Day shift: a ‘buddie movie’ with vampires and Jamie Foxx aspires to summer movie on Netflix

MURCIA. Increasingly it is accused Netflix to prefabricate your blockbusters based on algorithm, just as the Ministry of Truth in ‘1984’ published in a mechanized way (its workers only had to operate the machines, without intellectual effort) cheap novels and pop ditties to entertain the ‘proles’ or lower class of its dystopian London . I don’t know if this is the case, or if the platform of streaming par excellence, it does not need artificial intelligence because, after more than a century of cinema and several decades of blockbusterseven humans have learned how they are made and can practically be created using a template.

And the template (or more accurately the templates) of ‘Day shift‘ are more than obvious, as are their references. The new one summer movie wannabe, produced by and released directly on Netflix, has no other claim than to entertain the respectable and cause a few laughs during its 113 minutes. And to do so, he has mixed ‘True Lies’, ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’, ‘Lethal Weapon’ and all its derivatives, the chase through the ‘Terminator 2’ channel and even part of ‘Blade Trinity’ towards the final. With all this pastiche, it is difficult to define the film, although in summary it can be described as ‘buddie movie’ with vampires.

The main asset of ‘Day Shift’ is its cast. the Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (‘Collateral’) becomes the protagonist and center of gravity of the story, accompanied by a hilarious Dave Franco (‘Now you see me’), in his role of office worker/supervisor/colleague to whom the parody of ‘Not another stupid American movie’ can be applied: take off his horn-rimmed glasses and dress him casual and you’ll see what a change. The strange couple leads a cast that also includes the rapper with his moments of glory. snoop-dog as Foxx’s sidekick, the Mexican carla suza as the bad boss of the vampires, Eric Lang like the boss who can’t stand the protagonist, Natasha Liu as the vampire redeemed, or Scott Adkins Y Steve Howey like the toughest vampire slayer brothers in the neighborhood.

The absurd story written by Shay Hatten (‘Army of the Dead’) and Tyler Ticeand directed by JJ Perryhistorical action film actor, It does not withstand the slightest analysis, but it perfectly fulfills its objective, helped by an excellent staging, the soundtrack, a fast-paced montage and the action choreographies (inheritors of ‘Tiger and Dragon’) or the video game chases. Even some of the dialogues are salvageable, especially those between Foxx and Franco, but also between the former and the actress who plays (another cliché) his ex-wife who is still in love with him, Meagan Good.

The only ‘but’ is that, as it plays at being so many things, ‘Day Shift’ doesn’t quite know what it is (apart from a ‘buddie movie’ with vampires for a laugh), and it puts on the table a endless proposals that do not finish developing. Foxx is a vampire hunter (it is not explained why, apart from the fact that the fangs removed from his victims pay very well) who uses a pool cleaning job as a cover (the first five minutes of the film) and hides it from his ex-wife, while trying to fulfill his life as a divorced father (that moment picking up his daughter from school, late as always, after breaking his face with an old bloodsucker). It turns out that he kills the wrong vampire and pisses off Audrey (Souza), who vows to make his life miserable before killing him. All this while try to win 5,000 dollars in a week, supervised by Franco (who is commissioned to find an excuse to kick him out, but whose heart soon wins over the charismatic protagonist), to pay for his little girl’s school so she doesn’t have to move.

In favor, yes, play everything else, as has been said. Starting with a Foxx who is exceptional as an action hero, tough guy, good-hearted scoundrel and concerned father, and continuing with a Franco who has the most interesting (and unlikely) evolution of the entire cast. In general, the cast is up to the task, the story moves smoothly even at the cost of its internal coherence, the special effects are great and the gags (physical and verbal) enter. For now, it has been located at the top of the ranking of films on the platform since its premiere. If you don’t like drinking blood, it’s the ideal movie to watch with a bowl of popcorn under the air conditioner.

Day shift: a ‘buddie movie’ with vampires and Jamie Foxx aspires to summer movie on Netflix