For the review the “Thursday Stand Up Comedy” Gennaro Scarpato on stage on January 26 at the Teatro Sancarluccio.


Full Heads Comedy and Teatro Sancarluccio

present the “Thursday Stand Up Comedy


new appointment with

Gennaro Scarpato

in “Alone Solitudes Soliloquies”

Thursday 26 January 2023

At Sancarluccio Theatre

via S. Pasquale, 49 – Naples – start at 21:00

presale ticket euro 12+2 euro dp

from 20.00 ticket at the cash desk euro 12

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The Full Heads Comedy and the Sancarluccio Theater present the new stand up comedy appointment with Gennaro Scarpato.

A great return to the theater for the young but experienced Neapolitan comic actor and author.

The review of the new NA-branded comedy continues and expectations are rising for the February appointment at the Teatro Nuovo with the talent of Vincenzo Comunale who has risen to prominence on a national scale thanks to his participation in Zelig.

(in the photo Gennaro Scarpato)

Third appointment with the Full Heads Comedy brand which together with the historic Sancarluccio Theater offers a series of comedy appointments with a review entitled the “Thursday Stand Up Comedy”.

After the public successes derived from the shows by Francesco Arienzo and Carmine del Grosso, this is the turn of Gennaro Scarpato, a talented author and actor born in 1994.

Scarpato is undoubtedly one of the best comic talents in Naples capable of evolving over time by first refining the authorial writing and then the comic effect that is expressed thanks to the acting quality supported by a modern language full of superfine metaphors with an above average intuition .

Risen to national prominence thanks to the MalinComici trio, he made his debut at a very young age as a comedian in various television programs (Colorado Cafè, Made in Sud). Starting from 2016 he embarked on a theatrical and cinematographic journey, especially as an author, collaborating with Alessandro Siani, Francesco Cicchella, Pasquale Palma on the drafting of multiple texts. He made his film debut as a director by directing the third episode of the film San Valentino Stories, of which he is also a screenwriter, produced by Run Film and Rai Cinema.

Thursday 26 January (beginning at 21.00 entrance €12 at the box office from 20.00 onwards) returns to perform in his city with the show “Solitary solitudes soliloquies” a daring monologue that the actor in his own way summarizes as follows:

“In a dystopian Middle Ages, Dr. Carlo Lemai is the first case in the world of chronic culturitis. Man exceeds the limit of intellect allowed by the human organism and is forced to live in a state of catalepsy, upside down. Meanwhile, miniature men are intentionally kept dwarfs by pruning and reducing their neurons: the nonsai. The horizon has become the measure of human beings in a world in which not even black and white can find a compromise anymore. No more sunrises. No more sunsets. Light and darkness coexist. This would have been a great show. I know it. And instead in Solitary solitudes soliloquies anything else happens. And nothing. Maybe next time.”

The program of the next Full Heads Comedy appointments includes:

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Gennaro Scarpato (Naples, 1994) with his linguistic and verbal inventions and his surrealist and visionary literature is among the most innovative comic authors of his generation. He begins to take his first steps on the stage as a child by enrolling in the practical theater workshop of the Totò theater in Naples. In 2008 he was selected by the Rai1 program “Festa Italiana” where he performed for a few episodes in the “Young talents” column. In the same year he formed the youngest comedy trio in Italy with Oreste and Mirko Ciccariello: the Malincomici. Their debut takes place at the Tunnel cabaret in Naples. In 2009 they made their television debut on Comedy Central with the program, at the time in its infancy, Made in Sud. In 2011 they landed at Colorado Cafè on Italia1 with the parody of Harry Potter.

Two years later, with the landing of Made in Sud on Rai2, they returned to the program that launched them, proposing, after Harry Potter, always new and current parodies up to the parody of the three tenors of il Volo. They were guests of the Il Volo concert in the splendid setting of Piazza Plebiscito in the summer of 2015 and in the winter of the same year they returned as guests to the Verona arena in a show broadcast on Rai1 hosted by Carlo Conti. In March 2016 he co-starred in the blockbuster film Vita, cuore, battito by the comic duo Arteteca.

At the end of 2016 he decides to pause the interlude with the cabaret to embark on a theatrical and cinematic journey on his own, becoming an author for Alessandro Siani and Francesco Cicchella, director and actor in theatrical performances with Oreste Ciccariello and in the cinema with Gigi and Ross and the Arteteca . He collaborates with Federico Salvatore and for Guida Editori he publishes the complete work of his texts “Trilogy of nothing and very second things.” He has recently returned to cabaret performing in theater and television in duo with the comedian Pasquale Palma.

social artist


For the review the “Thursday Stand Up Comedy” Gennaro Scarpato on stage on January 26 at the Teatro Sancarluccio. –