Elizabeth II, the actresses (and two actors) who played her on the screen

70 years of reign e thousands of apparitions public for mourning Elizabeth II, who died yesterday, have ensured that the queen of England and the United Kingdom entered to all intents and purposes in the collective imagination as well as in our history. And consequently she – inevitably – became one icon repeatedly represented by cinema, theater and televisionthanks to the evidence of many actresses (and one actor) who have interpreted her over the years and who today mourn her passing.

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Above all Helen Mirrenwhose reaction was among the most anticipated, of course for having been the interpreter of the The Queen in 2006, directed by Stephen Frears and dedicated to the recently deceased queen. And that she defined herself on Instagram “Proud to be Elizabethan”she more than others, also for having had the honor of being invited for dinner at Buckingham Palacea much more rewarding prize than an important one Tony Award won in 2013 for The Audiencewith which he also brought his beloved sovereign to Broadway.

And without forgetting The Simpsonswho on several occasions transformed it into one of the yellow stickers of the Fox series, making it dubbed – from time to time – by Tress MacNeille, Eddie Izzard or Maggie Roswell.

Elizabeth II for The Simpsons
Elizabeth II for The Simpsons (Fox)

Other actresses (and one actor) who were Elizabeth II on screen:

Kristin Scott Thomas
It was she, the “Lady”Kristin, to take the place of Mirren on stage for reruns of The Audience since 2015, at the Apollo Theater in London. Just after being invested by Elizabeth II with her honorary title, which at the time warned her of the “challenge” that awaited her in having to stage it.

Imelda Staunton
She is the Elizabeth II of the fifth season of The Crowntv series that has suspended production of the following sixth as a sign of “Due respect” for the queen’s death. “A love letter for her”the suspension of which should also concern the filming, we will see if beyond the foreseen national mourning period.

Claire Foy
The first Elizabeth II of The CrownNetflix series that adapted the above The Audience, that of the early years, up to more recent times. In which the actress had to be replaced by Colman.

Olivia Colman
Between the two previous interpretations, it was she in 2019 who wore the crown on the small screen and in seasons three and four of The Crown, winning a Golden Globe and an Emmy. A fundamental experience for the actress, who said about the sovereign “It is extraordinary. She changed my vision of everything “.

Emma Thompson
British too, she was ‘Queen’ in the television drama Check the Queen (Walking the Dogs) of 2012. An account of the intrusion into Buckingham Palace in 1982 by Michael Fagan, the man who managed to reach the bedroom of Elizabeth II while she slept.

Stella Gonet
It is perhaps the last on the list, but given the importance it had from Spencer by Pablo Larraín (in which she is called to give the interpretation of the Queen), certainly deserves a privileged position in the list we are making.

Sarah Gadon
From the last to one of the few to have played Elizabeth from Princessin the 2015 comedy One night with the queenby Julian Jarrold and with Rupert Everett as King George VI.

Freya Wilson
The same ruler who is at the center of The king’s speech by Tom Hooper, with Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter. But above all – as far as we are concerned here – the very young actress who the following year was chosen for Jane Eyre by Cary Joji Fukunaga.


Penelope Wilton
A different Elizabeth than usual (maybe even one “Queen of fantasy”as the actress herself said), at least for the situation we see her facing there The Big Gentle Giant by Steven Spielberg, who in 2016 adapted Roald Dahl’s story in which a giant was welcomed into the Palace.

Judy Kaye
The two-time Tony winner was a ‘supporting’ Elizabeth, or not too much, in the theater Diana: The Musical, dedicated to the unfortunate wife of the current King Charles III. In 2020 she defined her as a “definitive mother”, who cares about her children, her honor, her duty, “passionate about her work and her country”.

Jeannette Charles
Among the less serious, or serious, it is impossible not to mention Charles of But look at these Americans! (National Lampoon’s European Vacation) which in 1985 was the victim of the delusional adventures of Chevy Chase and company. And that for over 40 years she was often called upon to play the queen (in films like All You Need Is Cash, Queen Kong, A blunt bullet And Austin Powers in Goldmember), due to a notable resemblance to her.

Jane Alexander
Another Emmy and Tony Award winner, who in 2011 was Elizabeth II on the small screen, not in a series but in the TV movie William & Kate – A fairytale love by Linda Yellen.

Maggie Sullivun
Another real love, that of 2018 directed by Menhaj Huda and entitled Harry & Meghan, A Royal Romance, in which it was the Sullivun of PS I love you again, Santa Claus wanted and some episodes of Fargo and The Flash to transform into Elizabeth II. Experience repeated the following year in the sequel Harry and Meghan: The new royal family.

Neve Campbell
Queen for a Day, in Peter Richardson’s 2004 parody Chronicles of War (Churchill: The Hollywood Years)a surreal film in which a false Prime Minister won the heart of the future queen after winning the war.

Vanessa Redgrave
You haven’t seen it, and maybe you haven’t even heard it (unless you love original language films), but in Cars 2 – and in the related Video Game – he was the voice of the ‘Queen of Cars’ who welcomed our heroes to the World Grand Prix in London.

Julie Walters
She too, sovereign only in the dubbing room, and only for the The Queen’s Corgi of 2019, which followed the misadventures resulting from the loss of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dog.

Scott Thompson
The then 32-year-old Canadian actor had a lot of fun sitting on Elizabeth II’s seat and dressing up as her in the sketches of the Kids in the Hall 1991, where he actually played numerous other characters.

Fred Armisen
He too author of an ironic and parody version of Elizabeth II for the Saturday Night Live.


As well as alongside Paddington, Queen Elizabeth played herself in video shot with Daniel Craig (then James Bond, Agent 007 again) in 2012 to promote the London Olympics.


Elizabeth II, the actresses (and two actors) who played her on the screen