Criticism of Everyone does it, a Spanish daggers in the back

The “whodunit” is now more fashionable than ever thanks to a certain detective named benoit blanc. Mystery stories, with an ensemble cast of characters, all suspects and all with motives for committing a crime, had always been associated with novels. Christie Agatha.

But for a whole generation, now they have a new benchmark in the movie saga. Daggers in the back (Knives Out) from rian johnson.

And just a few days after the premiere in Netflix from Glass Onionarrives on the billboard Everybody does, film from martin cuervo with very familiar ingredients: a murder, a case in the middle of nowhere, and seven suspects with more than one reason for wanting to see the victim dead. Do you sign up for another game of Cluedo?


Everybody Does It – Trailer

Too many suspects for so little crime

Everybody does is the second feature film Hugo Martin Cuervoa 35-year-old director from Madrid, also the author of who are you traveling witha comedy inspired by the “BlaBlaCar” phenomenon (like the one just released Alex de la Iglesia).

Cuervo was also a short filmmaker, and his received a Goya nomination in 2009 for the short Finalbeing the youngest to achieve it.

In Everybody does mixes murder mystery with black comedy and parody of certain Spanish customs, with the intention of turning the topic around, or at least laughing at it. That’s one of the many ambitions the film has, but sadly it fails to top off any of them.

There are few things that Spaniards like more than laughing at their own shortcomings. And in Todos hacen, although it evolves into a murder film, it begins by dealing with that evil that, according to the pun in the title, we all suffer from (although it has little endemic to it), the corruption and greed.

four couples They are invited to the farm where they were married years ago to spend a bucolic weekend with expenses paid. But when they arrive they realize that the host had other plans: he intends to blackmail them to get rid of a Big problem with the Treasuryand that it could splash them all.

The couples are Kira Miró and Salva Reina, Mariam Hernandez and Carlos Santos, Andrea Duro and Julian LopezY Macarena Gomez widowed An ensemble cast for which the film is already beginning to falter: there is plenty of talent, but they lack chemistry and sense of humor.

The script by Irene Niubo and Marta Sánchez is not up to the task of a framework as complex as that required in a murder film, and although it only lasts 99 minutesWe feel it very thick.

It meets all the requirements to sustain a story of this type (in many cases by the hairs), such as the background stories of some (not all) of the characters joining together to provide new clues to solve the case.

But he lacks conviction and impact in these turns (which we insist, they are not as numerous as they should be) to arouse our curiosity… and in many cases, the resolutions that are invented are highly questionable.

They are very unlikely and far-fetched ideas, which on paper are surprising for how improbable they are, but in real life They are artificial and forced.. The real mystery is why they didn’t stay in a script rewrite phase.

Everybody does

The script for Everybody Does It is not up to the job: it starts with many characters with potential, but almost none take advantage of it. Julian LopezAs a bouncer who always seeks to uphold the law, he is more irritating than funny, always spinning the same jokes without giving him a role in the story.

Carlos SantosWhile he’s always terrific and perhaps the funniest of suspects, he’s sorely wasted as a political brother-in-law we never know anything more about: if you thought Kaythryn Hahn’s character in Glass Onion wasted potential, this one takes the cake.

Everybody does

Macarena Gomez she tries to bring color to the cast with an intentionally eccentric and mysterious character (she is the only widow, and her husband died in strange circumstances), but who is not outlined in the script at all, and consequently her interpretation is listless, as if on automatic pilot.

Y andrea hard either Kira Miro…they just don’t have any records (although they didn’t have much to work with either).

Paradoxically, the only characters that are always a pleasure to see, and that are frankly amusing, are the forest rangers who don’t come out until the second act: Victor Palmeroand above all Toni Acosta.

Mother and son investigating the murder, without any kind of preparation and following a methodology “to be at home” that is endearing and that makes us position ourselves with them before any of the other characters.

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The Mystery of Everybody Does It

Everybody Does It isn’t a completely unsuccessful movie, but it is a very lame one. There are funny jokes, but many don’t work, despite the fact that the movie hits on them over and over again. Foresters are by far the most charismatic and best defined charactersand that is a big problem in an ensemble film that is supported by a cast that, at an interpretive level, is very irregular.

Its biggest problem is that it fails to give each of the suspects something interesting to do or tell to fuel the mystery and give the viewer something to play detectives with.

Instead, he circles over and over again his personality ticsbut that is rarely funny, and the few twists in the script feel disordered, with a very irregular rhythm that goes from more to less, and often seem disconnected from the plot, something incomprehensible.

A very flimsy script is accompanied by a very flat steering, which does not take advantage of the comical vis of its actors and wastes such an interesting location as a wedding hotel in the middle of a storm. As a result, interest fades the more the plot progresses… until you reach a conclusion that, at least, will give you something to discuss when you leave the cinema.

Criticism of Everyone does it, a Spanish daggers in the back