Evening of honor for the master Ugo Ciarfeo

Evening of honor for Ugo Ciarfeo

URURI. A riot in the evening of honor for the director Ugo Ciarfeo organized in the country that gave him birth. A well-structured show full of anecdotes, memories and peculiarities related to the life of the great artist put on “stage” to celebrate his 90th birthday on January 12th.

A process for the beatification, thus, staged the show directed by an excellent Michele Scancalepore, Senior Editor-Head of the TV2000 show sector-Crtico theatrical of Avvenire, who as the star of the evening started the process of holiness with the protagonist of the first theatrical show organized and directed by the director Ugo Ciarfeo, professor Chiarina Forcione. Chiarina had played, at the age of 7, little red riding hood in the homonymous show staged for several months in Ururi, so much success.

Many actors from the director’s school followed one another on stage, each of them delighted the audience with a performance enriched with a personal experience shared with Ugo Ciarfeo and “the miracle” that he performed.

A delicate but nice parody with which the undisputed skill of the actors was perceived, the rigid school, at the same time involving and inclusive of the director, but also the human part of a great artist. An artist who made himself by strongly believing in his dream, pursuing it and realizing it with great sacrifices and many satisfactions, this is one of the greatest teachings of him.

Pierluigi Astore, Michele Bevilacqua, Carla Costa, Enrico D’Errico, Mauro Giosi, Anna Maria Graziani, Rocco Mangifesta, Grazia Narducci, Giandomenico Sale and the histrionic Franca Sciarretta who went on stage with a stage dress by Tosca, gave emotions to everyone also to the great Ciarfeo sitting in the front row in the director’s chair given to him with a lot of autograph by Vittorio Gassman, and of which he is so proud. Maestro Ciarfeo was about five years old when in the village, in Ururi, a space called Cinema Teatro Aurora was inaugurated and the first film “Luciano Serra Pilot” with Amedeo Nazzari arrived.

He began to love theater since he was a child, then from Ururi, he moved to Rome, managing to have a really important career as a director, and in the Termolese house in via Mazzini he also keeps the chair he gave him with pride and many memories. autograph by Vittorio Gassman.

An excursus of Ciarfeo’s life told through emotions, excellent interpretations and much lived, that of a man who from the small Aurora theater in Ururi has trod important stages reaching great successes by promoting the growth of his traveling companions and of the theater itself, his life.

In the years 1998-2001 he promoted and directed the theater workshop of Guglionesi, forming a first group of actors who tried their hand at some performances, obtaining the consent of the public. Currently, under the patronage of the Municipality of Termoli and engaged in the management of the Theater Workshop “The white walls” with the aim of arriving as soon as possible at the establishment of the first nucleus for a permanent theater in Molise.

In closing the evening, the Mayor Laura Greco and the Deputy Mayor Emiliano Plescia and Ciarfeo himself took the stage. The Mayor gave the director a plaque in recognition of his career by reporting anecdotes about their meeting last summer. The director gave the present verses of Pascoli “La Piccozza” adding – it seems written for me, it seems my life enclosed in a poem, yes, I made myself by challenging uncertainties, making great sacrifices, dreaming and realizing – A great artist Ugo Ciarfeo, a key figure who has been able to make his life a great lesson for those who have had the honor of knowing him. Wonderful is the gloss that under the guidance of Michele Scancalepore has become a collective ovation, a hymn to life for Ugo Ciarfeo in the Arbëreshë language.

Evening of honor for the master Ugo Ciarfeo