Gary Oldman is considering retiring from acting

The acclaimed Oscar-winning actor, 64, said his days as a film and television performer are coming to an end. He has let it be known that he will soon retire from acting

Gary Oldman has thrown into turmoil all his fans, his many fans, given that we are talking about one of the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood, an Oscar-winning and sixty-four year old, therefore certainly not close to retirement according to the age at which he stops acting. ..

Yet Oldman has admitted that his days as a professional set are coming to an end.

During a recent interview with Deadlinesthe British star opened up about her current role in the Apple TV series, Slow Horses, in which he plays Jackson Lamb, the head of a British spy agency for spies who have fallen on hard times. This interview was the occasion in which the actor declared his willingness to put the sign “the end” to his career. He added that it would have been perfect to end his profession with this last job, in the role of that Lamb in which he said he had a lot of fun acting.

Since we are talking about one of the actors who have immersed themselves in the widest variety of roles, always demonstrating a chapeau talent, Gary Oldman has always won new fans during his long and rosy career.
Among his most recent performances, we remember that of the godfather of Harry Potter, Sirius Black, and also the Jim Gordon in the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan.

But if these are the two characters with which the younger audience was able to get to know the star, older viewers (or even the young but more cinephile) are spoiled for choice as regards the exceptional parts that have consecrated Oldman to a legend of the cinema.
The beginning of her career dates back to the early 80s, the era in which she achieved success thanks to the role of Coxy in Meantimea 1984 TV film directed by British director Mike Leigh.

It all depends on the success of Slow Horses


Gary Oldman turns 64, British actor’s top 10 films

To the US magazine Deadlines the actor said between the lines that his retirement close or very distant depends on Slow Horses. Because, clearly, if this television series in which he is the protagonist makes a bang, he will only be able to give in to the flattery of the production, which would be willing to continue. Although he would love to exit right now, after a good character like that of Lamb.

“It depends on all the important people high up and of course the public and what Apple says. But, yeah, I could see myself playing Jackson for the next few years, yeah. Absolutely. I mean, for those who love the books and who were Mick Herron devotees, so to speak, he’s already an iconic character. So, I might go out with a bang, I mean, retirement is on the horizon,” Oldman said.

While Oldman didn’t specify when exactly he would like to retire, the fact that he’s admitting that retirement is in the air is a major disappointment for his audience.

“His retirement from acting would be as severe a blow to cinema as multiple Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis’ decision to call it quits following the release of Phantom Thread of 2017. Both actors have shown extraordinary ability to transform into the characters they play and both will long be remembered for their many contributions to cinema”, writes Mike Jones in the US magazine ScreenRant.

Perhaps he will pursue a directing career


Slow Horses, the trailer of the series with Gary Oldman

Although Gary Oldman has stated that he will not be seen again on the set shortly, it may be probable that this choice does not signal the final farewell to that set. The actor could stop being such but to decide to be behind the camera instead of in front, who knows …
After all, Oldman has already made his directorial debut, way back in 1997, when he directed the film Nothing by mouth (original title: Nil By Mouth).
He hasn’t been behind the camera since, but we know he’s close to directing flying horses, a biopic about photographer Eadweard Muybridge. No one knows if this new directorial project will kick-start a new career since, certainly it’s a prospect fans would welcome.

Gary Oldman is considering retiring from acting