Daniel Radcliffe, Sylvester Stallone… 10 actors who hated their own movie #season 2

Getting a role is a good start for an actor, but enjoying it is even better… We come back with you to these 10 stars who weren’t afraid to say they hated their own film!

Sylvester Stallone- Stop where my mother is going to shoot!

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Sylvester Stallone confessed that the film Stop where my mother is going to shoot was the worst of his career. He also confided that he accepted the role out of pure competitive spirit, since at the same time, his greatest rival, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was also approached to interpret the protagonist. As a good joker, his competitor made him believe that he was thinking of lending his features to the character, when in reality he found the scenario of the police comedy very bad. It didn’t take much to convince Stallone to accept the role before him.

Alec Guinness – The Movies Star Wars



Alec Guinness has never been a fan of Star Wars but he still wanted to give the universe of George Lucas a chance… In a letter addressed to his friend Anna Kaufman in 1976, he gives his feelings about the feature film: “I came back to London tonight to shoot in the studio until the end of the week. I can’t say I enjoy the film, I am regularly brought new rotten dialogue on pink slips of paper, and none of it clarifies my character or makes it bearable. I console myself by thinking of the delicious bread that will keep me going until the end of April”. The actor ultimately stuck to his first impression and never wore the movies Star Wars in his heart.

Jim Carrey- Kick-Ass 2


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A few months before the release of Kick-Ass 2Jim Carrey claimed in a tweet not supporting such a level of violence and having become all the more aware of it after the tragedy that marked the United States that year. Indeed, the feature film was released shortly after the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. The actor has completely dissociated himself from the film, which did not live up to the first Kick-Ass in terms of box office receipts. Chloë Grace Moretz also confided that she was disappointed with this sequel.

Daniel Radcliffe- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

harry potter, ron, poison, half blood prince

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Among the eight films Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe confessed to Playboy magazine that he did not like the sixth in the saga. For good reason, the actor was not satisfied with his performance in the feature film: he wanted to give the air of a “traumatized soldier” to his character, depriving him of all emotion. The star, who had the impression of having evolved in his acting during all the years he played the young wizard, had the impression of regressing with this film.

Sean Connery- Diamonds are forever


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A complete disappointment for Sean Connery… The actor hated to lend his features to Agent 007, which has become a parody over the years according to him. The star could no longer bear that his character stuck to his skin, that he even wanted to kill him. For him to play James Bond one last time, the star of the film had to be paid dearly! He decided to donate part of the money to charity.

Bill Murray- Garfield


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Bill Murray accepted the role of Garfield over a misunderstanding. When the actor Ghostbusters received the script, he thought he was dealing with a film scripted by one of the Coen brothers because of the homonymous name Joël Cohen. The movie star therefore did not hesitate for a single second and to agree to lend his voice to the tomcat, but finally confessed to having regretted his choice, the film having been totally different from what he thought.

Brad Pitt- Close Enemy


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Between script rewriting and disputes, the filming ofClose Enemy, which is rather aptly named, has been chaotic for Brad Pitt. While the star had offered to integrate Harrison Ford into the feature film, the two actors had several altercations on the set pushing Brad Pitt to want to throw in the towel. Once the film was released, the star even admitted that the scenario that had prompted him to want to play the role had nothing to do with it.

Hugh Grant- Also nine months

nine months too

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Hugh Grant claimed that Also nine months was the worst movie of his life. As the star’s career was at its peak after Four weddings and a funeralthe actor decided to accept the project from Chris Columbus too hastily, after he was offered a large sum of money.

Sam Worthington- Clash of the Titans

clash of the Titans

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After the success ofAvatarSam Worthington was disappointed with his performance in Clash of the Titans and even apologized to the fans. Therefore, the actor regretted this film but he ended up getting his revenge by doing the sequel to the film two years later, in which, this time, he was able to improve his acting. For more stories about Avatarit’s this way.

George Reeves- Superman



George Reeves was not convinced by Superman… The feature film was, according to him, not qualitative and the actors were not paid enough. The actor felt stuck in his superhero costume that stuck to his skin, preventing him from evolving into other roles.

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Daniel Radcliffe, Sylvester Stallone… 10 actors who hated their own movie #season 2