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Enchanted is one of Disney’s most underrated films of the 2000s, featuring an all-star cast and a truly delightful story that blends fairy tale fantasy with the real world. Finally, the beloved movie is getting a well-deserved sequel, Disenchanted, which hits Disney+ on November 18th.

As fans prepare to explore the new world of Disenchanted, many are reliving the best parts of the original film, including Alan Menken’s unforgettable music. Enchanted includes a number of musical masterpieces that add to the magic of the film. But while each song on the soundtrack is great in its own way, some are just plain better than others.

7/7 True Love’s Kiss (Reprise)

In the minutes before the film’s abrupt transition from animation to live-action, Prince Edward and Giselle are reunited for the very first time. Immediately recognizing that they were made for each other, they engage in a duet version of “True Love’s Kiss”, the song that opened the film, as they set off into the sunset together. and to their happiness forever.

Although this sequence includes a cover of what is a really great and well-written song, it only really echoes the lyrics of his earlier performance. With the stunning vocals of James Marsden and Amy Adams, however, it’s certainly not a missed opportunity, as even the slightest of Enchanted’s musical numbers are enough to make the heart soar.

6/7 It’s Love

Fans would be forgiven if they forgot, “That’s Amore,” a song made famous by Dean Martin, was featured in Enchanted. The iconic Italian-themed love song plays in the background of the pizzeria as Giselle and Robert dine. This is not a usual version of the song, however, as the voice singing the lyrics is not that of Dean Martin at all, but that of Prince Edward actor James Marsden.

While there’s absolutely no denying the delightful qualities of Martin’s hit song, the fact remains that Enchanted really only presents “That’s Amore” as a fun Easter egg for attentive listeners. That being said, Marsden delivers a surprisingly compelling take on the classic song, making it a fun listen for anyone previously unaware of its existence on the Enchanted soundtrack.

5/7 Good work song

Upon waking up in Robert’s messy apartment, Giselle takes it upon herself to clean up the place, calling on the New York wildlife to help her with the endeavor. This being a modern take on the classic fairy tale story, however, his helpers turn out to be pigeons, rats and cockroaches. Making the most of this situation, Giselle sings “Happy Working Song” as she and her new friends clean up the grimy apartment.

On top of its surprisingly catchy tune, “Happy Working Song” is also remarkably hilarious when paired with the film’s footage of New York’s dirtiest creatures “cleaning” an apartment to the best of their abilities. While it might not be the most memorable song from Enchanted’s terrific soundtrack, fans would be hard-pressed not to find themselves humming along to this melodic tune while they do their own housework.

4/7 That’s how you know

Enchanted is arguably one of the best fairy tale parodies of all time, thanks in part to its honest commentary on depictions of love in the genre, as well as in the real world. Giselle indulges in it during a walk with Robert in the park, where she challenges him on how he shows love to his girlfriend Nancy.

Disney-style, this scene quickly turns into a full musical number, with the various New York civilians joining Giselle in her lively singing and choreography. In addition to the song’s undeniably catchy tune and surprisingly deep lyrics, Robert’s confused remarks throughout the scene only elevate this particular musical number until it becomes one of the sequences favorites from Enchanted.

3/7 Forever

Just like many other iconic Disney feature films, Enchanted ends with a moving song performed by a well-known singer. In this particular instance, audiences are treated to a welcome appearance from Carrie Underwood, with a brand new single, “Ever Ever After,” which comes with an Enchanted-themed music video.

While “Ever Ever After” doesn’t have the same level of lyrical genius as some of the other songs on the Enchanted soundtrack, there’s no denying the euphoric nature of the piece as it plays over the film’s credits. Coupled with Underwood’s soulful vocals, “Ever Ever After” remains one of Disney’s last real hits of the early 2000s.

2/7 The real love kiss

“True Love’s Kiss” is the very first song from Enchanted, which introduces audiences to one of Disney’s friendliest heroines, Giselle. In this opening sequence, the princess-to-be tells her animal friends about a dream she just had, in which she finally found her true love. As she builds a replica of the man of her dreams, she melodically explains to her companions the importance of true love’s kiss.

This song is part of the charm of Enchanted for two very important reasons. Primarily, the number highlights one of the film’s central themes in the importance of finding true love, while also setting up the climactic scene in which true love’s kiss awakens Giselle from her poisonous slumber. Plus, “True Love’s Kiss” lets composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz flex their songwriting muscles, including several sweeping tunes and examples of clever puns that elevate the song beyond most. of the other tracks presented in the film.

1/7 so close

One of the best songs featured in Enchanted isn’t sung by any of the film’s main characters. Instead, the moving anthem “So Close” is sung by Jon McLaughlin as the characters make their way to the dance floor. As the song plays, the film’s respective couples are pulled apart, Giselle and Robert engaging in a tender moment as their other halves, Edward and Nancy hold hands for the first time.

This scene is engaging, moving and powerful, only heightened by the emotional lyrics and soothing vocals of McLaughlin’s unique voice. In many ways, “So Close” tells the whole story of Enchanted in the span of three minutes, as Giselle and Robert realize how close they came to finding their happy ending, only to be swept away before they could get there. to arrive at. And, as if there were any doubts about the predominance of this scene in the film, Robert, who has sternly refused to sing throughout the film, begins to sing softly in Giselle’s ear, a silent confession of a newly discovered love that is sure to bring tears to the eyes of every viewer.

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