Francesca Reggiani: «The most successful imitation? Sabrina Ferilli. For Sophia Loren I was massacred “

from Emilia Costantini

The comic: “I threw away Fellini’s cards, what a hogwash.” “I found out that my husband had a mistress by looking at his cell phone full of little hearts. I asked him: what does she have more than me? And he: nothing, if anything he is 15 years younger “

«Equal opportunities for men and women? But let’s not joke! He manages to fascinate and attract even when old, the wrinkle is lived and the receding hairline makes intelligence … You have an expiration date like milk or yogurt. Not to mention, as they say in Rome, “homo de panza, homo de substance”, in short, a man can also be a barrel and enjoy the same. While women must necessarily be slender: to please the other sex, very tall, very thin, very thin … In fact, the true femme fatale, “c’ha ‘na famme, that nun ce sees …”. And for her, the diet, since the morning, includes only one biscuit, which looks like a dead captured insect: 0.1 calories, that is, those that give you enough energy to put the box that contained the insect back in place. I add that man, even when he was very ugly as a boy, becomes interesting with the passing years. The woman, on the other hand, can at the most become “interessanda”, a hopeful gerund, that is: she would like to interest someone over time ».

Francesca Reggiani, comedian and imitator, is a volcano of jokes built up over a long career (“Yes, unfortunately now a very long one …”, she jokes), which began with a diploma at the scenic exercises laboratory of the legendary Gigi Proietti. “Actually, they had all discouraged me from introducing myself to enter his school, saying that it was so difficult to enter, because there were so many aspirants … When I went to audition, like an idiot I prepared redundant pieces, like a piece from theAntony and Cleopatraanother from Mad about Chaillot… yes, really crazy … And seeing Gigi who, while listening to me in the audience, let out his laughter, I was amazed, I thought: I must have made a mistake … But no, he welcomed me … he was a great master of irony, yes, but elegant. He never raised his voice even when he was angry and, even, he could not bear to see one of us chewing gum: if he caught you, he made you spit it … out of respect for the sacred place of the theater ».

Equal opportunity, zero. And clichés about men and women?

“For example, when we talk about the joys of pregnancy, calling it the most beautiful time in a woman’s life. I am a mother, I have a daughter, but it’s not like I had a great time in gestation … I had a couple of moments better than pregnancy … And then, from an early age, they repeat to us that love it’s a wonderful thing, it lasts forever. As far as I’m concerned, it was a disaster when I discovered an affair between my then partner, now a former partner, with a certain Rita ».

How did he find out?

“He was in the shower and I begin to hear a series of ‘din din din’ coming from his cell phone. I’m not a meddler, I’ve never checked anyone, but that time my eye slips on the device, I had it close by on the bedside table … impossible not to see it, also because it lit up at every din … a series of messages, hearts, kisses sent by a certain Rita. So, when he gets out of the shower, I ask him: can you tell me who this Rita is? He was struck: while he was wearing his bathrobe, he was whistling and the whistle went wrong. When he has recovered, he asks me as a “fake naive”: did you say Rita? And I reply: yes, Rita … Then I added the fateful question that, in reality, it would be better never to ask .. ».


“What’s this chick got more than me?” And he replies: nothing more than you, if anything he is 15 years younger ».

Who is the “Dead Cat” acting on stage on March 14 at the Manzoni Theater in Milan?

«The” gattamortismo “is an important exercise and you have to learn very well to be able to conquer the prey. First of all, the woman must not overtalk, because for the male it is essential to be heard, so you have to pretend to hang on her lips, as if he were a Nobel Prize winner. And, when he’s talking, you can only make complacent exclamations, like: ah! uh! Oh! Consonants are not allowed. In addition, if you are particularly good, you can also add a few words in French: cheri, mon amour, but without making a mistake with “carrefour”, which is a supermarket chain ».

Lots of theater, lots of television with Serena Dandini, but also a cinematic experience with another teacher: Federico Fellini …

“He took me for an appearance in the movie And the ship goesthen for a slightly more consistent part inInterview and, in this case, I was an imbecile ».


“Federico would arrive early in the morning, when I was still doing makeup, and he wrote all the lines I had to say on the sheets of paper, which he then entrusted to me … On the set I recited them, then crumpled them up and threw them away: if I had kept all those texts, written in his own hand, I could have published them, it would have been wonderful! Me, a real idiot. ‘

His most successful imitation?

«Sabrina Ferilli, because it is she who has taken hold of the public … they love her shamelessly. Moreover, Sabrina’s irony is exceptional and one of her jokes that, in this period, I often take up is when she says: I’ve always had an er core on the left, but I would like to tell the Pd not to fight ‘, because if he can he loses’ very well even getting along! ».

But you did a very successful imitation of Giorgia Meloni, long before the victory in the elections …

“And in the early days I associated her with the imitation of Maria Elena Boschi, minister at the time, then with Concita De Gregorio: comedy, in fact, is done on extremes, and more distant than these two from Giorgia, there is none they are … The Tuscan Woods, the Roman Meloni; the refined De Gregorio of the upper districts, the Meloni della Garbatella ».

Has anyone ever been angry about his satirical imitation?

«In general, the characters do not disdain being imitated, it is a form of advertising that they do not mind and, if the parody is well done, if anything they are pleased: after all, it is a sort of homage to their notoriety. But I knew that Maria Giovanna Maglie was a little resentful … And years ago there was a whole controversy when I imitated Sophia Loren, making her say: “How beautiful is Naples, seen from my penthouse in Manhattan … it’s the distance right, I go up to the terrace with the binoculars, I see her from afar, her poetry arrives and I don’t smell the stench ”. I was attacked by everyone, but I didn’t want to offend Naples, let alone! I love it and moreover my father is Neapolitan … And we used to say that joke among us in the family, because it was the age of the garbage from which the city was submerged. Also, I was beaten for another sentence in an imitation of Ferilli. Sabrina used to say: “Life is a question of where … either you have it or you do it”. About her An existential philosophy of her, but a lady sent me a resentful message on my facebook page: “Dear Reggiani, are you thinking about people who really do the cu … don’t you think about it?” Let alone if I really wanted to offend people who get the cu … ».

Speaking of family: from who did you learn or from who somehow inherited the profession: from your Neapolitan father?

«First of all I specify that I have not only Neapolitan ancestry, but also Milanese, since all the rest of my family, mother, grandparents, uncles are all from Milan. And my grandfather, an anarchist who ended up in prison because an anti-fascist, was a distributor of newspapers, including the satirical magazines “Cuore” and “Il male” … maybe something came from him. As for my father, actually, when he asked me: what do you want to be when you grow up? I was ashamed to answer that I intended to be an actress … ».

What did he reply?

“The mime”.

The mime?

“Yes, it seemed strange to me … and in fact I caught him off guard … he was dumbfounded, with his mouth open … for salt!”

Have they tried to dissuade you?

«He told me categorically: we’ll give you a time to try, then go to work seriously …».

How do you prepare to imitate someone?

«The path is mainly that of listening».

The most difficult character to imitate?

«I had difficulties with Alfonso Signorini and with Santanché: I tried them for“ La tv delle donne ”, but they never went on the air … they didn’t work and I gave up. Another rather difficult one for me was Alba Parietti: she doesn’t have a very recognizable voice and so I put a kind of whistle in her mouth ».

The easiest one?

«Well … certainly Enrica Bonaccorti, who is also the most identifiable».

But does left or right satire still make sense today?

“Actually, sometimes I ask myself the question. We live in a flat world, dominated by a single thought, we are subject to a kind of censorship, for which the actor-comedian must be careful of everything and everyone, the lawful and the illegal. But if you don’t have the opportunity to express yourself freely, it’s a real disaster. We must have the courage to always say what we think, perhaps accepting the consequences ».

Have you ever thought of imitating Putin or Zelensky?

“Absolutely no! We are experiencing a real tragedy, you cannot satire in a moment like this, in which I feel, like everyone else, confused and scared. And then, frankly, they don’t have a fascination for me that could push me to study them from this point of view … What jokes could I ever invent? The situation is what it is and I really feel sorry for young people: unlike when I was a girl, today a verb in the future is no longer used, it is not taught even at school, only the conditional is used. Today it is difficult for the new generations to imagine tomorrow: instead of I will do, I will go, I will work, they say I would do, I would go, I would work … And what sadness! ».

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Francesca Reggiani: «The most successful imitation? Sabrina Ferilli. For Sophia Loren I was massacred ”