Death of Elizabeth II: these films and series that told her life

On the small or the big screen, in a serious or humorous way, the life of the Queen of England has been told many times.

Of The Queen at The Crownvia the animated film Royal Corgi, the fictional or real life of Queen Elizabeth II has been retold often in popular culture throughout her reign. Some have done it with tenderness, others have scratched it, but the omnipresence of Her Majesty in the cinema underlines the place she occupies in popular imagery.

• “A queen is crowned” (1953)

First cinema film on Elizabeth II, this documentary entitled A queen is crowned retraces the coronation of Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953. The film, in which the great British actor Laurence Olivier provides the voice-over, was nominated for the Oscar for best documentary film in 1954. A historical document.

• “Willi und die Windzors” (1996)

Wacky comedy directed by German director Hape Kerkeling, Willi und die Windzors is an uchronia where the United Kingdom, once again a republic, expelled Elizabeth II and the Windsor family from its borders. Homeless and destitute, they are forced to settle in Germany with their cousin Willi, a member of the Mountbatten family, the German branch of the royal family.

• “Churchill: The Hollywood Years” (2004)

Neve Campbell, the unforgettable Sidney Prescott of Screamplayed Elizabeth II in the parody film Churchill: The Hollywood Years. In the middle of World War II, she allies herself with Winston Churchill, represented as a muscular GI and played by Christian Slater. Together they take on machine guns in hand against Adolf Hitler, and drive the Nazis out of the UK.

• “The Queen” (2006)

Directed by Stephen Frears, and written by Peter Morgan, the future screenwriter of The Crown, The Queen is a dive into the days that followed the death of Lady Diana in August 1997. Peter Morgan examines the balance of power between Elizabeth II (Helen Mirren, Oscar winner for her role) and Tony Blair (Michael Sheen). A film whose release coincided with a return to favor of the queen in public opinion.

• “A Royal Night Out” (2015)

May 8, 1945. England celebrates its victory against Nazi Germany. The princesses Margareth (Bel Powley) and Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) are authorized by the king to leave the castle to take part in the festivities, and this, against the advice of their mother. Together, they will live a night full of madness, beautiful encounters, but also danger. One of the rare films relating to the youth of Queen Elizabeth.

• “The Crown” (2016-)

Successful series imagined for Netflix by Peter Morgan, the screenwriter of The Queen, The Crown is the fiction that has recounted the Queen’s life and her relationship with her husband Philip in the most detail, featuring marital disputes, scandals and political crises. Several actresses interpret the monarch at several stages of her life: Claire Foy (seasons 1 and 2), Olivia Colman (seasons 3 and 4) and finally Imelda Staunton (seasons 5 and 6).

• “Royal Corgi” (2019)

This Belgian animated film, released in April 2019, follows the adventures of Rex, the Queen’s favorite dog, who loses his favorite status and finds himself lost in a kennel among abandoned dogs. His quest to return to Buckingham and regain the Queen’s favor will lead him to face many dangers but also to find love.

Death of Elizabeth II: these films and series that told her life