Don’t Look Up: who inspired the characters in the film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

Written and directed by Adam McKay, # Don’t Look Up has definitely hit the mark. A stellar cast is the protagonist of a sobering story, a parable of different situations in today’s world. Protagonists of the film on Netflix are the PhD student in astronomy Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) and the Professor Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) who, together, discover a comet that will hit the Earth in about six months causing the extinction of all forms of life.

Although the two scientists turn desperately over and over again to the White House, on television and anyone who can listen to them and help them, no one seems to fully understand the catastrophe that is about to come. Even the President of the United States, Janie Orlean (Meryl Streep), seems more interested in her own scandals than in opening her eyes to what is happening (at least until she decides to use the news to her advantage).


Of course, the film does not forget to highlight the reactions of ordinary people: there are those who do not care, those who do not trust science, those who believe it is unjustified alarmism and even those who deny the existence of the comet itself. It is easy to notice parallels with the reality we are experiencing, since climate change at the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every Don’t Look Up character draws inspiration by some real people. Who?

Don’t Look Up

Dr Kate Dibiasky, a trainee at an astronomical observatory, discovers that a space racing car is aimed at the Earth and will hit it in six months. Together with Dr. Randall Mindy …

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Brie Evantee and Jack Bremme inspired by Mika Brzezinski, Michael Strahan and Joe Scarborough

Watching Brie Evantee (Cate Blanchett) And Jack Bremmer (Tyler Perry) in Don’t Look Up the typical conductors come to mind immediately morning talk shows.

Lively and cheerful, they prefer to tackle even the most important news lightly by not giving the right weight to what they have to tell: when Kate Dibiasky and professor Randall Mindy are guests of the television program of Brie and Jack, they laugh and belittle what has been told until lead Kate first and Professor Mindy later to get angry and explode live.

Evantee’s character seems to get very close – especially physically – to Mika Brzezinskijournalist and co-host of the morning broadcast of the MSNBC, Morning Joe.

Jack Bremmer, on the other hand, seems inspired by Michael Strahan And Joe Scarborough: the first ex-football player and host of Good Morning AmericaMorning Joe’s second co-host as Mika Brzezinski.


Janie Orlean is inspired by Donald Trump

To give the face to President Janie Orlean is Meryl Streepwho finds Leonardo DiCaprio on the set after working with him in Marvin’s Room. The character played by Streep clearly resembles the figure of Donald Trumpforty-fifth President of the United States of America from 2017 to 2021.

Janie Orlean seems to be Trump’s caricature: populist, conspiratorial and denier towards science, the latter manipulates the news of the impending disaster in her favor, initially downplaying the danger and not treating it adequately even when it is now impossible to deny the existence of the comet.

Similarly, Trump has repeatedly denied the problem of global warming and addressed the COVID-19 pandemic by underestimating the real health risks, often challenging the claims of doctors and experts and promoting fake news.

Jason Orlean remembers Trump’s children

IS Jonah Hill to give the face to Jason Orlean, son of United States President Janie Orlean. If the latter is the parody of Donald Trump, Jason is that of the children of the ex-president: Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump And Jared Kushnerhusband of the daughter.


Elected as White House Chief of Staff despite not being qualified enough to be, Jason encompasses several personality traits of Ivanka, Eric, Donald Jr., and Jared.


McKay drew inspiration from some scandals and rumors such as – among others – from alleged use of drugs by Donald Trump Jr., by the attention to Ivanka’s outward appearance – who is also a model – and by the fact that they have been called to deal with delicate issues, despite the inexperience in some areas.

Suffice it to say that – Trump’s senior advisor – Kushner oversaw some details of the COVID-19 emergency, despite not being an expert in similar situations.

Kate Dibiasky is inspired by Greta Thunberg

The character played by Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Dibiaskyis clearly inspired by Greta ThunbergSwedish activist who deals with the fight against climate change and the promotion of sustainable development (to reduce the ecological impact and protect the environment, she and her family have also become vegan).

Kate is not the exact copy of Greta, but there are still many similarities between the two: Dibiasky shows strength, courage and determination to try to save the world, studying and trying to raise awareness about what is happening. As often happens to Greta, Jennifer Lawrence’s character is also ignored and even ridiculed with memes.

Even today, instead of paying attention to the issues highlighted by Greta Thunberg, some media and politicians tend to discredit the girl.

Peter Isherwell is the parody of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg

In Don’t Look Up, Mark Rylance is interpreter of Peter IsherwellCEO of BASH Cellularwhose way of speaking, acting and relating to others recalls various public figures of recent decades: among these Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos And Mark Zuckerberg.

Quirky smartphone maker-style genius Apple, when he takes the stage, he immediately brings to mind Steve Jobs. During the film, we see Isherwell being able to predict the death of people thanks to the data obtained by users with theartificial intelligence: in this case, the reference to Zuckerberg e Facebook it’s clear.

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Fascinated by space and apparently a philanthropist, we then see Isherwell giving more value to money than to life: when the mission that could have saved the world is about to start, he convinces President Janie Orlean to cancel everything – being the major financier – as the The comet’s core is rich in precious materials that can be used for an economic return.At the end, when thanks to its technology, some of the powerful manage to reach another habitable planet thousands of years after the impact, the mind goes to Elon Musk with SpaceX – which aims to allow the colonization of Mars – and to Jeff Bezos with Blue Origin.

Riley Mina is Ariana Grande

Finally, the most obvious parody of all is the one involving the character of Riley Minainterpreted by Ariana Grande and counterpart of the latter.

With great irony, Grande makes fun of herself, but also of all those celebrities whose lives seem to be more relevant than really important issues. Singer, we see her slammed on TV to discuss the end of her relationship, just when the media should give space to the news of the comet coming to Earth.

In reality, Ariana Grande is particularly socially active: she is vegan, she has adopted several animals, promoted – several times – the adoption of homeless animals during her concerts and – among other things – tried to raise awareness on important issues such as bullying. , racism, HIV and AIDS, homosexuality and LGBTQ + rights.

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Don’t Look Up: who inspired the characters in the film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence