From 24 January FACE ANOTHER FACE: with irony Tiziana Foschi, already Premiata Ditta and Antonio Pisu

In life everyone, sooner or later, we find ourselves offering different images of ourselves, let alone the actors. Identity crisis stuff! Here then is that a reflection can come out of a truly and simply laughable show. Just the way the Martinitt likes it. From her very successful debuts alongside Francesca Draghetti, Pino Insegno and Roberto Ciufoli, the author-protagonist of the new play on the poster has come a long way… With an exceptional sidekick (and director), she revisits it with the contagious irony that distinguishes it. On stage until 29 January.

He can make all the faces he wants, Tiziana Foschibut that smile of mouth and gaze, that mischievous expression, always betray her. And, in fact, with her as author and protagonist, even an operation at risk of nostalgia like the recall of an entire careerit turns out instead an explosion of laughter and mirth. In the shadow of the sensational and “boisterous” success in symbiosis with Draghetti, Ciufoli and Insegno in always winning poker from the Premiata Ditta, more silent and discreet, numerous and authoritative other experiences in cinema, television and on stage crowd the curriculum of the Roman actress and theater director. In short, there is very little to be bored when, supported and “endured” even musically on stage by Antonio Pisu, who is also directing, she retraces them, extracting from her incredible facial mimicry and from the top hat (in this case three baskets full of scenic accessories). In the spotlight, Tiziana plays with wigs, dresses and costumes, a lot with body language (of the face above all, that “it is the only part that we always present naked”) but also with words. A game that leads with skill, dispensing hilarity but also some technical knowledge on how to build a character. And, speaking of faces, Antonio Pisu’s is certainly not anonymous either, established and award-winning actor, director and screenwriter with a respectable “pedigree”: he is the son of Raffaele Pisu and nephew of Mario Pisu. At the cinema there is great anticipation for his latest work: Nina of the wolveswhich sees in the cast – alongside names like Cesare Bocci and Sergio Rubini – also Foschi.

FACE ANOTHER FACE – by Tiziana Foschi, directed by Antonio Pisu, with Tiziana Foschi and Antonio Pisu. Nicola Canonico production for Good Mood.

People, human typologies that I have seen pass (but also remain) in many years of this profession. Faces that amplify on stage, become grotesque just to elicit a laugh and in the audience everyone recognizes the neighbor, the newsagent, the office colleague, the mother-in-law, but never himself. It’s the age-old game of parody: turning people into characters and everyday situations into what’s worth telling. After all, the stories of men and women have always been the target of my curiosity and transformism the ideal dress for my shyness. My faces are projections of realism, they are contemporary faces, which tell the story of current events, but also cynical and polite dream faces. They are the many connotations that I have. “The face is the only area of ​​the body that we show naked“. Sometimes it is inclusive and welcoming, sometimes it is unfriendly and inadequate. This show tries to unleash a laugh, stimulate a thought, arouse a memory… in short, it seeks a new face to show.


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From 24 January FACE ANOTHER FACE: with irony Tiziana Foschi, already Premiata Ditta and Antonio Pisu – Milano Post