Film Festival 2022: what to see and avoid

The Film Festival comes at the right time, while attendance at our beloved cinemas is at half mast. We therefore offer you our selection!

The Film Festival is coming! Will it help restore color to rooms whose attendance continues to fall? In any case, from July 3 to 6, all screenings are priced at €4, the perfect opportunity to escape the hot temperatures and a seventh wave to cool down and marvel at a cinema. Be careful, not with just any film: we therefore give you our recommendations, obviously going through the pitfalls to avoid, in order to have a successful seventh art party!

Movies we recommend

Incredible may be true, of Quentin Dupieux. With his tenth feature film, Quentin Dupieux finds a nice balance between drama and comedy in a relevant saturation as much as a hilarious delirium. If we add to that a talented cast and tasty dialogues, we have another great success from a director who is still as singular as ever! Our full review is here.

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Elvis, by Baz Luhrman. Elvis is a biopic with a classic narrative, even expected at times, but which Baz Luhrmann compensates with an energy and a musicality of each moment. Visually sumptuous, sometimes even until exhaustion at the end of the busy 2h40. Addressing the life of the singer in a political and symbolic way, we will remember above all the striking performance of Austin Butler, whose mimicry of the King carries the footage by itself. It’s good ! Our full review is here.

Decision to Leave, by Park-Chan Wook. Thanks to an absolutely virtuoso staging, Park Chan-wook renews a codified genre and a well-known story with a certain singularity. Exciting as the film progresses, Decision to Leave is, in addition to its burlesque projections or its aura of detective thriller, a real romantic film referring as much to Hitchcock as Verhoeven or De Palma. Duo of perfect actors, beautiful visuals, hypnotic music…we would have liked a darker, surprising and devious story, but here we have a very good film orchestrated by a master’s hand, whose conclusion still resonates in our minds. Our full review is here.

Movies we recommend moderately

Irreducible, by Jérôme Commandeur. Irreducible, if it proves to be effective, never leaves the far too marked paths of our dear French comedy. If its trailer and its pitch foreshadowed a number of sets and a much more ambitious proposal than the average, it is clear that despite a few notes of humor from our Jérôme Commandeur national and a formidable cast, Irréductible is far from unexpected. Our full review is here.

Indomitable half-time comedy review
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Black Phone, by Scott Derrickson. Despite evocative premises, Black Phone is a very average horror film. Despite an endearing hero and an effective bad guy camped by Ethan Hawke, the overall coarseness of the writing detracts from the overall effectiveness, although Scott Derrickson manages to pack in some well-orchestrated moments of suspense. Rather forgettable unfortunately! Our full review can be found right here.

Buzz Lightyear by Angus MacLane. Buzz Lightning is a minor Pixar because of a classic script and a less creative central third than expected. Fortunately, the technical and artistic mastery of the Pixar magicians, the excellent dubbing, the overall production, its SF context and a certain humanity make it far from unpleasant to watch. Our review is right there!

Movies we don’t recommend at all

Arthur, curse of Bartholomew Grossman. Arthur, curse, by its bewildering nullity, attests to the contempt for a whole genre on the part of Luc Besson and its director, Barthélémy Grossman. Playing it local Jason Blum, the false good idea of ​​producing a low-budget horror film linked to a brand recognized by the public turns here into a vulgar and crude spit in the face of an entire genre and its public. Our review, very uplifted, is right here.

Review Arthur Malédiction mini terror, maxi turnip
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Between life and death Gioardano Gederlini. Between life and death is aptly named for the inanimate thriller that it is. Oscillating between laughable broke parody and desire for a synthesis of the genre, taking itself horribly and heavily seriously, Gioardano Gederlini’s film never manages to hide a laughable scenario, a crap acting, implausible situations and dialogues behind a beautiful artistic direction . Bad soporific TV movie, between hell and parody. Our review is here.

Jurassic World: The World After, by Colin Trevorrow. Jurassic World: The World After is a failure on almost all levels: disembodied characters, crazy plot, ambivalent CGI, under-exploited dinosaurs, tension with absent subscribers, script with implausible facilities. Difficult to leave satisfied with 2-3 effective moments diluted in a footage as useless as appalling in its approach. In short, it’s very bad! Our review is right there.

The Film Festival takes place from July 3 to 6, 2022.

Film Festival 2022: what to see and avoid