Don’t touch my post: why is Cyril Hanouna (C8) really at war with Alain Chabat (TF1)?

During the first two weeks of the World Cup broadcast, TF1 wanted to innovate by entrusting a daily late show to Alain Chabat. Thus, between November 21 and December 2, 2022, every evening of the week at 10:55 p.m., the former member of the draws received a host of guests. On the program, false pubs, happenings and quirky interviews.

Globally, The Late with Alain Chabat was a failure of audience for TF1, but a success in replay. In Do not touch My TV on C8, Cyril Hanouna then criticized the communication of the chain making believe that the show is a success. The host notably castigated the lack of rhythm of the program and mentioned the costs of the show.

TF1 attacks Cyril Hanouna

Cyril Hanouna had explained that Late with Alain Chabat costs 500,000 euros per issue, or 5 million euros for the ten numbers planned. In detail, 400,000 euros go to the production and 100,000 euros for the guests. A promise of 35% on those under 50 was made, but the program would be at 20%. Still according to the host, the channel will have to reimburse advertisers by giving free space.

Following this, TF1 published a press release accusing Do not touch My TV to reveal false information in particular on the price of the guests. They would come amicably and free of charge. Thus, TF1 and R&G Production asked for a denial on the air. ARCOM, the audiovisual watchdog, was seized following several attacks against TF1.

The development of Late production with Alain Chabat?

Jerome Revonthe producer of the Late show with Alain Chabat, told the Parisian that the program with Alain Chabat cost 250,000 euros per show and not 500,000 euros as Cyril Hanouna had said. This one corrected in TPMP explaining that it still amounted to 500,000 euros per day and not the issue.

The host of C8 said that Alain Chabat was welcome in Do not touch My TV . That said, he is convinced that he will not come and did not hesitate to tackle him: “Everyone makes his life, he goes until Friday and then he will go to do his dyeing”.

Alain Chabat’s subtle attack on Cyril Hanouna

For his part, Alain Chabat subtly attacked Cyril Hanouna in The Late, yet recorded before the host’s attacks. In the edition of Thursday, November 24, in his monologue at the start of the show, the director of Asterix Mission Cleopatra declares: “You know, we never hid it, we are slightly delayed. And therefore, we are not very aware of your news to you, viewers and viewers who watched us. So many questions to which only you, behind your screen, have the answer: what was the score of England / Iran, was it sunny on Sunday November 20, did François Hollande win the presidential elections, the Bank of heart finally launched? »

Indeed, the Heart Bank is a project by Cyril Hanouna mentioned in 2018. The goal is to help people in difficulty. This idea had been publicized, but did not see the light of day four years later. The host did not react to this spade in Do not touch My TV .

In addition, during the last of the Late, on Friday December 2, in a parody of the news channel, a banner displays “Cyril Hanouna bought 100,000 pairs of bots” or “I have an info, it is almost certain. AFP in PLS ». A reference to the costs of the show is also written: “Modern Mathematics: ‘Cyril Hanouna: ‘500,000 = 250,000′” ; “The seum files a complaint against Cyril Hanouna”.

A possible reconciliation between Alain Chabat and Cyril Hanouna

However, Cyril Hanouna and Alain Chabat have not always been cold. Before being a host, the troublemaker of C8 was an intern on Comédie, a channel run by Dominique Farrugia, former member of Les Nuls and therefore friend of Alain Chabat. Cyril Hanouna was Alain Chabat’s trainee. In 2011, during the broadcast of the film Give me your hand on TF1, the host tweets to say that he is watching the film and describes the actor as ” genius “.

A term that Cyril Hanouna often said about Alain Chabat, especially when he received on France 4 in 2012 for the promotion of the film On the Marsupilami’s trail or in 2013 on D8 in Do not touch My TV For the movie The kids with Max Boublil. The quarrel between Cyril Hanouna and Alain Chabat began in 2018 when the return of Burger Quiz .

How was the war between Alain Chabat and Cyril Hanouna born?

Indeed, formerly broadcast on Canal+ between 2001 and 2002, Burger Quiz was a success for its return on TMC, on the TF1 group. Cyril Hanouna had reacted to the success of the show the next day. He had explained that he wanted to bring the show back to C8 with Bertrand Chameroy Where Camille Combal if Alain Chabat refused to return. The director of Didier did not seem aware of this story.

Then, in an interview with Buzz-TVCyril Hanouna said: “I was his intern, I follow what he does and I love Burger Quiz. I would love to go there, I love Alain and the show is great so why not”. Alain Chabat had answered in Daily : “I know that Cyril Hanouna wants to come to Burger Quiz, but I don’t see what we could do with him. I say it without violence and without hatred but Cyril Hanouna, it is not. »

The end of the conflict between Cyril Hanouna and Alain Chabat

Cyril Hanouna then replied on Twitter: “Darlings I saw that Alain Chabat refused that I participate in Burger Quiz but in fact Alain I said that to be nice I’m in total balec in fact”. Before specifying in Do not touch My TV : “His sentence was a somewhat gratuitous attack, I thought he was a little above that. From what I was told, he was sorry, he wanted to make a good word. »

Meanwhile, a theme “Kim Jong-un, Cyril Hanouna or both” appears in the Burger Quiz board game. Although his lawyer felt he could file a complaint, Cyril Hanouna refused. Then, at the start of the 2019 school year, Cyril Hanouna confided that he had met Alain Chabat during the summer. He evokes a reconciliation and explains that he should soon come to Do not touch My TV .

The former Dummies member never returned to Do not touch My TV and the war seems to have been revived with the criticisms of Cyril Hanouna on The Late with Alain Chabat

Don’t touch my post: why is Cyril Hanouna (C8) really at war with Alain Chabat (TF1)?