Golden Globes 2023: White shirts and poor little blacks


Mike White, during his speech at the Golden Globes gala.PA

There are things that are done at the Golden Globes that are not done at other awards galas. Drink, for example. Last night, at the reinstated ceremony (last year it was canceled and not because of the covid), the jokes about the little food and a lot of alcohol served to the guests returned. made them Mike Whitecreator of The White Lotus, when collecting his award as creator of the best comedy. He also reminded many of those present that when he presented the series to them they did not want it. And now he looks. Of The White Lotus is also another thing reinstated in Hollywood: the great Jennifer Coolidge. The two interventions by the actress, one to deliver an award and the other to collect it, were the best of the night. The best gag was reserved for him, yes, another legend: eddy murphy made a hilarious reference to Will Smithone of the great absentees from the 2023 Golden Globes.

zendaya She was not there either, but she was nominated. I actually won. For Euphoria, obviously. Nobody went up to collect their prize, in what seemed like politics of the night. “If you don’t come, we won’t give it to you”, was the message that seemed to be launched by the awards for which we all know the word “prelude” and that this year they tried to fix two problems and the two fixes seemed like just that, fixes. On the one hand, it gives the impression that the HFPA (the journalists’ association that controls the Globes) wants to shake off accusations of racism by handing out as many awards as possible to non-white people, even if that ends up being more of a parody than it seems. they want to correct that a real change. On the other hand, the Globes try to get away from the accusations of bribery (which have been there since its first edition) by ignoring the series with which they were most brazen: Emily in Paris. lilly collins, which in addition to this controversy is now phenomenally dodging the issue of nepo-babies, did not appear in the auditorium or on the red carpet either. Yes he did Jeremy Allen White. the actor of shameless I picked up his Globe in Tuxedo. Going on stage with the already iconic white t-shirt of his character in The Bear it would have been a hoot.

The prizes for Abbott College we don’t put them in the “give something to the poor little blacks” category because the series of Fifth Brunson aspire to be the new Modern Family and is on the way to achieve it. The one who has already managed to be the king of television Hollywood is ryan murphywho received his special award with a speech in which he reminded those present, among other things, of the scandalous homophobia that blocked the race of Matt Bomer, a regular actor in his productions and the best example of how the audiovisual industry still has many things to fix. Yesterday I spruced up one of its most important award galas a bit, although not enough to make it zendaya leave the set of Dune 2 for a while and go to the party. His Golden Globe is probably somewhere in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, home of the gala. Or in the bag Jennifer Coolidge.

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Golden Globes 2023: White shirts and poor little blacks