“Godwin, the game”, a sketch on the Nazis in Alain Chabat’s “Late show”

The episodes of “Late show” by Alain Chabatbroadcast since Monday every evening at 11 p.m. on TF1, follow one another.

During the first episode, the actor, director and animator, formerly of the troupe Les Nuls, known for its irreverent tone, thus began to recreate with other renowned actors fake ads for games to offer for Christmas that do not could not exist in real life.

“For all those who have a little bit of sorrel left and who have enough to make Christmas presents, here is an idea to put under the tree,” he said.

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A fake advertising spot with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lyna Khoudri was then launched, in which they play rock-paper-scissors, to say the least special and violent: “With Shi fou mi le jeu, replace your fingers with real rocks, sheets , scissors. »

Tuesday, accompanied by Sandrine Kiberlain, Guillaume Canet and Gilles Lellouche, the host parodied a new ad for a Christmas present on the theme of the “Godwin point”, transposition of the sophism Reductio ad Hitlerum on the Internet.

“Starting from the imposed word and a limited number of moves, get to Hitler as quickly as possible. Like on Twitter and in life, get to the Godwin point ASAP,” the voiceover says.

Alain Chabat and Gilles Lellouche then suggest words such as: “pizza”, “mozzarella”, “cooking”, “oven”. Guillaume Canet and Sandrine Kiberlain launch them: “doll”, “Barbie”, “Santa”, “Klaus”, “Klaus Barbie! “.

“Godwin, the game, when talking about the Nazis becomes child’s play,” concludes the voiceover. Back on set, Alain Chabat ends: “Here is a gift to put on your Christmas Schindler list. »

Few comedians today dare such humor.

Taking up the codes of the programs popularized by David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon in the United States, Alain Chabat assured that he enjoyed for this program, broadcast for two weeks, “the same freedom” as in the great hours of Canal +.

Surrounded by the same authors as for “Burger Quiz” (a wacky game, broadcast on Canal+ from 2001 to 2002 and resuscitated 16 years later on TMC, another channel of the TF1 group), the 63-year-old comedian and actor had “carte blanche “, he assured.

TF1, the “new Canal+”

“I find exactly the same atmosphere, the same freedom as at Canal at the time of” its co-founders Pierre Lescure and André Rousselet, and the channel’s former number 2, Alain de Greef, originally cult programs like “Nowhere else”, “Les Guignols” or “Groland”, he assured, referring to “extremely benevolent, funny people, customers”.

“It’s very strange but that’s how it is, so yes”, TF1 can be described as “new Canal +”, estimated Alain Chabat, who will tackle, for example, the environmental consequences of the World Cup in Qatar, co -broadcast by TF1.

On Monday, the show was followed by a million viewers – a rather disappointing figure. The next day, following the French team match broadcast on TF1, nearly 1.6 million viewers were able to laugh with Alain Chabat, Jamel Debbouze, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Orelsan and his brother Clément, Dominique Farrugia and Pierre Richard .

When the actor spoke about his relationship to religion

A few years ago, on several occasions, Alain Chabat, a discreet man who grants few interviews, spoke to the media about his relationship to his Jewishness and to Judaism.

Born into a Jewish family in Oran in 1958, he arrived in France with his relatives during his childhood.

In 2017, in the magazine Psychologieshe had declared that if he “felt himself a Jew”, he had had “no religious education”. “I regret it a bit today, because culture or folklore can be interesting, regardless of religion,” he said.

“On the other hand, having the answers doesn’t interest me at all, I only want the questions. For that, among the Jews, we are served: we answer your question with another question. I understand that it feels good to have the answers, but I may as well believe in a green toupee octopus that guides my life and ask others to respect my belief… Everyone climbs the same mountain, but on one side different. The one who is painful is the one who thinks that the only right path is his own. I want to say to him: ‘Leave me alone’”, he added.

In 2020, in another interview, for the magazine QGhe repeating to “feel Jewish”, while claiming to be “by nature refractory to clans”. “But I wouldn’t define myself that way [tel que Juif] “, he explained. “Take René Goscinny, one of my masters. I learned very late that he was Jewish. At the time, I knew very little about his life, but I was sensitive to the values ​​conveyed by his work. It was only afterwards that I made the link. It doesn’t go head-on, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of viewpoints. Like him, I disguise my artistic projects as objects of entertainment for the general public, but I inject some convictions in passing. »

In 1993, during the Dummies era, he explained that he avoided jokes about religion, as it caused too many “problems”. He cited in particular a fake ad for “Hyper Glue 4” which “works miracles”, showing Jesus glued to a cross, “without nails or fasteners”.

On the set of the “Burger Quiz” a few years ago, he nevertheless launched a game called “Jew, Arab or both? in which candidates had to answer a series of questions with the answers “Jew”, “Arab” or “both”. The idea had been warmly applauded, especially on social networks. “Only Chabat can offer a questionnaire like that in 2018 without being pilloried! Talent”, had for example writing Internet user.

“Godwin, the game”, a sketch on the Nazis in Alain Chabat’s “Late show”