Ezio Greggio Biography

Iconic figure of the small screen, Ezio Greggio is the protagonist of the satirical news Striscia, the news, as well as the author of light-hearted comedies with a unique charm. His witty performances and ability to engage audiences with his eccentricity have made him a beloved figure in the world of comedy. His humor relies on puns, puns and the wacky comedy of his best friend Mel Brooks. His irreverent and lively nature makes him an incredibly endearing character.

Beginnings in television

After graduating in accounting in 1974, he followed his passion and enrolled in psychology. But it was television that ignited his vocation for laughter. At just 18, he was offered the opportunity to join the local Italian television, Telebiella, and he achieved great success. In 1978 he was invited to participate in RAI as a cabaret artist. Presence on national television was for him a dream come true and, alongside Enrico Beruschi, Gianfranco D’Angelo, Enzo De Caro, Daniela Poggi and Adriana Russo, he participated in the programs “La sberla” (1978) and “Tutto inclusive” (1978) by Giancarlo Nicotra and Giancarlo Magalli. Sadly, his sketches fail to engage the audience as he hoped. This prompted him, together with D’Angelo, to leave RAI to devote himself to a new network, Fininvest (now Mediaset). After a few years, he finally found a job that suited him perfectly.

The success of “Drive In

With great joy, Greggio marries Isabel Bengochea and has two sons, Giacomo and Gabriele, but later he separates and is romantically linked to the model Nina Senicar. Greggio made his acting and screenwriting debut in Franco Abussi’s Sbamm! (1980) with Valeria D’Obici and Cristina Moffa. Always remembering his friends and colleagues, when Greggio was offered the chance to host the highly successful cabaret program “Drive In” with Gianfranco D’Angelo, he brought along Moffa, Beruschi, Margherita Fumero and Carmen Russo. The program was a great success and Greggio was promoted to star performer on the small screen.

We are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with Oldoini and Vanzina, together with the renowned Striscia la Notizia!
Ezio Greggio’s undeniable success earned him the admiration of legendary directors such as Carlo Vanzina and Enrico Oldoini, who cast him in their iconic 80s comedies and cinepanettoni with Christian De Sica, Massimo Boldi and Jerry Calà. His popularity rose further when he hosted Antonio Ricci’s Odiens on Canale 5 with Lorella Cuccarini and D’Angelo, and subsequently Paperissima. But it was the role of presenter of the satirical news Striscia, the news, also by Ricci, that earned him the most passionate response from the public and critics. His ten-year artistic partnership with Ricci has produced an impressive number of episodes and awards. There is no denying that Ezio Greggio has become a much loved character on Italian television.

Directorial debut

In 1994, he made the bold move to direct a zany film, the success of which was similar to that of The Silence of the Lambs. Greggio’s film The Silence of the Hams starred Billy Zane, Shelley Winters and Mel Brooks, also featuring the esteemed Roger Corman, John Landis and Joe Dante! His friendship with Mel Brooks is strong as he has even been featured in some of his films. Greggio also kept busy writing comedy books, such as “Soon, it’s late” (1997), “Chi se ne fut-fut” (1998), “And he or isn’t he?” (1999), “And up and already and trik and trak” (2003) and “In a certain way” (2005), published by Mondatori. He also returned to acting with the miniseries: Anni ’50 (1998), Anni ’60 (1999), Un marsciallo in gondola (2002), Blessed by the Lord (2004) and It goes or breaks (2004). Greggio is truly passionate about his work and it shows!

Everyone knows Greggio’s enormous philanthropy, which for years has been allocating a part of his television and editorial earnings to the purchase of incubators, but not many know his immense passion for football, having been president and player of the Corbetta team. Conductor of the “Veline” program and director of the Monte Carlo Film Festival de la comédie, in 2008 he was directed by Pupi Avati in Giovanna’s father. Then in 2011, he made a triumphant return to the big screen, taking on the double role of director and star of the comedy Box Office 3D, a hilarious parody of the greatest blockbusters of recent years. He’s back and ready to conquer the big screen in Enrico Vanzina’s Italian-style Lockdown in 2020!

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