Douai: The Atelier du Tigre celebrates its fortieth anniversary

The troupe L’Atelier du Tigre celebrates its fortieth anniversary this year.

The origin of the name of the troop comes from an accessory, a naturalized tiger’s head which had been found on May 1 at the braderie des bateliers. This is how a year later, in 1982, the Atelier du Tigre was born in Douai “, explains Gilles Mathé, at the head of the troop.

The first period was that of theater outside the theater house » : the troupe first played in the former Breguet factory in Douai, to present Eva Peron by Copi. The whole play took place in a boxing ring, set up for the occasion within the confines of the disused factory. After these first theatrical adventures, in which painters and visual artists joined, the troupe had the opportunity to perform at the Douai theater, where each year it offers a loyal audience a rich and varied repertoire, including leading authors including Molière, Cocteau, Chekhov, Garcia-Lorca and adaptations of novels and poetic texts by authors such as Henri Michaux.

Thirty-six pieces

To date, no less than 36 plays have been performed. Currently, the Atelier du Tigre brings together actors and collaborators aged 18 to 75, from various backgrounds, who, under the leadership of Gilles Mathé, work in harmonious collaboration. The youngest actors come from secondary schools in Douai. This year, to celebrate its fortieth anniversary, the Douais troupe has chosen to play Don’t pluck the daisiesi.e. 12 humorous mini-plays by Cami (1884-1958), at the Théâtre de Douai, on November 25 and 26 at 8:30 p.m.

“Don’t strip the daisies”, this weekend at the Douai theater

Since its creation in 1982, L’Atelier du Tigre has offered theater audiences a varied and sometimes surprising repertoire every year. This year, to celebrate its fortieth anniversary, the Douais troupe has chosen to play Cami “N’efffeuillez pas les daisies” », Explains Gilles Mathé, from the head of the Douais troupe.

Outstanding comedian, friend of Charlie Chaplin, Cami invented a theater where language plays with reality to better disrupt it: the characters of his multiple and short plays, struggling with incongruous situations, each more hilarious than the other , form a gallery of portraits worthy of the Commedia dell’arte. A master of parody, Cami borrows from all genres, as the titles of his plays show: The Nights of the Tower of Nesle, Borgia Palace Dramas, The Marriage of the Cid, The orphan’s dowry, The Rempailler of Saint Sulpice, The Rikiki Family… With its nine actors and actresses, L’Atelier du Tigre will thus present 12 mini-plays by Cami, in a precise staging where laughter is more than ever the master of the game.

“N’efffeuillez pas les daisies”: Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November at 8.30 p.m. at the Douai theatre. Full price €10 and reduced price €5. Reservation from Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 November from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tel. 03 27 88 86 54. / Payment by check or cash (prepare the extra)

Douai: The Atelier du Tigre celebrates its fortieth anniversary