“Gilda mia Gilda”, new appointment with the Melologist

He continues, at Civic Art Gallery of Como, the Melologist Festival: scheduled, Saturday 26 November at 5pm, Gilda, my Gilda (not to mention Rigoletto) on texts by Victor Sermonti and with the music of Michele dall’Ongaroa “playful” parody of Verdi’s eponymous title, with constructivist traits, for string quintet and narrator.

The melologue will be presented to the Como public from New MADE Ensemble (training in residence at the Centro Musica Contemporanea in Milan) directed by the maestro Alessandro Calcagnile; the texts will be entrusted to the interpretation of George Appoloniapresenter of “The Opera Reduced” at Italian Swiss Radio, profound connoisseur of the world of opera and author of numerous books dedicated to the art of singing.


George Apollonia he is the creator and journalist at Radio Svizzera Italiana, a profound connoisseur of the world of opera and host of radio programs dedicated to the art of singing. Conductor of the program “Il Ridotto dell’Opera”, he interviews the greatest actors in the musical world on a daily basis. Author of reference texts such as “Il Soprano Rossiniano. First interpreters, new voices”, “The Rossinian bass. First performers, new voices”, “The Rossini tenor. First performers, new voices”, “Giuditta Pasta. Glory of bel canto”, “The voices of Rossini”, “Carlo Guasco. A tenor for Verdi”, “Two hundred years of opera in Lugano”, “Domenico Reina. Biography of a Lugano tenor”, he is also the author of original radio insights for RSI such as Farinello, Profondo Scarlatto, Il signait Fryceck, Liszt et Marie as well as theatrical-musical entertainment dedicated to composers such as Rossini, Verdi, Mozart, Bellini, Chopin, Wagner , Donizetti, Schubert or “themed”.

The NEW MADE (NEW Music And Drama Ensemble) is the ensemble in residence of the Centro Musica Contemporanea in Milan. The NEW MADE has performed in the Festivals and Concert Seasons of the main Italian cities, as well as on tours in Europe, Japan and South America, realizing world premieres of Roberto Andreoni, Luis Bacalov, Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Ivan Fedele, Federico Gardella, Giacomo Manzoni, Andrea Portera, Alessandro Solbiati and many others. The ensemble’s repertoire includes the major chamber compositions of the twentieth century, such as Arnold Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire and Pierre Boulez’s “Le Marteau sans maître”, but also musical theater works such as Giorgio Battistelli’s “L’Imbalsamatore”, the melologue “Gilda , my Gilda” by Michele dall’Ongaro, the little opera “La Cortina di Gala” by Luca Mosca. The ensemble has developed projects in collaboration with the main Italian organizations for contemporary music (Suvini Zerboni, Rai Trade, Ricordi, the Milan Conservatory) and made various recordings. The New MADE Ensemble was selected in 2015 by the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers among the major Italian musical institutions, for a special project dedicated to contemporary music called « SIAE Classici di Oggi ». By virtue of the close synergy with the Centro Musica Contemporanea, the NEW MADE Ensemble records and publishes its projects for the recording series of the Centro Musica Contemporanea ARCHIVI DEL XXI° SECOLO.

Admission with ticket for 5 euros.

“Gilda mia Gilda”, new appointment with the Melologist – CiaoComo