Elizabeth II: the royal family through 3 series and 3 films

(ETX Daily Up) – It’s the end of the season for Elizabeth II. The queen died at the age of 96 after 70 years of reign which marked several generations. Having become one of the most emblematic symbols of the United Kingdom, the royal family, and in particular the sovereign, has marked the world of entertainment, on the small as well as on the big screen. Discover three series and three films dedicated to the royal family of England.

The series

“The Crown”, the most popular (Netflix)

It’s the most iconic series about Queen Elizabeth II and one of the most popular on Netflix. “The Crown” traces his life since his coronation, and through it the history of the royal family and of England. Launched in 2016 on the streaming platform, the series now has four seasons while two more are already planned. Several actresses have succeeded to embody the monarch. Claire Foy was the first to step into the shoes of the Queen of England, in the first two seasons, followed by Olivia Colman (“The Favorite”) for the next two, released in 2019 and 2020. Regarding seasons 5 and 6 to come, it is Imelda Staunton (“Harry Potter”) who will enter the skin of the royal Elizabeth II. We will have to wait until November 2022 to discover this new epic. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the production has announced to suspend the filming of season 6 currently underway, out of respect.

“Becoming Elizabeth”, the short story (Starzplay)

Back to the roots of the royal family with the story, not of Elizabeth II, but of Elizabeth I. “Becoming Elizabeth” looks back on the rise to power of the young Elizabeth Tudor, played by Alicia von Rittberg. The death of his father, King Henry VIII, will precipitate the royal family into enormous chaos. A real game of political chess, mixing carnal pleasures with the harsh reality of royalty. Available since June 12 on the Starzplay streaming platform, the series is also available via MyCanal, Apple TV, Prime Video or even Orange TV, and takes us back to a dark period in England. Eight episodes make up this first season.

“The Windsors”, the crazy (Netflix)

English humor at its best. “The Windsors” is a parody of the modern royal family in the form of a very British soap. From Camilla Parker Bowles to Prince Harry via Kate and Pippa Middleton, the series does not spare any figure of royalty, or almost. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are the only absentees. The series does not deny itself anything and does not hesitate to imagine Pippa’s sick jealousy towards her sister, or even the supposed argument between the Harry/Meghan and William/Kate couples. Much more daring and provocative than “The Crown”, “The Windsors” even goes so far as to evoke the Prince Andrew scandal. An astonishing work that gently pokes fun, with a hint of truth, at the royal family. Three seasons make up this series, available on Netflix.


“The Queen” with Helen Mirren

Directed by Stephen Frears in 2006, “The Queen” goes behind the scenes of the royal family during the death of Princess Diana, focusing more specifically on the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II, played by Helen Mirren (Oscar winner for her performance), and then British Prime Minister Tony Blair, played by Michael Sheen. After the scandals, the royal family is again plunged into controversy. If the British people want an official funeral to pay tribute to their princess of the heart, the queen does not hear it that way.

“The King’s Speech”, the Oscar winner

Focus on the father of Queen Elizabeth II. Directed by Tom Hooper, the drama film traces the story of Prince Albert, who became King George VI, played by British actor Colin Firth. Affected by a significant stutter, the king must then fight against this handicap with the help of an unorthodox speech therapist. Laborious but necessary work to deliver the United Kingdom’s entry speech into the Second World War without incident, in September 1939. In the film, the young Princess Elizabeth, and future Queen of the United Kingdom, appears there as a child. The feature film was a huge success at the British Academy Film Awards by winning the prize for best film in 2011, but it especially distinguished itself at the Oscars, winning the four most coveted prizes: the Oscar for best actor for Colin Firth, the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for David Seidler, the Oscar for Best Director for Tom Hooper and the Oscar for Best Picture.

Royal Corgi, the anime

Elizabeth II is even a queen of animation. The animated film “Royal Corgi”, directed by Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot, highlights the Corgi, the sovereign’s favorite dog. We follow the adventures of Rex who lost his favorite status after biting the President of the United States Donald Trump. The little dog, considered dead after running away and being locked up in a kennel, will do everything to find his way back and win back the love of his queen.

Elizabeth II: the royal family through 3 series and 3 films