“Disappointed”, “The clip bothers me”, “What are you doing to us here?” : the unexpected collab of Stromae and Camila Cabello divides the fans

“Thank you so much Camila for giving a new dimension to this title, it’s a real honor!” A fan of each other, Stromae and the American-Cuban star Camila Cabello – barely 25 years old – released a collaboration together on the title “Mon amour”, already present on the album Multitude. fan of Stromae for years and I always wanted to do a collaboration with him, writes Camila Cabello (of the group Fifth Harmony and who will soon play Cinderella on screen) on Instagram.I heard his album in Paris and c was my favorite. We met at the Met Gala and I texted her saying ‘My Love’ was my favorite song. Then I went into the studio and wrote a little version about my vision of a sexy summer for a girl.” And to add: “Oh and I speak a little French, I am obsessed with languages, and I wanted to sing in French.”

Results ? The clip, broadcast after a mini-interview of the two stars in confessional mode of reality TV (“I sleep a lot at the moment, I often get up at 2 o’clock in the afternoon”, says the maestro in full tour), surprises Internet users. “What are you doing to us here, Stromae?”; “Disappointed” ; “The clip bothers me,” one can read in the Youtube comments. Shot in a villa in the USA, the clip -entitled “La villa Mon Amour”- parodies head-on the reality shows of “Les marseillais” or “Les Anges” and all the artificial relationships that result from it. All the clichés pass there: the confessional, jostling or swinging suitcases in the swimming pool, clashes, deceptions, stupid games of mimes (or challenges by mystery telephone) and so on.

Is there a reality TV character in all of us?

Here is the strategy thought up by Hamlet, producers of the clip “La Villa Mon amour”:

“The director duo Julien & Quentin have opted for a slight parody of the typical reality TV programs that are now part of the audiovisual landscape of the general public, we learn in a press release. In La Villa “Mon Amour”, it is about to think strategically, to play with their charisma and to seduce until the final.The 10 candidates throw themselves into battle to achieve their objective, at the cost of friendship, seducing and deceiving their partner(s). There is also a mystery phone that sometimes throws difficult challenges. Only the winner escapes elimination….”

Julien Martorell details the project: “Working with Stromae and his entourage on this clip was a great pleasure. It’s very different from our usual work, and even if it took us out of our comfort zone, we loved it. focus on our special actors, lead them and leave room for improvisation.” As for Quentin Garabedian, the other half of the production duo, he adds: “The video is also about testing and coming up with new things. The idea of ​​reality TV seemed to us ideal to illustrate the song, the lightness of certain situations mixed with small dramas that take on enormous proportions… We watched a lot of reality TV to immerse ourselves in this world, a great experience!”

“Disappointed”, “The clip bothers me”, “What are you doing to us here?” : the unexpected collab of Stromae and Camila Cabello divides the fans