virtual reality to the stage, Solenghi and Nidi Ensemble the classics of Woody Allen

Elio Germano, Tullio Solenghi, Enrico Tesio: they are the great protagonists of the week at Concordia Theater of Venaria Reale. Three appointments, from Tuesday to Friday, to laugh and reflect.

Tuesday 15 November, 9 pm

“Warning signal” is a work that is both a play, a film and a virtual reality experience, one of the first world experiments in virtual reality theater usable only with viewers. Born from the play by Elio Germano “My battle”, Of which he was sole actor and director, co-written with Chiara Lagani, is the result of the collaboration with Omar Rashid, co-director of the film and founder of the multimedia project Gold. Using the potential of Virtual Reality, an experiment is staged in which Elio Germano hypnotizes the spectators, almost manipulates them, with the aim of transmitting that alarm signal from which the show itself takes its name.
My battlein particular, it is the alarm signal that Elio Germano launches against information made only of opinions, technology that risks being a vehicle of pure mass distraction and a mainstream culture that ends up systematically engulfing the niche, also stealing the opportunities afforded by technology. The show is a monologue that leads to reflect and ask questions on various themes: consent, free thought, storytelling, dictatorship. It is a fierce and hallucinatory narrative in which an actor, or perhaps a comedian, undeclared hypnotist, manipulates the audience into a crescendo of complacency, until he reaches, at the end of his show, an unpredictable dramatic turn.

Thursday 17 November, 9 pm

“God is dead and I don’t feel so good either” is a mix of words, music and humor: Tullio Solenghi rereads some hilarious excerpts from the books of Woody Allen combining them with the music that characterized his most significant films, performed by Maestro Alessandro Nidi and his Ensemble. We thus pass from the “Hassidic Tales“To the parody of the Holy Scriptures taken from”Know it Long“, To the hilarious”Bestiary” adapted from “Quoting On Himself“, Interspersed with pieces by George Gershwin, Tommy Dorsey, Dave Brubeck, with a special tribute to Woody’s mentor, the great Graucho Max, evoked by Klezmer music. In rapid succession sounds and voices, music and story alternate in an alternation of close-ups to compose a funny and hypnotic “montage”.

Friday 18 November, 9 pm


“On the seventh day he rested, I didn’t” it is not just a show: it is a self-help session, a monologue on the life of a woman like many others, but with unique dark circles.
We are all victims of almost chronic fatigue. Or we believe we are. Not many years ago even the Pope decided to give up, because he was too tired. None of us, however, can resign from their daily weariness. It is the starting point of the exploration that Enrica Tesioblogger and author, performs in “All the weariness in the world”(Bompiani, 2022), ironic private diary of collective efforts: the fatigue of mothers, that of social media, the fatigue of bureaucracy, of becoming adults, even the fatigue of beauty. From the page to the stage, the leap is short and obligatory. Because we are the multitasking people who become “multistanching”. We are the ones who scroll through the pages of social networks to measure the lives of others, those who fill their children with commitments for fear of not stimulating them enough, those who bring the computer to the bedroom in the evening to watch a series and in the meantime respond to the last mail. Those who, in order to rest, must concentrate.
To counterpoint the witty and humorous words of Enrica Tesio are the music performed live by Andrea Mirò: a selection of original music and pieces by great authors in which the slow vision of life intersects and contrasts with the frenzy of modern times, expressing a totally different perspective, detached, distant and, probably, saving. From Rino Gaetano to Giorgio Gaber, from Enzo Del Re to Niccolò Fabi, up to Lucio Dalla passing through the songs of the same singer-songwriter from Asti: a plot made up of refined sounds and poetic suggestions to celebrate, in music, an eulogy to slowness.
The story, in two voices, of two extraordinarily talented women for a cross-section, very current and incredibly ironic, of our time.

Concordia Theater, Corso Puccini, Venaria Reale (TO)
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Concordia Theater: Elio Germano brings virtual reality to the stage, Solenghi and Nidi Ensemble the classics of Woody Allen