Criticism of ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ (2022)


Every Christmas Eve, the Ghost of Christmas Present choose a dark soul for be forever transformed by the visit of three spirits. But this year he has chosen the wrong Scrooge. Clint Briggs flip the tortilla and his ghostly visitor ends up examining his own past, present and future. In ‘The Spirit of Christmas’for the first time, ‘Christmas story’ of Charles Dickens it is counted from the ghosts perspective in this musical version described as hilarious.

Review of The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that the beloved and feared Christmas movies will begin to invade our screens without mercy. Thus, AppleTV+ did not want to miss the appointment and replaces Mariah Carey for the good of ryan reynolds Y Will Ferrell, who come together in this musical based on the well-known and overexploited work of Dickens. Directed and written by sean andersthe film transfers the English writer’s novel to modern society -so to speak-, but at the same time reverses it and adds an unexpected meta twist that manages to justify its existence a bit.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a movie starring Reynolds and Ferrell. If comedy doesn’t cover practically every scene. Both are in their comfort zone despite singing and dancing to exhaustion, they base their irregular chemistry on the exchange of jokes and surround themselves with some useless Ghosts of Christmas that serve as comic relief in their most emotional moments – nowadays it is fashionable to ridicule powerful entities. That’s why Anders seems rather a tool at the service of the two actors that a director with his own vision. And you can see it.

Although it is full of references to all possible modernities, including comments on the functioning of today’s society at all levelshis visual style, his adult humor that has not lost his inner child and his leading couple are in themselves a bit from another era. In fact, it’s strange to see nowadays a movie that only celebrates the friendship between two menwithout other decorations or subplots, and perhaps for the young generations this aspect may be somewhat outdated. However, the film has a little for everyone.

The movie doesn’t feature particularly memorable songs, but are well structured and catchy enough for the occasion. It must also be admitted that they would sound much better if they were sung by other voices. It is what it touches. Nor are we going to complain about having the opportunity to see Octavia Spencer. Of course, there are plenty of them, and perhaps that is why the tape you have a few minutes left -that it is a musical is no excuse-, above all because in the third act the pace slows down a lot and its ending feels too long.

But what is most striking is that sometimes feels like a parody of the musical movies themselves, inserting bombastic and spectacular numbers almost every time, even if it doesn’t make sense. Even laughs at its own existence as the thousandth adaptation of Dickens’s work -and also as a musical, we are not going to deny it-. All this, together with her emotional aspect, makes her a tonal roller coaster in which it is difficult to identify what has been done on purpose and what is the product of the director’s own confusion.

Nevertheless, ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ It’s another one of those Christmas movies. very entertaining, funny and harmless that will delight lovers of these parties. After all, Reynolds and Ferrell They have conscientiously taken care that the tape has all the ingredients for it. And while it probably won’t become an instant classic or climb the best-of lists, the truth is that exudes its own magic that few festive proposals can boast today. That is already saying a lot.

‘The Spirit of Christmas’ the premiere November 18th in AppleTV+.

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Criticism of ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ (2022) – Apple TV + Movie – The Spoiler