Emilio Natale at all costs Claudio Colica who is he

Christmas at all costs who is the actor who plays Emilio in Netflix’s cinepanettone: who is Claudio Colica

Alongside Christian De Sica, Angela Finocchiaro and Dharma Mangia Woods in the Christmas cast at all costs is Claudio Colica, who plays the character of Emilio in the Netflix cinepanettone. Having become famous as a member of the comic duo Le coliche together with his brother Fabrizio, Claudio Colica is originally from Rome, where he was born on December 5, 1988. After studying communication sciences, his name began to attract the attention of the web as mentioned thanks to Le coliche, with Claudio who puts his passion for videomaking and editing to good use and with his brother puts on the duo who with his videos collects a crazy success. The two brothers have been able to distinguish themselves for the sympathy of their videos, focusing a lot on the parody linked to the music of the moment and to the well-known personalities of the musical world, from Fedez to Calcutta.

After the success on social networks, Claudio Colica and his brother Fabrizio have widened their range of action, also appearing on television, with participation in the seventh edition of Beijing Express in 2018, where the competition between the two, however, was immediately interrupted, because after an hour of play Claudio broke his foot and Fabrizio continued the journey with Tommy Kuti, reaching the final. The actor who plays Enrico in Christmas at all costs and his brother have also written a book and Claudio has also revealed that he suffers from tourette’s syndrome. Among Claudio Colica’s activities there is also that of an actor, which arrived after his success on the web and on television. Emilio di Natale at all costs, before Netflix’s cinepanettone, starred in Luca Lucini’s film My brother and I together with Denise Tantucci and Cristiano Caccamo,

Claudio Colica wife: who is Neva Leoni

In June of this year, Claudio Colica got married to Neva Leoni, also a very well-known face in the entertainment world. Roman, born in 1992, Neva Leoni first studied at the Liceo Classico and then she made her way into the world of acting, working a lot in the theater, before moving more to cinema and television. Claudio Colica’s wife was the face of many Rai fictions, from God help us to This love of ours and Hearts, above all to The ladies’ paradise, where she consecrated herself to the general public in the role of Tina Amato.

The two thus consecrated their love with the fateful yes, but the ceremony was decidedly hot. Not in a figurative sense, because shortly before the ceremony, the chosen location was caught in one of the many fires that broke out throughout the capital in the hot Roman summer. However, the emergency returned and the marriage was able to go on without a hitch, with Claudio Colica and Neva Leoni who swore eternal love in the splendid setting of the Roman countryside. On Instagramwe can see many photos of that special day for the two actors.

Emilio Natale at all costs Claudio Colica who is he