Dallas and Friends actor Richard Roat has died

Character actor Richard Roat has passed away at the age of 89. Among the over 130 works in which he has participated there are also the TV series Dallas And Friends

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Mourning in the world in the show. At the age of 89 he passed away Richard Roat, a character actor who has appeared in over 130 films on both the small and big screens. Fans remember him for having seen him in successful TV series, with more or less important roles, such as Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers, Murphy Brown, Dallas, Hawaii Five-O and Happy Days.

Richard Roat’s career


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The actor was born on July 3, 1933 in Hartford. His first major role was that of Dr Jerry Chandler in The Doctors, NBC soap opera dating back to 1962. He played this character for over 170 episodes. In 1965 she participated in an episode of The Fugitivethen later appeared in several TV series in the 70s such as Hawaii Five-O, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Columbo, Cannon, Kojak, The Bob Newhart Show, Police Story, Vega$, Fantasy Island, Happy Days, Charlie’s Angeles and Dallas. In cinema, she got small roles in some movies like Westworld (from which a recent TV series was taken), American Hot Wax And Corvette Summer. She starred alongside Eva Gabor, Robert Hays and a young man Jay Leno in the 1978 telefilm titled Almost Heaven. Robert Roat is also remembered by his fans for having taken part in an episode of The Package in 1998 and of Friends in 2000.

The other appearances of the actor

Continuing to list his many works, Richard Roat participated in two episodes of The Golden Girlsbut also in Hill Street Blues and in dynasty. In the mid-80s he returned to his roots with some roles in soap operas, such as that of the professor Henry Moore in 12 episodes of Days of Our Lives of NBC. Throughout his career, which ended with his last appearance in an episode of the TV series 24 in 2009, Richard Roat has taken the stage on Broadway, but also on that of the Public Theater in Central Park, the Huntington Hartford Theater in Los Angeles and the Pasadena Playhouse. All stages that have had the honor of hosting one of the most important character actors in the United States of America.

Dallas and Friends actor Richard Roat has died