Goodbye Chapoy: After becoming a woman and 23 years on Televisa, the host betrays TV Azteca with ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City.- A beloved actor, host and comedian, who spent more than 20 years in Televisa with a exclusivity contract and decided give up to the company to try his luck on other television stations and platforms, he betrays Aztec TV where he was in negotiations and appears in networks of the today program. Is about Adrian Uribewho returned to the television station with a new talk show and they also resume the interview in which he tells how it was when he was hospitalized Y near to death.

As will be remembered, after 20 years being the exclusive talent of the San Angel TVUribe decided not to sign again in order to work with other companies, although at first it was said that he had been fired, he clarified that it was he who decided not to renegotiate. Although after his departure he appeared on the show windowing of Pati Chapoy and it was reported that they saw him at the facilities of the Ajusco company, confirmed that he will premiere the talk show At night but without sleep by Televisa-Univision.

Adrián Uribe in ‘Winding’

The comedian, who has even transformed into a woman for funny characters he plays in his sketches on shows like Humor is… The Comedians, La Hora Pico, La Parody, Programa Hoy Y 100 Mexicans Saidappears in networks of today program Well, they took up in a note for Las Estrellas an interview that the comedian gave to TV and novelswhere he remembered that 4 years ago a peritonitis put him On the verge of death in the hospital, spending two weeks in intensive therapy.

“I was in intensive care for more than 15 days, i was connected and I didn’t know what was going to happen… I didn’t know if I was going to wake up the next day. I saw death from you to you as I had never experienced it, “he commented in an exclusive interview. Uribe recounted that from that experience he began to live life differently and more gratefully:” That’s why I’m so happy every day. I believe that when one is in such a difficult moment, you have a different perspective on life. Now I live fully,” he said.

“Now I live differently, with a lot of gratitude and I don’t waste myself on nonsense like I did before, I don’t want to change the world, I don’t want to do things my way, like I used to do,” he said, adding that he reconsidered many aspects: “Suddenly life puts you in a hospital bed and tells you: ‘You don’t have control here’, only a superior power has it, God or whatever you believe in. In my case I believe in God…”.

The actor ended by saying that everything changed from four years to here and he has the life he always dreamed of with his wife Thuany Martins and her two children: “Four years ago I was single. I just had my teenage son, but I didn’t know what was going to happen to my life (…) I wanted to rebuild it, rebuild a family, find the woman of my life, have a girl, and all that I’m telling you I wanted, I have it now: I have a beautiful wife in all aspects,” he concluded.

Adrián Uribe, Thuany and their children Gael and Emily

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Goodbye Chapoy: After becoming a woman and 23 years on Televisa, the host betrays TV Azteca with ‘Hoy’