Death of the popular actress Haydée Padilla (1936

A few days after her 86th birthday (she was born on November 15, 1936), the popular actress died in the early hours of Wednesday the 14th in Mar del Plata Haydee Padilla.

The information was released through the networks of the Argentine Association of Actors: “We deeply regret the death of actress Haydée Padilla, affiliated with our union since 1966. He had an outstanding career in theater, film, television and radio. Her character as ‘La Chona’ gave her great popularity,” the entity said in a statement published on its social networks.

His film debut was in the wrangler, a 1965 production based on the homonymous play by Sergio De Cecco, who was her partner in those years. Directed by René Mugica, it starred Alfredo Alcón and Fina Basser.

integrated the drama all sun is bitter (Alexander Mathé) and The good life (René Mugica), both from 1966. Two years later he worked in the rebel novice (Julio Saraceni). In 1973 he reappeared in The Knights of the Round Bed (Gerardo Sofovich), Adolfo Aristarain summoned her to payback time (1981), starring Federico Luppi, her partner at the time, with whom she also filmed The arrangement (Fernando Ayala, 1983).

He also integrated casts of co-productions of the production company Aries that are not known in Argentina, such as The cocaine war (Héctor Olivera, 1985) or The stranger (Adolfo Aristarain, 1987). It was directed by the Spanish Mario Camus in La vieja música (1985). She later filmed Tickets, tickets… (Martín Schor, 1988); Blue Eyes (Reinhardt Rauff, 1989); Accompaniment (Carlos Orgambide, 1991) and Commissioner Ferro (Juan Rad, 1999).

His last appearances in cinema were in El topo (Emiliano Romero, 2004); Rain (Paula Hernández, 2008) and Amateur (Sebastián Perillo, 2016).

(Information extracted from Wikipedia). At the beginning, attracted to dance, she studied at the National Dance Conservatory. He began his artistic career at the Teatro Independiente in works such as La opera de dos centas and El Hamlet del barrio judío and in the theater of magazines.1 In 1965 he made his first film intervention in El reñidero, by René Mujica, for which this He was nominated for the Palme d’Or awards. He contributed to the founding of the Payró Theater and appeared in the casts of the Astros and Comedy Theater.

Her absolute consecration occurred at the beginning of the seventies with her characterization of “La Chona” in Almorfando con…, a parody of the Mirtha Legrand program, where she chatted with guests and drank mate. On Channel 13 she recorded the TV series Orange Skin (1975), where she played Yolanda, Clarita’s friend (Marilina Ross) and employee of Don Joaquín’s (RAÚL Rossi) store. She represented with Federico Luppi the theatrical success El gran deschave, by Sergio De Cecco and Armando Chulak.

In 1981 he performed on Radio Miter with his character “La Chona”. At that station, she worked with Juan Carlos Altavista and Mario Sánchez on El clan del aire, from the 1970s.

He debuted at La Botica del Ángel, by Eduardo Bergara Leumann in the 80s.

With one-person shows on “La Chona”, he performed in cultural centers and retirement centers in the country. She spent two months on tour in Patagonia, Cholila, Maitén, El Bolsón, Bariloche, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Córdoba and Buenos Aires.

In 2002, she replaced Adriana Aizemberg in the multi-award-winning play Venice, by Jorge Accame at the Broadway Theater.

In company with Perla Santalla, Marta González and Ethel Rojo, they headlined the 2006 seasons of Edelweiss, a musical show by Pepe Cibrián Campoy and Ángel Mahler held at the Teatro Del Globo. That same year she was summoned by Channel 7 to be part of the cast of Un cortado, historias de café, a unit starring Héctor Calori.

In 2007 he performed at the Teatro San Pedro, in Villa Devoto, with the play Acaloradas, together with Cristina del Valle. A year later, in 2008, she returned to comedy with her character Flora (the grandmother of León Carloni, played by Nicolás Cabré) in Por amor a vos, broadcast by Canal 13 and for Pol-ka, the producer of Adrián Suar. .

She was distinguished in 1970 with the Martín Fierro Award for Best TV Comedy Actress, in 1981 she received a merit diploma from the Konex Foundation as Comedy Actress and in 1982 she won the Best Film Actress Award for the film El Arreglo. In 1999 she received the Premio Podestá awarded for her decades-long affiliation with the Argentine Association of Actors. She was awarded the Trinidad Guevara Award for her career in the mid-2000s.

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