Covid in the house of Big Brother Vip, 4 positive competitors

Over 30 authors in the competition who will be voted by a technical jury and by the public of the First Edition of the Vesuvian Women’s Literature Festival

The first edition of the Vesuvian Women’s Literature Festival is much more than a cultural event. The appointment is Saturday 5 November 2022 at the Vesuvius National Park Museum in Boscoreale. This was announced by a note sent to the editorial staff

The fledgling all-female literary event involves various areas of the Vesuvius Territory. In addition to that of culture, in fact, also of equal opportunities, social, institutions, music, voluntary work and associations.

The event is organized by the publishing house “Il Quaderno Edizioni”, in collaboration with the Pro Loco of Boscoreale and the “La Fenice Vulcanica” Association.

The purpose of the event, conceived by Stefania Spisto, is to enhance the works of women writers from Campania and the Vesuvius Territory in particular. Furthermore, bring them to a wider audience, considering the female gaze on reality and life of great emotional and social impact and at the same time to raise funds.

The proceeds from the sales of the books made available by the competitors will in fact support the “Ti Ascolto” helpdesk for women in difficulty, managed by “La Fenice Vulcanica”.

The evening will be presented by two journalists close to “Il Quaderno Edizioni”, Lucio Canzanella and Franco Bruno Vitolo. After a first part dedicated to the presentation of the competitors and their works, they will collect the results of the votes expressed by the popular jury and the technical jury, coordinated by Alessandra Illiano.

An elimination game will be conducted, at the end of which the winner of the first edition of the Women’s Literature Festival will be declared. The winner will receive the prize from the hands of the exceptional godmother, the Vesuvian entrepreneur Federica Ammirati. Ammirati was chosen as godmother because she represents an example of joyful redemption and enhancement of diversity.

Various awards will also be awarded. In fact, there will be a Lifetime Achievement Award, one for Memory and another for a local woman who has distinguished herself for her cultural commitment.

There will be a moment of entertainment. During the evening, in fact, Tiziana Papa will perform. The singer is considered by most to be an extraordinary voice from Boscoreale. She will dedicate three interpretations of Mia Martini to those present, an artist who, like none of her, has been able to sing the woman in her infinite nuances.

Organizational group

“We are pleased to participate in this event which we hope will give concrete help to our commitment, given the numerous difficulties experienced by the women we assist and we are pleased that this event is of a cultural nature, because we consider this aspect to be the most useful for resolving so many gender problemsSo Angela Losciale, president of “La Fenice Vulcanica”, in a note sent to the editorial staff.

“I hope that this participatory moment can make our territory known also for the extraordinary human beauties it possesses. In fact, the Festival as we have understood it, is not a real competition, but a game, a way to get to know each other, imbued with the lightness necessary to spend an evening together talking and discussing books, poetry and new projects, because reading is an enriching pleasure, always young and this is the spirit that animates us and that we are sure will be shared”. Says Tiziana Castellano, president of the Pro Loco of Boscoreale.

“The writers finalists at the Festival, whom you will get to know, are rare pearls who, while dedicating their works to different themes and literary genres, have one great thing in common: the generosity of making ideas, creativity available to the community and share the dreams that animate them. This is why I consider them precious builders of a better world”. concludes Stefania Spisto, of “Il Quaderno Edizioni”.

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Covid in the house of Big Brother Vip, 4 positive competitors