Francesco Arienzo live at Quore di Foqus. Great success for the long wave of new comedy

Francesco Arienzo live at Quore di Foqus.  Great success for the long wave of new comedy
Francesco Arienzo ph. Lucia Iuorio

Incredible public success for Francesco Arienzo who returns to perform in Naples with a new and overwhelming comedy show simply entitled “Live”.

In a few days the show scheduled for December 18th at 9pm sold out and so Full Heads Comedy, the event organizer, is proposing a second show at 7pm.

Presales active at the following link

From the twenty-year experience of Full Heads Records, a new management and local artistic promotion named Full Heads Comedy was born in Naples, with the aim of bringing the long wave of new Italian comedy to the city. The basic idea is to offer a new comedy show formula oriented towards the Anglo-Saxon style which is detached from the typical Italian cabaret.

Monologues, improvisation, open microphone, no walls between the comedian and the audience, free words and thoughts. With these assumptions, the new comedy makes its way. The lyrics, often politically incorrect, mix in a hysterical mantra where the main rule is to make people laugh at all costs.

A host of young talents is making its way onto the local and national scene with a particularly attentive young audience who want to be distracted by being ironic about the reality that surrounds us.

In the large group of national comedians Naples could not fail to be the protagonist with a new lever that has already managed to get noticed and collect excellent results.

For this reason, Full Heads Comedy, following the success of Francesco Arienzo’s show, is launching two new appointments in collaboration with the Sancarluccio Theater.

The Sancarluccio is a historic hall in the Neapolitan and Italian theater scene. Active since 1972, during the 1970s it was among the first ‘off’ theaters in Naples, and in its fifty-year existence it hosted the new dramaturgy of Annibale Rbird and Enzo Moscato, the corrosive theater of Leopoldo Mastelloni, the pure comedy of Massimo Troisi, the surreal mask of Silvio Orlando, the scathing performances of Peppe Lanzetta, the budding experimentation of the very young Mario Martone and Tony Servillo, the Neapolitan avant-garde of Antonio Neiwiller and Renato Carpentieri, the “comets” of Roberto Benigni, or of Laura Morante, Nanni Moretti’s favorite actress.


Francesco Arienzo, Neapolitan, born in 1981, embarks on the theatrical journey by staging numerous shows, of which he is often the author and director in addition to being an actor.

The most recent years of his career are marked by his love for stand-up comedy and the desire to further develop his comic universe. And it is precisely his monologues in which he describes his world in which he enjoys overturning the obvious and enhancing moods – even the negative ones – in a cynical and delicate way, already awarded in various Italian events, which brought him to 2017 on the stage of Italia’s Got Talent and conquering first the golden buzzer of Frank Matano and then the second place. Immediately afterwards he staged his show Disagistica Contemporanea (also available on Amazon-Audible) and in 2018 he joined the fixed cast of Saturday Night Live Italia on TV8, hosted by Claudio Bisio. Since January 2019 Francesco has been on stage in Italian theaters and clubs with the new show Maschio Adorabile Poco Virile and in the spring he will make his debut in the comedy program Colorado, on Italia1. Autumn instead sees Francesco among the protagonists of Extra-Factor – the Late Show broadcast on Sky immediately after X-Factor- and as host of the Ante-Factor for the final evening.

In 2020, like everyone else, he barricaded himself at home and, together – but remotely – with Veronica Pinelli and Marco Renzi, he conceived and wrote Vesuviana Football Club, a comedy podcast series produced by Amazon-Audible. In the meantime, he buys a microphone and produces the independent podcast Dr. Disagio, a collection of 15 unpublished monologues in which every Monday he recounts his life experiences and his observations that hardly adapt to the surrounding world and which also becomes a live show. tours for clubs and theaters in Italy and also crosses over into Slovenia. In March 2021 he is among the protagonists and authors of Casa Sanremo, the afternoon and evening talk-show live streaming from the Palafiori during the Sanremo Festival. In November he participates in the new Rai2 Data Comedy Show program in the late evening and in 2022 he becomes part of the fixed cast of Bar Stella, Stefano De Martino’s show and stars in So Cast So Wine – Uomo delle stelle the sketch-comedy on air on Sky Uno and NOW.

In the meantime, he combines his passion for live performances and podcasts with Invito a cena con Delivery, a talk-show with ever-changing guests, which he still records live every two weeks with the public from GhePensiMi in Milan, available on Spotify and all other platforms .


Gennaro Scarpato (Naples, 1994) with his linguistic and verbal inventions and his surrealist and visionary literature is among the most innovative comic authors of his generation. He begins to take his first steps on the stage as a child by enrolling in the practical theater workshop of the Totò theater in Naples. In 2008 he was selected by the Rai1 program “Festa Italiana” where he performed for a few episodes in the “Young talents” section. In the same year he formed the youngest comedy trio in Italy with Oreste and Mirko Ciccariello: the Malincomici. Their debut takes place at the Tunnel cabaret in Naples. In 2009 they made their television debut on Comedy Central with the program, at the time in its infancy, Made in Sud. In 2011 they landed at Colorado Cafè on Italia1 with the parody of Harry Potter. Two years later, with the landing of Made in Sud on Rai2, they returned to the program that launched them, proposing, after Harry Potter, always new and current parodies up to the parody of the three tenors of il Volo. They were guests of the Il Volo concert in the splendid setting of Piazza Plebiscito in the summer of 2015 and in the winter of the same year they returned as guests to the Verona arena in a show broadcast on Rai1 hosted by Carlo Conti. In March 2016 he co-starred in the blockbuster film Vita, cuore, battito by the comic duo Arteteca. At the end of 2016 he decides to pause the interlude with the cabaret to embark on a theatrical and cinematic journey on his own, becoming an author for Alessandro Siani and Francesco Cicchella, director and actor in theatrical performances with Oreste Ciccariello and in the cinema with Gigi and Ross and the Arteteca . He collaborates with Federico Salvatore and for Guida Editori he publishes the complete work of his texts “Trilogy of nothing and very second things.”

He has recently returned to cabaret performing in theater and television in duo with the comedian Pasquale Palma.


Carmine Del Grosso, from Benevento. It is still uncensored. comedian, author and radio announcer. His mother decides to name him after a character from Gomorrah, but his life is in stark contrast to his name. Precise, punctual, a good person who always says hello. From 2013 to 2015 he won several national comedy awards. In 2019 he was one of the protagonists of the format Battute? (Satire Award 2020) Broadcast on Rai 2. From 2016 to 2022 he is in the fixed cast of the “StandUp comedy” program broadcast on Comedy Central. In 2022 he was nominated for the “Italia podcast awards” with Essenza and took part in the show “Le Iene” as a stand-up comedian.

Sunday 18 December 2022

via Portacarrese a Montecalvario, 69 (Spanish Quarters) – Naples

Double original show that the Neapolitan comedian presents for the first time in his city.

After the sold out appointment at 9 pm Francesco Arienzo doubles with a show at 7 pm. Same place and same date.

presale for the second show at 7pm

ticket 18 euros at the cash desk on the evening of the event


In addition, Full Heads Comedy, in collaboration with the historic Sancarluccio theater, presents new appointments in December and announces the first two shows with young and promising protagonists: Gennaro Scarpato (December 22) and Carmine Del Grosso (December 29).

A place that has a long tradition of comedy that today returns with force and will do so in the coming weeks with two young Neapolitan talents: Gennaro Scarpato who will perform on December 22 in “Soli solitudes soliloquies” (advance sales active) and Carmine Del Grosso who will perform on December 29 with the stand up comedy show entitled “Live” (active presale).

Francesco Arienzo live at Quore di Foqus. Great success for the long wave of new comedy