Disney+: the best horror movies and series to watch right now

Looking for the big thrill? Here are the best horror and horror films and series to discover on Disney+.

Looking for a big thrill? We may not think about it often enough, but the Disney + catalog is full of beautiful horrific surprises. Among its animation classics and Marvel productions, some references of the genre are available to subscribers. One condition to access it: use an adult account. Because Disney+ has understood this well, its users are mainly families, and certain feature films should not fall into the wrong hands. With the Star destination, the firm has therefore settled the program. From now on, the SVOD offer is not reserved for family productions and PG-13. Here are some films and series to see absolutely, for those who love horror.


The village

We start gently with a film which is undoubtedly not among the most traumatic, but which benefits from the mastery of M.Night Shyamalan for the management of tension. A direction of actors with small onions, a neat staging and a mastered script, these are all arguments in favor of this fantastic and strange film, which must be added to its list as soon as possible.

A small isolated community lives in the terrifying certainty that a race of mythical creatures inhabit the woods surrounding the village. This evil force is so threatening that no one dares to venture beyond the last. The young Lucius Hunt, is nevertheless determined to explore the limits of the village, even if it means upsetting the future of all the inhabitants.

Alien: the eighth passenger

Here is a license that needs no introduction. With 6 films to its credit, the franchise Alien quickly established itself as a staple of pop culture. Ridley Scott stages a suffocating and captivating camera. Made in 1979, the film is still today a technical feat, a lesson in directing with stunning special effects. It will certainly haunt the nights of the few moviegoers who have not yet discovered it.

The passengers of a space freighter called Nostromo wake up after long months of hibernation. Their mission is to identify all traces of extraterrestrial life. During a verification mission on a seemingly desert planet, these astronauts make a discovery as fascinating as it is dangerous. A hostile race has taken up residence on the ship and seems intent on destroying the crew. Who will manage to save his skin? And at what price?

The Hill Has Eyes (2006)

Making a remake of a classic of the genre is not always a good idea. Several filmmakers have tried it, with more or less success. While Alexandre Aja announced that he intended to offer a proofreading of The hills Have Eyes of Wes Craven, many were the skeptics. However, the director comes out on top with his very personal interpretation of this legendary story. A trivia about a family of cannibals who lived in the Scottish highlands in the early 1600s.

To celebrate their wedding anniversary, Big Bob Carter and his wife Ethel decide to leave for California. Along the way, on the desert roads, they will meet the Carters, a family of cannibals living hidden in the nearby hills.

28 days later

With an unfailingly accurate Cillian Murphy, 28 days later is one of his must-have pandemic films. A horror story that certainly has its flaws, but which holds together by the perpetual tension it creates among the spectators.

A commando from Animal Protection bursts into a secret laboratory to deliver dozens of chimpanzees subjected to terrible experiments. But as soon as they are freed, the primates contaminated by a mysterious virus leap on their flavors and massacre them. 28 days later, the evil has spread at breakneck speed across the country and London is nothing more than a ghost town.

Predator (1987)

Horror has two iconic creatures, who have met many times on the silver screen. After Alien, predator is undoubtedly one of the most famous monsters of the 7th art. Worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first opus of the franchise sits among the classics to add to his filmography.

In 1987, an extraterrestrial spacecraft arrived close to Earth and then dropped a module in Central America. Major Alan Dutch Schaefer, an American special forces officer, leads the rescue mission to find a Guatemalan presidential cabinet minister, held hostage in the jungle.


American Horror Stories

If you loved the series American Horror Story, here is a spin-off developed by Hulu that might catch your attention. Taking up the fruitful recipe of Ryan Murphy, this anthology explores diverse and varied genres, but always with the firm intention of making you shudder.

Disturbing, rather intriguing and well constructed, it is populated by quite exciting episodes. Note, however, that for all of this first and only season, not everything is worth it. It is nevertheless a great opportunity for fans of horror productions to treat themselves to a few beautiful hours of horror.

Scream Queens

Decidedly, Ryan Murphy reigns supreme over the horror selection of Disney +. It must be said that when you are as prolific as him, you inevitably find a place of choice in the catalogs of SVOD platforms. With Scream Queens, he explores the ruthless universe of American sororities. Halfway between Glee and Screamthe series is a parody of horror films that manages, thanks to its narration and its staging, to transport us to the heart of an irresistible horrific comedy.

Ruled with an iron fist by Chanel Oberlin, the Kappa Kappa Tau house is the most sought-after house at Wallace University. As the Dean declares war by opening recruitment to all female students, a crazed killer in a suit spreads terror across campus, decimating the sorority members one by one…

The Strain

Notice to Guillermo del Toro fans, you absolutely must see this horror series. In partnership with Chuck Hogan, the director pushes the cursor a little further than with his feature films, giving free rein to his desires for an orgy of gore and macabre. A successful adaptation of a book he wrote himself. A true lover of monsters, the filmmaker puts all his talent at the service of this story which finds a place of choice in his filmography.

When a Boeing 777 lands in New York without any sign of life emanating from it, Eph Goodweather is dispatched to the scene. His expertise in epidemics and biological attacks will allow him to shed light on this story. Who killed the passengers? A strange virus or an unidentified monster?


Cock-a-doodle Doo ! this time the series is French. Developed by Arte, Arnaud Malherbe’s series is not strictly speaking horror, even if it sometimes pays homage to its mechanics. With a cast as prestigious as it is fair, it is a marvel of aesthetics that manages to captivate us without much harm. A fascinating universe that eavesdrops on the fantastic.

In an industrial city, strangers burst into flames suddenly and for no reason. Suicides? Murders? Supernatural phenomena? To find out, Louise, a young journalist, and Gabriel, a psychiatrist, will lead the investigation.

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Disney+: the best horror movies and series to watch right now