Daniel Radcliffe: from Harry Potter to Al Yankovic, genius of the 80s musical parody

G.yea with the teaser released in May we were left speechless. Now that of Weird trailer is out – story of Al Yankovic, comedian and icon of the 80s musical parody – the transformation of Daniel Radcliffe it has a euphoria effect. As any part you turn Daniel away from Harry Potter he is miraculous, it is so difficult to dissociate the image of the boy wizard from him. The enthusiasm is also of the same Yankovic, who immediately published the trailer for the film on his social networks. After all, he is co-writer and participated in the shooting meeting Daniel several times.

Daniel Radcliffe as Al Yankovic.

The trailer for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Al Yankovic – 12 million albums sold And five Grammy Awards – therefore welcomed with great joy the release of the trailer for his biopic, first directed by Eric Appel. The artist gained notoriety in the eighties, thanks to the publication of original songs and parodies of hits from the pop world, from Michael Jackson (Bad transformed into Fat) to Madonna (Like a virgin crippled in Like a riseson“Like a surgeon” – in the film portrayed Evan Rachel Wood).

And then he explained: «I am very happy to say that we are on schedule. And I am absolutely thrilled that Daniel Radcliffe will play me in the film. I have no doubt that this is the role for which generations will remember him ». The film will be presented to the next Toronto International Film Festival and will be released in the United States in November.

The statements of Daniel Radcliffe, star of Harry Potter

In this latest trailer released by Al Yankovic Daniel Radcliffe wears a wig that makes him truly similar to the musician protagonist of a wild life between public and private.

In an interview with GMAthe actor confessed: «Honestly it was one of the funniest jobs I’ve ever done. If you don’t enjoy making a Weird Al movie, then what are you doing with your life? I really can’t wait for people to see it“.

The distance between Harry Potter and JK Rowling

Daniel Radcliffe’s name is always linked to Harry Potter, saga of records in which he was the protagonist. Just in these last hours some statements by author JK Rowling are circulating that are causing discussion.

In fact, earlier this year, it aired on HBO a special dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the release of the first Hogwarts wizard movie. A highly anticipated reunion. And on that occasion many had wondered about the absence of the same creator of what has become one of the most profitable sagas in history.

In an interview with the Graham Norton on Virgin Radio UK, the writer explained the reason for his absence. “I was asked to participate and I decided not to. I thought that there was more talk about the films than the book, rightly so, and that the anniversary was centered on this ».

And he continued. “Nobody told me not to do it … I was asked to do this and decided not to appear“. In these last years, JK Rowling has ended up at the center of controversy for some of her statements on transgender womenafter which they had also arrived the distances between Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe himself.


Daniel Radcliffe: from Harry Potter to Al Yankovic, genius of the 80s musical parody – iO Donna