Enrico Montesano at Dancing with the Stars: there is controversy over the participation of the “No Vax” actor

The actor Enrico Montesano would be in the cast of Dancing with the Stars, but there is controversy over his no-vax positions and some sentences on Rai

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He’s already causing discussion of the news that Enrique Montesano will be part of the cast of contestants in the next edition of Dancing with the Stars. The actor, who has not hidden his positions in the past no vax and no Green Passeshe also spoke out against Rai and for this reason on social networks there are those who dispute his choice.

Dancing with the Stars: Montesano also in the cast?

The news on the program of Milly Carlucci is relaunched by TvBlog, according to which the participation of Enrico Montesano at Dancing with the Stars. A sensational return to Rai for the actor, at the center of numerous controversies for his participation in rallies against the management of the COVID-19 by Italy.

In recent months, in fact, Montesano has railed against the use of the Green Pass and other measures against the pandemic. Among the various releases, the one on the row of coffins in Bergamo, in the first months of the health emergency, caused particular discussion.

Enrique MontesanoPhoto source: IPA

Enrico Montesano at the “No Fear Day”

The coffins of Bergamo are to Covid as the lake of the Duchess is to the Moro kidnapping” he said, unleashing the anger of relatives who they decided to sue the actor for that tweet. For the talent show it would not be the first controversial participation: they last in fact, he had held the Mietta case on the bench.

The controversy over the cast of the talent show breaks out

Once released, the news was not received particularly well on social networks. There are already many tweets from those who contest Enrico Montesano’s engagement on Dancing with the Stars: “He was taken for just that… to set off fuses and create discussions… otherwise it is not clear why NOW to have Montesano participate” wrote a user.

“Net of all turbo conspiracy theories passed off as real in the last two years, the drama of Enrico Montesano is that he has long ceased to make people laugh” is the opinion of another. . Already at As such he seemed like a parody of the brilliant actor he was.” And again: “I also respect Montesano’s career but the turning point of the last few years novax and conspiracy theorist is shameful. His participation is wrong from all points of view ”.

In these hours, it is also remembered that Montesano has also thrown himself against Rai, inviting them to “split off the subscription fee and cancel the Rai subscription”. He also said that public television had been ruined by “30 years of shit ** of these private televisions. In order not to lose plays, Rai went below, doing some filthy shit“.

The complete cast of Dancing with the Stars

It is not the first time that Montesano is close to Milly Carlucci’s program. Already in 2018 he had been close to participating in it, but it seems that now things can really materialize.

The actor would thus be added to the large cast ready to battle on the runway of Dancing with the Stars 2022: According to the latest rumors, characters such as should participate this year VAT Zanicchi, Nino D’Angelo, Gabriel Garko And Paula Barale.

And again: the journalist Giampiero Mughini, Rosanna Banfi, Alex DiGiorgio, Ema Stokholma, Marta Flavi, Luisella Costamagna, Alexander Egger And Lorenzo Biagarelliwell-known face of many cooking programs as well as a companion of the jury Wild Lucarelli. Between him and the “no vax” Enrico Montesano, there are already all the ingredients for a fiery edition.


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Enrico Montesano at Dancing with the Stars: there is controversy over the participation of the “No Vax” actor