DIRECT. Council of Paris: the debates around the budget continue, the opposition castigates “the financial deterioration of the city”


The opposition calls for a structural reform of the budget

“The City has continued to spend at will, without the quality of life of Parisians being significantly improved”, regrets the mayor of the 5th arrondissement. Florence Berthout (ex-LR, elected Independents and Progressives) castigates in turn “the financial deterioration of the city”.

“Have you planned to reduce the frantic race to spend to break this deadly spiral? “. She regrets the lack of structural reform of the budget.


The Communists want to “remunicipalize” part of the missions

They must be “reconquered for the benefit of users and agents”, insists Raphaëlle Primet, elected communist, which wants to use subcontracting as little as possible. “This is the case for the cleanliness or even the cleaning of our premises,” she says.

She recalls that the City is one of the largest employers in Ile-de-France, with more than 55,000 agents.


The question of student precariousness intervenes in the debate

In front of a phenomenon that is increasingly present in student cities, including Paris Nathalie Maquoi, elected ecologist, proposes for 2023 a “coordination of public policies with other actors in favor of the fight against student precariousness”. She asks “to allocate the necessary means” and to help young people who are not necessarily aware of all the aid that can be allocated to them.

On energy poverty and because of “serious and numerous alerts”, elected environmentalists propose an “increase in city aid”, without waiting for the stage of unpaid bills.


Leaflets from the group Changer Paris

All the elected Changer Paris (LR) continue to point the finger at the budgetary policy initiated by Anne Hidalgo. On Twitter, they broadcast the photo of leaflets which repeat their demands and ensure that the City’s debt has increased by “116% increase in debt since 2013”, taking into account capitalized rents.

Rudolph Granier, elected from the 18th arrondissement, writes that his group “refuses to witness the bloodletting of Parisians”. Aurelien Veron recalls having “received the report [budgétaire] official (succinct) too late to do our work as elected officials”.


Increase in the property tax: the “only possible lever” assures Ian Brossat

Guest of the morning of France Bleu Paris this Tuesday, Ian Brossat ensures that the increase in the property tax remains “the only possible lever”. The deputy mayor in charge of housing continues: “the property tax is not paid by the majority of Parisians (…) because it is paid by the owners”, recalling that there are a third of owners in the capital. .

It “is much lower in Paris than in the vast majority of cities in France”, he assures.


The majority in turn disputes the arguments of the Republicans

“Madame Dati could also have told us which prices she wanted to increase”, continues Rémi Féraud, elected PS of the 10th arrondissement, referring to the price of the canteen. “Is she content to repeat the elements of Macronist language? “, he continues.

“Now it was up to him to speak,” continues Anne Hidalgo. The seats of the LR group remain empty.


Anne Hidalgo has “betrayed all her words”, continues Dati

“What we have been denouncing since 2020 and well before, (…) is the budgetary headlong rush that is leading Paris to bankruptcy”, she recalls, assuring that “she betrayed all her words”.


The centrists also testify to their protest

“The increase in the property tax allows you to balance the budget and find room for maneuver”, disputes Maud Gatelpresident of the centrist group at the Council of Paris, insufficient according to her.

“Uncontrolled expenses, massive recourse to borrowing, accounting artifice to complete your budget each year (…) leave no other choice” than to increase taxation, including property tax, regrets the elected official.


Anne Hidalgo completes her speech

“I regret that we cannot have the presentation of another project, another path”, concludes the mayor, recalling the absence of LR advisers in front of her. She is applauded by her majority.


Some owners should be exempt from this property tax

“We exempt fragile households 100%,” she continued, referring in particular to those over 75 or those who receive the means-tested disabled adult allowance.


“I will not be able to keep this commitment”, assumes Hidalgo, about the property tax

Anne Hidalgo recognizes it, she had “undertaken not to increase the taxes of Parisians”. “I couldn’t keep that commitment,” she admitted.

Property tax will experience an “increase of 7 points”, she confirms, referring to “a tool of solidarity between Parisians”. “We will not be able to live in a city where the temperatures envisaged will reach 50 degrees”, she insists.


Anne Hidalgo justifies her budget project

“We are making a choice: that of refusing to degrade our public services”, assumes Anne Hidalgo, when defending her draft budget. “Closing our swimming pools”, “reducing the number of places in the crèche “”, “welcome fewer children in our PMI”, “increase the price of the canteen”… So many devices which the mayor of Paris does not want to touch.


170 million euros planned on the 2023 budget for energy expenditure

Anne Hidalgo evokes “a difficult situation for all the municipalities”, “which was not taken into account by the government”, logically citing the case of Paris. The energy costs will represent 170 million euros on the 2023 budget, it is “100 million more compared to 2021 for Paris”, she assures.


A “healthy” situation assures Anne Hidalgo

“Paris is lucky to have a healthy financial situation,” replies the mayor of Paris. Real estate, lower unemployment, recovery in tourism… Anne Hidalgo assures the hemicycle of the good dynamics of the City, despite the concerns and reproaches of the opposition.


The Changer Paris (LR) group left the Board

As expected, the LR deputies and their leader left the Council of Paris. They had announced last week that they did not want to participate in “this parody of the budget debate”.


Rachida Dati castigates Anne Hidalgo’s “contempt”

Leader of the Republicans at the Council of Paris, Rachida Dati launches the debates and evokes the rules of the assembly. The budget orientation report should have been known “within two months before the vote on the budget”, she insists. “This document should have been sent before Wednesday, November 2 at the latest. (…) We had it on Monday, November 7 afternoon, unheard of”, assures Rachida Dati. And continues “In the meantime (…) you have decided in a somewhat shameful way, by a tweet, an increase in the property tax. What contempt, what disrespect! “.


A street or a square will bear the name of Nicole Catala

Several elected officials are continuing to pay tribute to the former Chiraquian minister, including that of Maud Gatel.


Nicole Catala in turn honored

A new tribute and a new minute of silence are organized, this time in tribute to Nicole Catalaformer councilor of Paris, elected for the XIVth arrondissement, died on October 19 at the age of 86.


A tribute to Patrick-Olivier Picourt, former deputy

The session begins with a tribute to Patrick-Olivier Picourt, former deputy mayor of Paris, who died on September 28 at the age of 71.

Anne Hidalgo evokes “a curious, creative man”, and sends her condolences to “his family, his friends, his loved ones”. After a minute of silence, Jack-Yves Bohot (LR) takes the floor in turn: “His commitment to Paris still resonates within the walls of this hemicycle”.


Anne Hidalgo chairs this Council

The mayor of paris has just launched the first day of the Paris Council. The first part of the morning will be devoted in particular to the report of the October session.


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Welcome to this live broadcast devoted to following the debates of the first day of the Paris Council.

DIRECT. Council of Paris: the debates around the budget continue, the opposition castigates “the financial deterioration of the city”