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Acclaimed horror director John Carpenter hasn’t made a new movie in 12 years, but that hasn’t stopped him from talking about how he’d like to adapt the Dead Space video game into a movie. Speaking of the video game, Carpenter explained, “I believe there’s already a producer who wants to do it, and a director, so nobody asked me. But if they did, I would say yes, immediately. It’s a really scary project, and I’d love to get into it. »

While a dead space directed by Carpenter is amazing, Redditors believe there are other video games better suited to his style. Between satirical comic horrors, terrifying survival adventures, and even a few kids’ games, any of them could make a big comeback for the director.


Hatkiss wants to see Carpenter’s vision of the underwater city of Rapture, noting that “BioShock would be wonderful. Carpenter isn’t the only author name that has been thrown around, as other fans want Guillermo del Toro to direct BioShock as well. Visionary filmmakers are the go-to choices when it comes to potential BioShock directors.

Since the property is so aesthetically pleasing and has such a unique concept, directors who take pride in the sets and practical effects are top picks for fans. Unfortunately, since BioShock is in development at Netflix, a director has already been found. The film will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who previously directed Constantine, I Am Legend and three Hunger Games films.

Super Mario Bros. 2

Supmandude thinks Carpenter should direct Super Mario Bros. 2, but it’s unclear whether they’re referring to the video game sequel or a hypothetical sequel to the 1993 adaptation, Super Mario Bros., or both. But either would be totally interesting, and while the film was hated by fans and critics alike, the 1993 live-action flick felt Cronenberg-esque.

The Goombas could very easily be mistaken for a practical monster that Cronenberg was known for, and he was full of grotesque creative moments. In this regard, Super Mario Bros. is underrated, and a sequel by the famed filmmaker would have been welcomed with open arms by some fans. Unfortunately, the Redditor gets the exact opposite with the very colorful and lively Mario.

Katamari Damace

A Reddit user thinks “Katamari Damacy would be amazing” if directed by Carpenter. It would be almost inconceivable for even the greatest screenwriters and directors of all time, including Carpenter, to put together a cohesive and engrossing film adaptation of Katamari Damacy.

The video game simply sees players trying to create the biggest ball of trash possible, and while there’s a plot, it’s absolutely fantastical, surreal, and impossible to turn into a 100-minute to two-hour movie. However, the Redditor adds, “I would pay a lot to see even just the trailer in low resolution. There’s no doubt that while a Carpenter-led Katamari Damacy might be thin on plot, the effects of a giant ball consuming entire mountains would be visually stunning.

Red Dead Redemption

JC-ice wants to see the acclaimed director adapt Red Dead Redemption, saying, “He always wanted to make a western. The Red Dead franchise may be the worst video game universe to live in, but a city built entirely for film and shot with great depth of field could be a cinematic masterpiece.

Although the western film genre is almost dead, especially compared to the 50s and 60s, since there haven’t been classic westerns in years, the genre is thriving in the video game industry. The Red Dead Redemption series is one of the best-selling games of all time, and if anything can breathe new life into the western movie genre, it’s a film adaptation of Red Dead, especially one about the spirit of John Carpenter.

destroy all humans

The Destroy All Humans franchise would make for a great film adaptation, and Essceebee wants to see it more than anyone with Carpenter in the director’s chair, and they have a great reason. The Redditor comments, “Maybe even Destroy All Humans, since some of his movies are pretty satirical. »

Destroy All Humans is a comedy horror video game that parodies and pays homage to 1950s B-movies. So it would fit in perfectly with Carpenter’s other satirical films like They Live and Big Trouble In Little China. However, there would be one major difference, as Destroy All Humans asks players to control the villain, Crypto. But it’s something Carpenter would no doubt have fun with and explore more than any other director.

left for dead

Ashamed_Ladder6161 thinks Carpenter could direct a great Left 4 Dead. Of all the series developed by Valve that the developer seems to have abandoned, Left 4 Dead might be the best suited for a film adaptation. There have been talks of developing Portal and Half-Life movies, but they never materialized, likely because they have such complex concepts.

However, Left 4 Dead is a simple zombie game where players have to survive after a zombie outbreak. Under Carpenter’s direction, the adaptation could be in the vein of The Thing and be genuinely terrifying. Just as viewers didn’t know which body the parasite took on in the 1982 film, it could be just as intense not knowing which survivors were infected until they transformed.

Duke Nukem

Iamameatpopsiple thinks a Duke Nukem movie directed by Carpenter might bring to mind some of his best films. The Redditor suggests, “Let’s see Snake Plisken go 11.” The Redditor refers to the main character Escape From New York, the cult 1981 film directed by Carpenter.

In many ways, with his questionable behavior and over-the-top actions, Duke Nukem is essentially Snake’s spiritual successor. The Duke Nukem games haven’t aged well, but the film could easily drop the problematic parts of the character and it would still be endlessly entertaining, full of one-liners, and extremely trigger-happy. Plus, fans have already debated which actors should play Duke Nukem in a live-action movie.


A screenshot from the first-person shooter video game Doom.

Although Dwayne Johnson was the most bankable movie star around, that wasn’t the case in the mid-2000s, and 2005’s Doom was a huge box office bomb. But that wasn’t entirely his fault, as the film’s effects weren’t great and the first-person shot sequence, much like the game itself, was too straight-forward an adaptation. The film was doomed from the start.

However, BigBadBoomer64 thinks that in the hands of a better filmmaker, such as Carpenter, the first-person shooter could make a great movie. It would be yet another survival horror movie, but that’s what Carpenter does best, and since the setting is hellish and the monsters are demons, it’s an aesthetic that fans would love to see Carpenter flesh out.

The shadow of the colossus

Spaycedinvader thinks Carpenter should adapt one of the most beloved games ever made, Shadow Of The Colossus. However, many gamers believe there shouldn’t be a movie adaptation of Colossus, and that’s even clear from the user’s comment, as it has since been voted down.

The video game is more of an experience than anything else, and no movie will capture the magic of gamers exploring the Forbidden Land and learning that they were becoming the bad guy all along. And even though it’s 17 years old, it’s one of the best remastered video games around, and since it’s constantly being remade and remastered, any generation of gamers can play it without feeling alienated by dated graphics, making a film adaptation unnecessary. If there’s one game that would be impossible to adapt, it’s Shadow Of The Colossus, but it would be interesting to see Carpenter give it a try.

The last of us

Ashamed_Ladder6161 thinks another zombie video game, The Last Of Us, would be a great project for Carpenter. It’s just as terrifying as Left 4 Dead, and it’s just as emotionally shocking. The Redditor posits, “They should have given him The Last of Us,” referring to the fact that fans are already getting an adaptation of The Last Of Us.

However, it is not a movie but a TV series on HBO. But while the Redditor seems unhappy with that, and although Carpenter could have made a great film adaptation, HBO’s The Last Of Us is shaping up to be a great series. The show has some big names attached, HBO has always focused on quality, and what little of it has been shown has received overwhelmingly positive responses.

Dead Space: 10 Video Game Movies John Carpenter Should Adapt, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel